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High & Low Energy

Lesson 16 from: Powerful Portraits using Body Language and Lighting

Stacy Pearsall

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Lesson Info

16. High & Low Energy


Lesson Info

High & Low Energy

Energy, energy, energy, energy...I guess. "Positive high." Positive high is when somebody is the center of attention all the time. They are the person in the room that seems so dynamic and oh my god, I just have to know you. I am gonna be drawn to you like a moth to the flame, because your energy is so fantastic and I've heard so much about it that I just gotta be there. Like, I've got to be in it. I want to be part of your universe. That is positive high energy and it's very hard to sustain. 'Cause you will be zapped and so tired. But, as we've discusses, that some people feed off of that, the energy of others and so positive high people, they draw people to them and that feeds their energy. There's some in the positive low, that they have really good energy, they're that sort of (ohm meditation sound) positive low, that low-key person that has really great energy, and I would say that you self-identify in that realm. How would you identify? Would you be in a positive or would you fee...

l like you may be more of a negative Nancy? I think it would depend on the situation. I work a lot with kids and I think with the kids I'm a lot more high energy. (audience talking) I work a lot with kids and I think when I'm with kids, I'm a lot more high energy and a lot more animated whereas, more with adults, or even a shyer kid, then I think I like to sit back. I think naturally, I'm more an observer. Right, okay. There's an opposite end of the spectrum, which is negative high. Negative high is often manifested by people who maybe aren't necessarily comfortable in public settings but don't know how to harness that energy in a positive way. So, instead it's kinda like, they flub around (mouth sound) and then really have no sense or train of thought. They aren't really paying any sort of attention to a two-way dialogue, it's just verbal diarrhea talking at you, talking at you. Have you had somebody do this to you before? Where they're just talking at you and they're not engaging? That's "negative high." That's somebody who's in your space, who's not really keyed in on anything in particular and just kind of averting eyes, but talking, talking, talking and I really am uncomfortable with the situation and I don't really know what to do, oh my god, oh my god. Somebody, shoot me in the face. That's the type of energy that you're going to peel yourself away from, most of the time. Right, so awkward. And then there's that "negative low." That person that no matter how great things are going for them, they are going to find the pile of poo that's steaming in the bag. (laughter) And put on a platter, wrap it up in a package, and hand it onto you. Because they're a negative low. Oftentimes, we misconstrue negative low with people often being negative Nancy, that's not always the case. Sometimes people are shy, they're introverted, they're timid and painly so. That doesn't mean they're Debbie Downers, it just means they have a negative low energy. Sometimes, we get these types of people in our studio, and it's just like talking to a brick wall. You're trying to be- you're like, "Oh god, I just had one last week." (laughter) We get what we give. we do not have to let folks who have, say something like a negative low energy dictate how our sessions are going to go. You can take control of that situation by presenting a first impression that is a positive high, or at least, a positive moderate to low, in a positive spectrum, and have that positive energy dominate over that negative, and lift them up. You may never, ever get them to a positive side of the house, but at least you're going to change the dynamic. You can always overpower that negative with a positive. You get what you give. Do not let negative energy shift you, does that make sense? Don't be like "Ah, crap! Another negative Nancy, I am so not down with this." And then, all of a sudden, your shoulders shrug, and you're like only half committed. Be you. Let you dominate that situation.

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Ratings and Reviews

Julie V

I had the chance to sit in the audience and absolutely loved this class! First of all, Stacy is very funny and is really good at explaining and showing examples of the body language. I loved learning about how to read people faces and body to know more about them. And recommended the class to my husband who is a therapist for this reason. The other part of the class was so awakening, I never really thought about how having the wrong lighting for someone's personality would bring something off on the picture. Once again, Stacy was amazing at explaining why this lighting would work with one person and not another by showing us examples. If you want to bring your subject personality into life on photos, I highly recommend this class!

a Creativelive Student

This class is amazing! Stacy is an awesome person and listening to her teach and review the class concepts was so easy and fun and entertaining! It is jam packed with information on how to connect with talent and clients. Plus you get to see Stacy in action with subjects in the Demo and Shoot videos. I highly recommend this class! I learned so much and feel so much more comfortable and confident working with a variety of people now.

Jovi Jhash

wow, what an amazing class to learn from. you covered all from body language to storytelling and to reveal almost the true souls of the subjects through portraits. Amazing work and thank you so much, Stacy and creative live team. Stay blessed

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