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Instructor Summary

Lesson 39 from: Powerful Portraits using Body Language and Lighting

Stacy Pearsall

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39. Instructor Summary


Lesson Info

Instructor Summary

So when we're meeting people and we're actually involved in portraits, we're trying to make the best first impression that we can because we can't undo those first impressions. It's all about the energy that you put forth, and you get what you give. So it's all about being aware. Energy, thoughtful, mindfulness, like this sounds like a yoga class. If I have ever dropped into a class. But we want to... There's Charlie invading somebody's studio again. Bum, bum, bum. But making sure that we eliminate the distractions around us and that could be even the thoughts in our own mind. That means that often times we are thinking about yesterday or we're thinking about 20 minutes in the future. It's so hard to quiet our own minds and be present in the... To be in that moment, to make sure that the portrait session is about the subject and not about us. It's not about all those crazy, cool lights that we know and throwing some light up because that's what looks cool. It's about assessing the dyna...

mic, finding the right mood, tone, and tenor that best matches that subject. Waiting for those moments to unravel in front of ourselves, giving that space to let it happen, being genuine and thoughtful, engaging, tender when we need to be, pushing the limits when it's important, and offering that hug at the end because you just put them on a roller coaster. For me, that's everything. What's more important to me too is that when somebody looks at that portrait and they're like, "Yeah, that's me." Whoo, that's everything. Y'all are amazing, and I want to make sure that we stay in touch so this is my social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. For all of you out there, if you're endeavoring to take portraits and you want to kind of ping things off me, let's stay in touch on social media. I would love to see that. And I know that Kenna mentioned that there's student work that's posted on this particular page. I looked at three of the portraits that were posted last night, so cool. I'd like to see more. I want to wish you a heartfelt thanks for tuning in to this class. I really hope that it allows you to open your mind about the world around you, not just about looking and seeing what people are saying to you without the words they're using, but what you're saying in return. And remember, positive thoughts, positive energy, happy shooting.

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Ratings and Reviews

Julie V

I had the chance to sit in the audience and absolutely loved this class! First of all, Stacy is very funny and is really good at explaining and showing examples of the body language. I loved learning about how to read people faces and body to know more about them. And recommended the class to my husband who is a therapist for this reason. The other part of the class was so awakening, I never really thought about how having the wrong lighting for someone's personality would bring something off on the picture. Once again, Stacy was amazing at explaining why this lighting would work with one person and not another by showing us examples. If you want to bring your subject personality into life on photos, I highly recommend this class!

a Creativelive Student

This class is amazing! Stacy is an awesome person and listening to her teach and review the class concepts was so easy and fun and entertaining! It is jam packed with information on how to connect with talent and clients. Plus you get to see Stacy in action with subjects in the Demo and Shoot videos. I highly recommend this class! I learned so much and feel so much more comfortable and confident working with a variety of people now.

Jovi Jhash

wow, what an amazing class to learn from. you covered all from body language to storytelling and to reveal almost the true souls of the subjects through portraits. Amazing work and thank you so much, Stacy and creative live team. Stay blessed

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