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Produce a Fashion Show

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Intro to Produce a Fashion Show

Jay Calderin

Produce a Fashion Show

Jay Calderin

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1. Intro to Produce a Fashion Show

Lesson Info

Intro to Produce a Fashion Show

Fashion shows seem like so much glory, but I know that there is so much work, the nuts and bolts, that go into that. What do you tell people when they first come up and say, I wanna do a fashion show? Have you really thought it through? I think that is at the heart of everything. I've been really lucky, 'cause over the past 20 years, the fashion week fashion shows have been a part of every day of every year for the past 20 years, at all different stages. And I think people just focus on that excitement and the glamour around it, and I think there's so much more that they need to consider before they take a fashion show on. I hate to make it sort of an ominous thing, like oh you're not gonna want to do it after this. I think the process is actually really exciting and just as creative as all the things we've talked about. So for me, it's a little bit of a reality check, but also, hopefully, that reality check is inspirational.

Class Description

Fashion shows are a great way to generate interest in your work and get in front of a buying audience. Get the why, when and how of putting one together in Produce a Fashion Show with Jay Calderin.

Jay is a veteran of the fashion industry and in this class, he’ll offer invaluable insights on producing a successful show. 

You’ll learn how to:
  • Develop a concept and build a team
  • Create a timeline and checklist
  • Manage all aspects of the show
  • Take advantage of the post-show buzz
You’ll get tips on everything from promotions to operations. Jay will also help you get press interested in your event and guide you through the crucial post-show follow-up process.

A well-produced fashion show can be a powerful tool for boosting your business, but they aren’t easy to pull off. Get the inside scoop on making yours great with Produce a Fashion Show with Jay Calderin.

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