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How to Take Maternity Leave without Putting Life on Hold

Lesson 13 of 16

Building a Hierarchy of Outsourcing Needs


How to Take Maternity Leave without Putting Life on Hold

Lesson 13 of 16

Building a Hierarchy of Outsourcing Needs


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Building a Hierarchy of Outsourcing Needs

So to start off, we're just gonna talk about how to build a hierarchy of outsourcing needs. How do you decide what you might hire out? And I really hope to convince you that making just a few little changes can completely revitalize your business and take a huge burden off of you. So just identifying a few key areas where you can make a small change will make a huge difference to you. So things you want to hire out for sure, things you detest doing, they're sucking your energy from you. Tasks which can be done more easily or quickly by someone else, they're taking up too much of your time. Tasks which are incompatible with your schedule. So we talked about needing flexibility. If there are tasks that are not flexible and can't fit into your schedule, you'd like to hand them off to someone else. And, you'd also like to hire out a couple of tasks which require expertise which will make your business more money, and they're things you can't do yourself, right? I really encourage you to th...

ink about hiring after you've done all of the hard work of doing the streamlining, okay? You don't want to hire someone, pay them per hour to do some task that isn't streamlined at all, and then you're just paying someone for way more hours than you really need to. So you've done the work of streamlining, and then you can turn to doing the delegating. Alright, so this has been our process all along. Eliminate the non-essentials, right? You're not paying someone to do things that aren't important for your business. Streamline and delegate systems. Again, you want to have, when you're paying someone per hour, you want to have them doing the things in the most efficient way possible. Delegate them and that's what we're talking about this. And for yourself, you're breeding flexibility, which a lot of the time means hiring out the tasks which are inflexible, right? And we're talking about both business things and non-business things, right? So, a couple of things, maybe it's meal preparation. Maybe it's house cleaning. Those are all candidates for outsourcing as well. So, Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts has hired out something that she absolutely detests. So she makes beautiful quilt patterns. So these are PDF downloads, and they're instructions on how to make a quilt. So she says, I sell quilting patterns, and I paid a freelance technical editor to edit my patterns. It's helped me to relax and feel free to create patterns where the instructions are complicated, knowing that she'll come and help it all make more sense. So this is exactly the spirit we're looking at. This is probably a person she only pays for an hour, I don't know, maybe two hours for every pattern. But it's just completely taken the burden off of this component of work and it's letting her do what she really enjoys doing. And she points out outsourcing isn't always about this huge manufacturing deal, okay? We're looking to get rid of tiny little things that someone else can do for us, because as we've talked about, every minute matters, right? You're working on a finite amount of time. You're trying to fit this huge new event into your life. And so, if you can get these tasks off of your to do list, you're going to be so much more agile.

Class Description

If the term “maternity leave” makes you nervous, you’re not alone.

The big challenge: stepping away from life for 3 months with the expectation of returning to work after maternity leave like nothing happened. Many working women already put in 12 hours a day, so how does one manage with fewer? This common practice is particularly detrimental to small business owners, who find their business slipping away during maternity leave, along with confused and disappointed customers, even when the business has returned to normal.

There’s a better way.

Instead of a traditional maternity leave, in How to Take Maternity Leave without your Putting Life on Hold, Stacey will show you how to put your business into maintenance mode for as long as you want: keeping your business functioning at a high level to keep your customers happy, but not requiring your full-time attention. It will make returning to work after maternity leave much more seamless.  

Many business owners spend time on tasks that are not essential. By eliminating these excess activities, you can distill your business into a few hours a day of powerful productivity. Keep your business going while still spending the time with your family that only comes once in a lifetime. When you’re returning to work after maternity leave, you’ll find that your newly-discovered efficiency has transformed your business. You may even decide to limit work to a few hours a day, permanently!

You’ll Learn How To:

·       Determine which tasks in your business are worth your time and attention

·       Streamline your business down to the bare essentials, creating successful systems

·       Calculate how much money you need to earn during your leave, and work the minimum number of hours to achieve it

·       Take advantage of ‘down time’ in productive ways

·       Decide when to hire out tasks, even if you’ve never considered hiring contractors before

·       Find non-standard childcare options… there’s more than full-time daycare!

·       Effortlessly shift your business back into ‘full-rev’ mode

During Stacey’s daughter’s first year, she earned 65% of what she earned the previous year, working during baby’s naps and in the evenings. She was able to do this by streamlining her business and working on only what brought in results, cutting work time down to a couple of hours a day. Her daughter entered traditional daycare when she was 20 months old, with a transition that was seamless to customers, because it appeared as if she had been working full-time all along.

Learn how you can apply Stacey’s techniques and strategies to your maternity leave plan. Even if you’re not a small business owner, you’ll find ways to assess and streamline your work, make time for this once-in-a-lifetime period,  manage childcare, rev up and get back in the game.   


Patrice Horvath

Thank you for making such an important class!!! This is a topic we all really need to talk about openly and have some guidance on! I'm 29, recently married and went freelance last year because I knew I'd want flexibility when I started a family. My business has gained momentum recently and this will course be so important to have handy during the next few years when I start a family to help me maintain my business. Thank you, very excited!