Day 2 Wrap-Up


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Day 2 Wrap-Up

Time is just really flown by a company that seems like just a couple of minutes ago it was certainly a saying. Welcome. So here we go. But thank you to all of you have been watching it it's you who make creative work and we really do appreciate our total global audience. Thank you for staying with us. Thank you. To our studio audience to diana and bob and carol the and keith on dale. I nearly got it. Thank you so much for being with us. We really appreciate it. I do want to give a big shout out to our content producer jennifer thomas. She does such a wonderful job in pulling everything together. I know she's worked very, very hard for julie. Answer big global. Thank you from created life to our wonderful instructor julian cost. Thank you. Really. Thank you all for being here on paying you guys for keeping me on tense and you guys were just lovely to work with. So thank you very much. Thanks to create a life for the opportunity that even to come and speak it's very exciting. Great. Yeah...

, keeping you on task. Is there any last thing that you want to sum up this workshop? I know it was a lot of information in two days, any last statements for people to take away from this well, I think what I'm gonna have some years, I'm gonna have to go back and I'm really gonna have to start voice training so that I can sing my photo shop off of it. But today I'm afraid that, you know, I it's it's not that I would miss those shortcuts. I'm just afraid I will forget the alphabet, so okay, great. As we mentioned earlier, we do have a thank you page on our facebook page for people to leave their comments for julian, tell us all what you thought of the course you can feel free to log in there throughout the rest of the course throughout the rest of the day. You can cook, post your comments there. I also do want to share a few of them that people already put on facebook so here's some comments from the chat rooms, along with facebook from the chat room, bluebird said, I don't want today to end learning so much that I wouldn't find out on my own. Kathy s says, I love that julianne is here to represent adobe and light room. She has no other agenda so she's sharing everything with us, not saving certain information so we will buy her book, et cetera, and then on the facebook page, yes. Thank you's from stephan daniel schwartz, he says, thanks for a great and hilarious workshop, even for an advanced light room user of many years, julian always throws in some golden nuggets and explains best practices and background so profoundly, very well done and a workshop definitely worth the purchase. Jake blanco on facebook says what a terrific presentation worth twice the price. He's sure to get years now look forward to more presentations from julian in the near future, and claire around tree on facebook also says a big thank you from the u k where the workshops iran from five pm till twelve a. M and they were so worthwhile masses of information and insights, the best of all delivered with such expertise, personality and humor really impressed jay kay rocks wow, great comments and j k does rock. But sadly, this is the end ofthe thiss one for workshop of revitalizing your workflow with like five julian cost from chris and from may it's goodbye, unfortunately, that's a wrap.

Class Description

Ready to drastically reduce your post-production workflow? In this 2-day workshop, Julieanne Kost, the Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist for Photoshop and Lightroom at Adobe Systems, will show you how to save time every step of the way, from importing raw images to exporting expertly enhanced photographs — and everything in between.

Julieanne will teach you how to streamline the import process, create a simple organizational structure, and edit a shoot efficiently and seamlessly. You will learn the key tools to enhance your photographs, correct color and tonal values, customize your color to black and white conversion, and even add special effects such as selective coloring, split toning, and vintage looks.

Julieanne will also demonstrate how and when to move images from Lightroom into Photoshop for further enhancements, and outline how to easily create slideshows, photo books, and templates for printing. By the end of this class you’ll understand key tools and strategies for streamlining your workflow while creating stunning images.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5