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Lesson 2 from: Shooting and Editing for Mobile Photography

Elise Swopes

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2. Settings

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So before you go out and shoot, there's a few settings in your phone that you should definitely check out in the settings you will go in to your camera. And in these settings there's a bunch of options, and the first options there are preserved settings and preserve settings can be very helpful depending on how you shoot. So within those settings there's a camera mode and the camera mode is to preserve the last mode you were in. So maybe you shouldn't all square all the time. That would be super helpful for you to be ready to go to shoot. The other option is filter and lighting filter and letting like the last mode will also preserve the last filter in the last lighting you use. So sometimes, maybe if you shooting all black and white, that'll be super helpful as well. But for me, I shoot kind of all over the place in the moment, so I'm gonna keep those unchecked. What I also have an option for is live photo. Live photo is gonna be super helpful for many reasons. Um, if you're shooting ...

and you want a few different options within that actual image, that live photo will give you different frames within that photo, which is pretty helpful. If you've got one of the frames that are selected and you don't necessarily like it, maybe it's a little blur than the other. It would give you more options, so we'll go back into the camera settings and within their we've also got the grid option. The grid option is extremely helpful for shooting streets and buildings and all types of different things. It will really help for trying to keep everything symmetrical, and it will also help so that you don't have toe do too much post processing when trying to keep everything straight and narrow. But the next option is the formats option, and the formats option is extremely helpful. If you're trying to save space or if you don't really care about space, the high efficiency will give you the best high quality image possible, and the most compatible will assist you with saving space and will give you a little bit more low quality. But it'll definitely still get you some good options and then also down here, we've got the HDR option, which is the high dynamic range and within that it will give you much more detail within your photo. So always click auto HDR. Sometimes the nice Part two is that you can click. Keep a normal photo, so keeping a normal photo would give you two options while you're shooting a photo to give you the HDR option, and then it will also give you the normal photo options. Sometimes the normal photo could be a little better, depending on the day in the time of day. So always have your options open and thes settings are going to be super helpful for you to go out and shoot, so let's go.

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Ratings and Reviews

Kate Crossley

Found it very interesting how Elise translated Photshop style art composition onto her mobile and how she scouted for images. It would have been good to have had a list of the apps she uses in the class information page. I had to go to her website to find them. I appreciate she mentioned them in her tutorial but a list would have been helpful too. Having been doing composite work on my iphone recently it was great to see another artist at work and their approach. All in all, very enjoyable class.

Jennifer Pinter

I think the class could have been longer with more detail about the editing. I am glad I purchased the class and can go back to watch again because she goes through the editing process very fast. Overall some good tips about shooting with your phone and worth $25 to me.

Ken Hattie

I cannot attest to the course content as I tuned out after and left after the 10the use of the irritatingly over-used word, by videomakers, "super". By god, get a thesaurus, people.

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