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Shooting Reflections

Lesson 4 from: Shooting and Editing for Mobile Photography

Elise Swopes

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Lesson Info

4. Shooting Reflections

Lesson Info

Shooting Reflections

So I'm roaming around and I found a nice total that I'm super inspired by, So I'm gonna take a look at it and see how it works. So what I'm gonna do first is actually open up my camera app. And I'm always using the native camera. It's my go to The nice part is is that we set ourselves up for a really easy shoot with the grid and everything like that, so we'll be able to match it up much easier. So what I'm gonna do is because you notice that the actual lens of the camera is right on the top of the phone. We're gonna do it. Flip your phone. Try your best not to drop your phone into the water. I've done it once, but it kind of survived, so it wasn't too bad. So we're gonna do is we're gonna get down low and might even get your body in there and just see how your shot is. And what I like to dio is out tap in the lightest area of the photo to get that focus and I'll shoot that. And then what I'll also do is tap right in the middle to get where the ground meats to the top. We'll just wait f...

or the cars that pass. And I might, actually. So what I'll do is I won't even necessarily need to worry about that car all the way over there because I already know that the object that I'm gonna put in to the actual image will probably you won't even probably see that background. So go ahead and tap that again and then also tap into the water to get that more and focus. I'm gonna go ahead and shoot that again, wait to the cars pass, maybe get lower. So a little closer, you can even go a little closer to the edge of the puddle to get more street angle. We can play with the depth as well, by tapping, you can see. But the focus is changing every time Tab change perspective. So you just want to have those options. And then if you want to come back all the way back here and you've seen that you've got even a bigger reflection that you're playing with and I'll just take a look at these and you'll see actually on the photos on the top right corner. It'll say HDR. This is your HDR option of that photo, and when you swipe, you might notice the difference. The HDR is a little brighter in little more detailed than that regular photo. So, um, you'll definitely have a few different options to play with us faras detail and lighting. But this looks gorgeous. For right now, I definitely comptel that there would be a really nice filter at it in the colors of the trees and the Reds and all that stuff could really play off really well, so I might throw giraffe in there. Why not? So we're still in the search for the perfect puddle. I've managed to come into this awesome alley. It's really great. It's got some really wonderful color theories that we can kind of play with yesterday became by here, actually, and that yellow truck was not here. And I'm kind of glad that it's here today because I love the contrast between the yellow in the tree and the red. There's just some nice color popping here that I like to play with, and luckily enough, we've got a puddle readily available for us, so I'm gonna go ahead and open up my native camera app and I'm going to bring it down low. But what I noticed is even I'm looking into the shop when I see that there's already a reflection that I might be able to use just for fun for something. I see myself in the puddle, and I also like these color of the leaves that are popping out, and sometimes that could add a little bit of fun to your photo. So I'm gonna go ahead, just shoot a little reflection shot of myself, and you can see there's like some building coming in. And if you're in a different city where there's higher buildings, its is always our really, really fun. Shots and grab is a really fun perspective. You can see all the buildings coming in and out from the water, so it's really, really cool. But for now, I'm gonna go ahead and bring it all the way here. And like I said, bring it as close as possible. I want that yellow toe, papa as much as possible, so I'm gonna go ahead and hold the lock. And what that Locke is going to do is gonna lock the focus for me. And I'm also gonna bring down the exposure, basically drag your finger where that little sun symbol is and that will help us focus and get more of that yellow right there. So I'm gonna go ahead and just shoot, and then also, we want to focus on it a little more. Hold that focus again, a little higher up and bring it down. You can see we've seen the background of the image much more, and it's not so blown out. So bring it down a little more, got some people in the shop. And like I said earlier, we can also bring it back over here for a different perspective. And the issue with this and I am finding personally, is that this puddle is obviously not in the center of the alley. So we're gonna have a different kind of style. But I'm kind of OK with that, because we can still kind of play around with the water and the reflections, and we won't worry too much about the lines in the back. But if you were worried about it, we're lucky we've got the grid up, and that will help us line up these edges of the buildings so that we do come back around to check out our shot. Even if it's not symmetrical entirely, it will be lined up nice and right with all the buildings. So bring it back over here If you'd like Lauren, even to this side, I can't even like that to That looks really nice. So the grid lines can only help me so much when your face is that close to some water outside. So later on, I'll definitely show you how to make your shot nice and lined up.

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Kate Crossley

Found it very interesting how Elise translated Photshop style art composition onto her mobile and how she scouted for images. It would have been good to have had a list of the apps she uses in the class information page. I had to go to her website to find them. I appreciate she mentioned them in her tutorial but a list would have been helpful too. Having been doing composite work on my iphone recently it was great to see another artist at work and their approach. All in all, very enjoyable class.

Jennifer Pinter

I think the class could have been longer with more detail about the editing. I am glad I purchased the class and can go back to watch again because she goes through the editing process very fast. Overall some good tips about shooting with your phone and worth $25 to me.

Ken Hattie

I cannot attest to the course content as I tuned out after and left after the 10the use of the irritatingly over-used word, by videomakers, "super". By god, get a thesaurus, people.

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