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Closing Thoughts

Lesson 17 from: Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content

Jon Youshaei

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17. Closing Thoughts

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Closing Thoughts

I want to end this course with one final story and it's a bizarre one because it has to do with this sculpture of a horse's head. So I'm curious how much would you pay for this sculpture? I personally wouldn't pay a dime, but on ebay it sold for $0.99 to a man by the name of Rob Walker. Now here's the crazy part. Weeks later rob resold that same sculpture for a whopping $62.95. And here's the thing, nothing really changed is the same hideous horse's head sold on the same platform on Ebay. So you may be wondering why the drastic price increase? Well, while rob didn't change the product, he did change the description. He wrote a funny story about the history of the horse's head and buyers loved. They ate it up. They started bidding higher and higher and ultimately sold for around bucks. Right? And rob was so blown away by this result that he created something called the significant objects project to research how stories can impact buying decisions. And as part of that project, he spent...

bucks buying 199 more products like that horse's head. Right, and hired writers to craft descriptions for each of those products and he put them on Ebay. So what do you think happened? What do you think was the impact of those stories? Well, lo and behold rob sold those products for 8000 Bucks in total. That's a 6,200% return for reselling junk like a flashlight, a seashell, a creepy monkey puppet all because they had a story attached to them. So if rob turned bucks into $8000 with great storytelling and just imagine what you could do now that you've learned all that we've covered in this course now that you've learned how and why. It's important to write like 1/7 grader to perfect the headline using our formulas to focus on the apple, not the orchard to imagine you're Sherlock Holmes to paint with rare metaphors to use the apps, the outline and so much more. I mean I'm so proud of how far you've come and all the stuff you've covered because of how far I think you'll go and if you're looking for a perfect complement to this course, I also created another course called the Seven Secrets of viral marketing, which you can check out at the link below. It's really a great tandem course to this one because I'll teach you how to take these skills as a content marketer and really growth hack and be able to promote any product using them. And I want to end by saying one final quote and it comes from steve jobs and it's one of my favorites from him. He says the storyteller is one of the most important people in the world and one of the most powerful, they set the vision the values and the agenda for an entire generation has to come. So with that, I can't wait to see what your vision is. I can't wait to see what the values and the agenda that you put out into the world because there's so many great stories just waiting to be told and not enough great storytellers that could tell them. Hopefully that changes as a result of this course, I can't wait to see what stories you tell, what products you sell and how I can be helpful along the way. Thanks guys.

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