Storytelling: Using Story to Influence and Connect

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Storytelling: Using Story to Influence and Connect


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Hi, I'm Jim Catechi, Content producer for Stefan Mumaw's Storytelling Using Story to Influence and Connect. In this class, Stefan references some amazing videos that show the power of storytelling in the advertising field. These videos are freely available on the internet and they are a great way to learn from the best video producers in the business. Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, we are unable to embed those videos within the class. But rest assured, we have come up with a solution to give you the best user experience possible. Here is what you need to do. Before you watch the class, download our video links, pdf, that's found under the Class Materials section on the course page. In this document, you will see a list of videos that Stefan references throughout the course in the order that they appear. Once you get to a point in the video when you see this screen, you'll want to click on the corresponding video link in your companion pdf to open the video in a new browser windo...

w. Once the video has finished playing, click back over to CreativeLive course page and resume the class where you left off. It's as simple as that. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact Thanks for watching the class.

Class Description

We are all storytellers. Few of us are storybuilders, capable of not only understanding the structure of story but able to use it to connect to the people that consume it. Story has a form, one that Stefan Mumaw, the Director of Creative Strategy at the well-known story shop Hint, is going to break down for you. He’ll lay out the structure of story and use real-world examples to show how each story component is used to build an emotional bridge. Bring a few tissues, story has a knack for producing both tears of laughter and empathy and Stefan will use both to show just how powerful story can be.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to create emotion
  • Story structure
  • Character development. Associating characters of a brand with characters
  • Rational and emotional purchase drivers

Stefan reminds us that target audiences are made up of individuals, and for the message to be effectively received, it needs to be couched in a story that speaks to what motivates people, thus awakening a response.


Mary Rainwater

Outstanding class. Stephan Mumaw is a wonderful presenter with a wealth of knowledge. He delivers a ton of information in an organized and fun way! As a fiction writer,I was unsure if this course would be all that helpful. However, once I realized that the "product" I was selling was the "theme" (the unspoken moral throughline) of my story everything clicked into place! I highly recommend this course to all writers who wish to better "sell" their own "product".


GREAT CLASS!! Loved the content. Engaging speaker and wonderful examples shared. Took a lot from this class that I will bring back to my daily creative work!


Stefan was an amazing speaker... He provided great detail in explaining the structure of a story, and his example/videos really drove home the points he was making... He had wonderful real-world professional experiences to share.