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Raise Your Perceived Value: Increase Your Prices

Lesson 9 of 9

The Power of Price & Perception

Megan Auman

Raise Your Perceived Value: Increase Your Prices

Megan Auman

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Lesson Info

9. The Power of Price & Perception

Lesson Info

The Power of Price & Perception

So one last thing that I really wouldn't want to talk about it, they want to remind you guys that you have the power to tell your customers what your products are worth is all within your control. You get to say this is the value this is the value because I set the price that way this is the value because I'm communicating it through my photography, you are in control, not the other way around the market doesn't dictate you get to say and again, this is a perfect example of small these are actually all small changes, right? None of this is that much more work than this, in fact, actually was really hard to take this bad picture, a lot of work to find a place I'm ryan like beautiful natural light in my studio is really hard to find a place with bad lighting. Actually, I don't work like turn off all the lights in my dining room, so it doesn't take any more work, but now I'm selling the same necklace for so much more by making these little shifts, and you guys all have the power to do tha...

t as well. You have the tools you need, you know that even small price increases can reap major rewards. You can communicate more value at the brand level, you can make some of those changes again, small tweaks change your fought install a template that's a little more up to date find the new ones the nowhere they wants whatever people are using and then start with one product at a time and raise that perceived value take a better photo right a better description talk to your customers but how they value your product focus on one and product at a time and make those incremental changes so I want to end by having you guys share and I know we covered a lot of stuff in this lesson and there's a lot of action steps but I want you guys to share we'll start with our studio audience and you guys and jump in to our create to make hashtag online what is one thing you can do today and I realize some of you are watching this at the end of the day and you're tired but I always like to say today because tomorrow is really you need to put off so it's one thing you can do today to increase your perceived value tiffany um I can go in and rearrange my product lifting yes yeah perfect prison I can go in and switch out some of my photos great I can take out the ringside you're out of my shop yeah I love it added more products to anchor other products perfect could take out some products that aren't in keeping with my aesthetic excellent! I love I love editing it's such a powerful tool. We didn't really even talk about it, but it's such a good one run one that would do the same and that it out perfect. You're also going to change your language, karen. I can add photos that haven't been uploaded yet perfected I think we're all a little guilty of that. I took the picture not there yet I took it. I'm I'm going to make sure all of my listings are updated with the story that I actually tell one the cards? Yeah, and then I am actually having a full product photography shoot on saturday and hodel deck very excited that will be fun. Yeah, so we'll have some nice things to defect. Make a list of all the photos that need to be re taken. Yeah, that's a great place to start is just knowing where what you've got to deal with. We get anything from online audience, yes, our teeth, shuttleworth says. I'm excited to get some feedback on my page and chat with other crafters perfect. Yeah, and our facebook group is a great place to do that talking about great.

Class Description

Crafters often struggle with charging the prices that make their products profitable. They worry they’ll scare customers, lose sales, or constantly have to justify the higher price. But when you raise the perceived value of your product, the prices justify themselves.

In this class, Megan Auman will explore:

  • The psychology behind price and what creates higher perceived value 
  • Key elements of a business that must be polished to communicate higher prices 
  • How to develop an action plan to improve their perceived value 
  • Megan will help you identify the right places to increase the prices in your business. She’ll discuss how the quality of your website, photography, and copy all work together to create an experience that justifies a higher price point. 

If you want to earn more for your efforts, join Megan Auman for the ultimate guide to pricing in Raise Your Perceived Value: Increase Your Prices.  

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OMG this course was great and Megan Auman is amazing! Not only did she help me understand how my fears were holding me back from my greatest success, she gave me strategies for getting past the fear. I honestly feel like I'm ready to take on anything because I have the skills to do so. Thanks much, Megan; you ROCK!

Sunim Chambers

You can't just raise your prices and expect it to lead to great results. Megan gives great strategies on how you can brand and market your business to give you confidence to raise your prices. Great class! Highly recommended to any creative and maker!


Amazing course! So many fantastic ideas for commanding premium prices for my works of art. I highly recommend this course if you sell your handmade goods, or plan to do so.