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This is by the world class photographer there is no person that is in this level that has not world class in some way or something okay um in order to get here you must pass this so if you are here you're on ly going to get here if you go through here okay so that's that's that's the silver lining is that that's okay if you're there that's fine that is the process to go you're in the exact place where you need to be because you have to go through that to get there so your journey to becoming a world class photographer passes through the vanishing middle as a full time photographer there is nobody that gets to this level without being a full time photographer because you need to learn so much that there's people okay I'm here I'm spending fifty hours a week sixty hours a week learning my craft you're having apart you're having a full time job working forty hours a week how much time can you commit to learning the industry if you're already working forty hours if you're working forty hou...

rs already maybe if I'm single aiken push out another twenty hours well guess what? I'm working fifty hours I'm two and a half times you're not gonna catch me it's called sweat equity man I'm outworking you! I've got you you're not going out past me there's no way there's no way you're not going to do it, that person moves on. That other person is not gonna make it, and we'll stay there. So there comes a point where you're gonna have to make that decision, whether you're going to do that and germ. He didn't make that decision, and he did successfully branch over to it on we're going to talk about how he did that to so he was in that middle and I've been mentoring him, and he passed over, and so you can see how he did it. Okay, so that's about it right now, uh, for it we're just getting started, and so I'm gonna have to open it up to some. Clint, I threw a lot at you right now. Scared the heck out of you that's. Why is the crash course way actually have a little bit of time left? We do. We have about ten minutes, so perfect. Okay, thirteen minutes. So if anybody has any questions here about anything that I talked about, any type of fears that you might have or the position that you're at or which you're thinking right now because I know a lot of people out there can identify with whatever your whatever you're thinking in your mind, yes, so at the beginning of the thousand dollars level like what is the delivery ble what are you delivering from that leased this possible can you can you expand on that a little bit well if you can seriously get a sony camera that has live you so you can shoot as you can see the perfect exposure before you shoot it and then shoot it you're getting good exposure's right and as the wedding gate goes this is what I do as the wedding day goes on if they didn't get a good good photo I'm just deleting it right on the spot because I don't want to get home and have all these photos I'm looking through it so you got to say you got three photos you know for sure one is better than those two other photos in that same area I immediately did lead these two these two because I don't want my client's seeing those I don't want that I just want to keep it high so I'm deleting as I go and then just if you can get a thousand dollars handing it straight over just do it least possible if not let's say you had to edit the whole thing you've got to figure out how much that time that's going to take you or maybe for two hundred bucks I'll just job it out and I'll just charge four or three hundred dollars to my client not worry about it? Yes. So did you give them zaroff ill or you kind of like taking down my suit in j peg yeah but it's still it's it's it's larger that drinking is what I tell you I'm going to shoot your wedding you're going to get the good bad and the ugly you're gonna think I'm the worst photographer paulson out there right because I'm just giving you everything that I've got and this is the price so they just get it in whatever I do not let that reflect me as an artist so I don't show those on my website you know so people are only going to see what you put on your website so you go shoot that wedding you give him all the files a letter but you take those amazing photos that you took in that wedding you paste those on your website you edited them okay and you show that beauty that you want that's earning a living just that that's earning a living paying your bills you as an artist is something different and that's what you post on line that's what you let people see okay that makes sense don't let this define you this is just helping you to get through february and march okay I need this the bills are due I've gotta have this so I'm doing it it's a job at that point it doesn't reflect on you and that's what people get hung up on they think this is what the artist think all I got oh that's going to reflect be I can't do that fine you're out of business that's your choice okay, so anyways that kind of answer a question good any other thing from the honest yes, so any dream is suspended those eight hours a week for example when you're starting out just doing the photography but I imagine that a lot of that time was spent on sales and marketing and building up your business. How do you think that breaks down as people are starting new businesses and how much time gets spent on those things before independent of the party? That is actually a really good question in regards to that, I kind of feel like, well, how I started I started with my social network whatever it wass so when I first got out, I just sent an email blast to everybody I'll get into that big like the next session really here is ground zero this is what you're gonna do and I'm going to cover that extensively next session, so just hold on I don't want it unwrap that part so my next session is really I am at ground cereal what are my exact steps I need to do? What else do we have online? Okay, so we had a couple questions one from kate que asking do you accept credit card payments from clients via paypal? Yes you talked a little bit about paypal earlier and you said it was extremely important can you talk a little bit about that most of the world likes to pay on paypal because they don't have to hand over credit card information and all that stuff so it's kind of um there's a filter there where you can pay but then you don't have to need to give your you know your your all this personal information so paypal's is the preferred way for a lot of people to pay because it kind of just like I don't have to hand over a card I don't have to hand over a check with my address on it or whatever I don't know but that's why it's important because of the world actually a lot of the world now pays through paypal and so we should have that in our arsenal papal also has something where you can if it's over one hundred dollars they can qualify to pay in installments already and papal will pay you everything up front and they'll take it out in monthly installments to your client so you should use that when you're booking deposits or whatever you're is that people don't have that money so I do you have a paypal account okay? You did you know that you could get six months financing on this or whatever through paypal they've gotten at that built in so that's a great feature to have. Okay, um I got more if you guys want oh, yes, yes definition of world class are we talking award winning? Are we talking travel? What? What do you see is a world class for people that are trying to relate to get their world class to me means kind of like you have a national presence or an international presence people around the world know who you are. You've built it up, you've been published. Your name is out there has got a very like high reputation to it. And so, uh for me yeah, it was I did want to be award winning. I did want to be published. That was important to me because I felt that established to me oh, I'm gonna love to get into tomorrow as a world class photographer on I'm not going to give it away about what I want to say tomorrow but that that's what I did to be at that level and the reason okay, I'll just give it away right now, theo reason why you want to do that has become become when once you become a world class photographer, then you get respect from other professionals and they pay you just as much as they get paid they see you at the same level so if you're you have a huge reputation and somebody's making two hundred thousand dollars a year that's they figure that that's what you're making because he's established yourself so that's a key that huge ki all right all right, we have more in the audience if not, we'll go back to the interwebs couple of since this is this business business section a couple of kind of transactional type things from pro photographer do you use any particular software programs for your business for business or for for maybe that's for accounting maybe that's ok management there now well for like photos do you mean like editing photos to no, no, no the business side now I've just been doing this for twenty five years I just like have a sixth sense about things and so I've just been doing this for so long that I don't but if what a whatever keeps you accountable to that monthly if you want to do quicken or you want to do whatever, then fine go for it I'm all for it what ever the key is to keep yourself accountable are you going to keep that's the big question? Are you going to keep yourself accountable for two thousand fourteen? Okay, so how do you recommend we keep ourselves accountable? Well, the easiest way to do it like I said is every month you figure out what accounts your income is coming into and you keep it separate so I know money comes in through my business account checking account and I know money comes into my paypal so you add up it's very easy to figure out what your gross income what you're what you're gross sales were that month and that's what you keep accountable for and you know subtract fifty percent of that that's pretty much my profit for that month that's how easy it is that's how extremely simple it is most people don't even do that and what makes it hard is this where you're putting your money in with your personal or your other job he gets all mixed together you have a new idea so that's why you gotta keep it separate so you know great thank you scott this'll be the last question of the day this from flavia I really like this question I'm scared to start what is your advice to anyone who's planning to start where is where is that first shovel um when you planning to start this is personal you you you're taking on a journey were most likely you've got a one in a thousand shots okay but the reason why we do this is that some of you out there feel this and I did too even when I was going through my most lowest moments of my life I had this gift that was given to me and inside it told me that I was destined for something greater than the average person I know that sounds crazy but I felt that and so when I felt special when I felt gifted when I felt like I could do something I can help the world I felt that that's what drove me to this journey because it's illogical it's very illogical if I didn't have that so there has to be something in your gut deep inside that's telling you that is a gift from god and it says you are destined to do this just do it it's going to be like it's going to be like heck it's going to be extremely hard but you have to feel it in your gut because if you don't have a passion and you don't feel it you're going to fail so I suggest that person examine get a quiet place and think about it how bad do you want this? I wanna put it up tio upfront before you invest fifty thousand dollars and lose it all I'm throwing it tio out there up front so that's what that's what I want you guys to think about how bad you want it do you want day wannabe appear speaking to people and helping them guess what I'm talking about this little bit later but if you don't follow your dream there's somebody depending on you to live your dream because they don't know who I am but they see you, and they're going to be inspired. And they're going to change the world. But if you don't live your dream, they can't live theirs. So that's. Why I'm here is because I feel that I'm supposed to be here to help somebody else live her dream.

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Ready to break into the business of high end wedding photography, but don't know how to begin establishing yourself as a luxury brand? Acclaimed photographer Scott Robert Lim will teach you the ins and outs of upscale photography, from marketing yourself to affluent clients to managing your business.

Scott will reveal his 25 "money shots," handing you his tried-and-true playbook for delighting every bride and groom. Not only will this workshop arm you with the mindset and skills you need to boost your prices (and your wallet), you'll also gain greater understanding of your distinct style and place on the luxury market.