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Cards for Travel Part 2

Meeting your minimum spend I said I want to spend some time about on this because when you get a credit card and you have tio meet the fifteen hundred dollars for two thousand dollars, what can you do about it? There's a number of things you can do you can maximize your existing expenses first of all, make sure you're putting everything you can on those cards that eric there's a new card you just got and you want to make sure you get that bonus and you really want to focus on that coordinate upcoming expenses if there's holiday spending you could do if there's anything you can pre pay if there's anything that is currently being deducted from your bank account that you want to get on your credit card that's great utilizing business expenses whether it's your own business or whether you're traveling for someone else's business or spending something for your employer that's great and then lastly give us a stephanie for this on creating spin there's actually some things you can do to purch...

ase money or effectively like you know meet the minimum spend through a creative way I'll just share my story a little bit I mentioned before I have been living overseas and I was able to get credit cards and the thing the way that I met the minimum spend when I was living overseas was utilizing my business expenses because I was traveling a lot for work and my employer didn't give me a corporate credit card so I would apply for a card I would have I would send it to my us address have someone sent it to me overseas and then I would use that card for the next ninety days and all my flights and my hotel and my meals and everything I could use while traveling that my employer was reimbursing before I would use to meet that minimum spend and it worked great I would get one card you know every three months because I could meet that spend in that amount of time and it enabled me to get a lot of points that I was able to use for personal trips but so that was a really really great thing using somebody else's expenses to meet your spend if you're in a situation where you could do that of course it doesn't work for everyone employer but if you have that so then fast forward to coming back to america where I didn't have an employer tio reimbursed on my spence I needed a new way teo to generate spends and there's a couple different ways here that we're sharing one of them with gift cards we've talked a lot about gift cards already I think gift cards kind of falls into the area of being creative with things that you're already spending so if I'm going teo you know I know I haven't upcoming remodel I can go purchase gift cards for, you know, lows or something, because I know I'm going to be needing to buy things there. You know, even if I'm not going to be doing my remodel until next month, if I can buy some of those things up front front, load any of my expenses that I have two very creative ways, chris told the story about the gold coins. You can no longer buy gold coins from the us mint, but in some places america, you can buy these little cards, they are there, called the vanilla reload card, and you buy them. Typically at cbs, you used to be able to buy them in office supply stores, which meant you would get five times points for them, but now you can no longer buy them because of fraud at office supply stores, but you can buy them at a lot of drugstores and some places still, and these cards you can put up to five hundred dollars on it costs three dollars and ninety five cents. To purchase one card, you can purchase two cards a day, typically at most doors, and you can purchased five thousand dollars of them in one month, so you can go to the store, purchased this card for five hundred three dollars and ninety five cents, then you you load it onto a card that you actually have to get which is an american express bluebird card which is basically a prepaid credit card and you load this onto this online and then when you have the money on your bluebird account you put it back in your bank account and then you pay off your credit card or you can issue a check to anyone yeah, you take out an ad or there's a number of ways to do that or you can like so for example, you know paying things you can pay your utilities with your credit card usually but a lot of times you can't pay your mortgage with your credit card but you can pay your mortgage with the check. So if I buy these cards and I put them into this account I can use this bluebird account to write a check to my bank for my mortgage the same you can use it. I know people who use it to pay off their taxes because you can write a check for your taxes. I actually bought a car three months ago and when you buy a car most car dealers will let you spend five thousand five thousand dollars on your credit card my car I was eight thousand dollars that I purchased I spent five thousand dollars on my credit card to purchase the car and then I wrote them a bluebird check for three thousand dollars so that was all money that I had gone to the drugstore and bought gift cards for and so the cost of that is about four dollars for five hundred miles, so you're getting you're not just getting the five hundred miles that you're putting on your credit card you're using this to actually meet the minimum spend and get your big bonus so I may be a lot of questions about this, but I want to follow up so you said you could do five thousand dollars a month and you've actually been doing that for the past few months have been doing it for the past three months, right? So it's basically, you know, sixty thousand dollars sixty thousand points that you can earn in a year if you if you deploy the strategy to its fullest potential and if you don't want to hear it can if it's much of a hassle, it can still help with the minimum spent and I know it sounds a little bit complicated at first, but I will say as a testimony when I was I was in florida doing this my family at first thought I was crazy because I was always going to see the s to buy gift cards and then finally I went on that trip to ethiopia that you saw the picture of and I came home and I showed them the picture of my two seat bed in first class and they were like, oh my goodness, you have to explain this to us, and so my dad and my step mom now both go to cvs every day and buy two ellery low cards, and everyone in the whole story knows us, and they understand that we use it to pay our bills that we can't pay with our credit cards so we can get more air miles and my my dad just retired and they're planning a trip to australia and they want to fly first class. One more big thing about meeting minimum spend the amazon payments yes, so amazon has its own branch on online, and you can actually, if you link your bank account to an amazon account and have your account verified you, khun send anyone a thousand dollars a month through amazon so I could send chris a thousand dollars every month for three months it's a thousand dollar limit per month, but if I need to meet a minimum spend of three thousand dollars, I can send him three one thousand dollars each month, and I would recommend doing it with someone you trust to give the money back to you, use your credit card, use your credit card to make that payment right use any credit card for that so it's basically a thousand dollars a month in free spend towards your mileage you know earning stops so even if you're not trying to beat minimum spend this is something you could do this twelve thousand miles a year if you're doing it with someone else that is twenty four thousand miles here question us would that be registered as a cash advance no no no I'm glad you asked that because there are some other things like that that we haven't mentioned because they're registered his cash advances but this one is not yeah so like people ask a lot of times when you go to the store and you look for these prepaid cards you'll see a lot of different things there's papal ones in green spot ones and I don't actually know all the rules for all the different ones but I think it's looking at it and looking at what fees there are kind of going back to that cost per mile calculation that chris did what will it actually cost you to get cost you to get these miles so you don't ever want to be spending a lot of money just to be generating miles yeah I think that's really important to keep that in mind that cost for miles so I know we have a little bit more and we do want to get to steve if we can have a special guest that's good okay uh steve coming up next or should we do we can get through oh, there is no way we can do that. Teo. Hey, how are you going? Great. Awesome. Well, good to have you on everybody. This is steve cam, a good friend of mine from nerd fitness dot com he's a guy I've looked up to for a long time. He's, inspiring a lot of people to kind of like taking how would you describe what you do, steve? I hope there's get healthy and go on crazy adventures around the world, hopefully inspiring other people to get out and explore, too. So I want you to come on and share, because I seem to recall steve a little bit about your story. You wrote me a couple years ago, I think after the frequent flyer challenge and you have your own success story of going all over the world. But before you had actually done this, you hadn't traveled much. Is that right? Yeah, really? Until I was twenty five. I've never been outside of north america, and then I stumbled across and reading your sight for a while. You just put out, I think, was your frequent flier master he book and spent about a year like only four, five credit cards most ofwhich you party talked about today and ended up booking a thirty five thousand miles sixteen stop around the world ticket with one world and got to goto find different continents that's pretty pretty fun times out there well that's what's that's amazing let's slow that down a little bit thirty five thousand miles and sixteen segments right and how long did it take you to do this and where did you go? I'll see I've been over the course of about ten months on I started in the us that it went to australia and new zealand that jumped up to thailand, singapore, china, japan back to the states for the world domination summit and I went over to europe and did ireland, spain, france in monaco and then came back to the states right all in a single award let's imagine it was one hundred, one hundred forty thousand american airline points, so actually I have two of the city american airline cards that got me about one hundred thousand points and then I used a personal and a business started preferred card to get me the other hey he's forty thousand points from them transferred to american and got my ten thousand point bonus and running in a double chin excellent you remember when I first heard this story, I think I was actually telling people it's really difficult to do what he did was the specific kind of specific award that he put together I was actually saying I guess really hard to do and I don't know anybody who has done it and then steve kind of signed up he's like actually I just did this thirty five thousand mile trip with sixteen segment so I was I was impressed with that thanks well, I mean I learned all this stuff from you and then from yeah just poking around like flyertalk and things like that it definitely I mean I put in a lot of hours and you know, it was the great great circle member whatever it is trying to find out like I think my total like I could fly up to thirty five thousand miles and my trip came out to like thirty four thousand nine hundred and eighty have to get like I had to call and convince them that might open jaws wasn't part of the trip in order to keep it under thirty five thousand miles so it took a lot of work yeah no doubt no doubt I'm sure I'm sure it was a ton of work so I remember you went on this trip and you made a video that kind of went viral right? If you like doing push ups in front of the taj mahal and some crazy stuff yeah so just you know, I've been I've been a fan of man you know where the hell's mad yeah is dancing video for so long and that was actually a big inspiration along with you for this whole travel stuff so I figured what better way for a guy that runs a website about fitness and began doing anywhere than to literally exercise anywhere. So let me just google, like exercising around the world, it's the first thing that pops up and punches me exercising and like twenty seven different countries in six continents, yeah, that's cool, little we'll totally tweeted out and promote it, so maybe, like, two more questions. Why did you do this in the first place? What was that? What was the motivation like? Why? Why go and see the world when you hadn't traveled outside of north america? Uh, you know, honestly, I figured if, however, was going to do it now is a great time for a lot of people always say, like, eventually I'll travel when I have the time or the money or whatever. I didn't have either the time or the money, but I just kind of refused to use those as excuses and seeing all these other adventures, realizing how much I live vicariously through other people. I kind of decided, like I wanted to start having some of those ventures to initially went to peru about two months before I begin. My big trip was my first real adventure outside of the country sitting there in much impeach you watching the sunrise. I mean, you realize like oh, I totally get why people have this you know wonder less and want to travel and do these things so that first adventure right to it kind of gave me the the courage to then make the decision to say like let's get rid of a bunch of stuff what's on my car move out of my apartment and go see the world and see what happens in one way or the other I'm gonna come back with some great stories and hopefully I come back with a big smile on my face and fortune everything worked out that's awesome I know there's a lot of activity in the chat room and online for steve as well, since you're an internet celebrity before before we say good bye to you cannot even hear anybody else have anything for steve let's say that we have any in the studio everybody's like steve you're awesome was your website again nerd fitness dot com exercising around the world video and he advised anybody else any advice to someone who hasn't done what you've done? Yeah, I think I think the best advice would be tio start earning points for a specific reason like whom I was racking up points but I knew I was going to use them to travel I wasn't just earning points for for just a bit I was hurting them because I wanted to go to specific places so I was like, I really want to see much of peach you I want to live like james bond in monaco, I wantto go on the great wall of china, so like then I don't want to identify these places and put a date on the calendar like this is what it's gonna have also went from being like this really up in the clouds kinda like wouldn't it be nice thing too? Okay, this is really concrete and this is happening let's put steps in place actually make it happen. We actually have a question for steve from via rela online would like to know what are your goals with your travel plans? Ah, good question, so actually I have called it a bucket list I didn't think that was nerdy enough for a guy running a website called nerd fitness, so I decided to come my bucket list, my epic quest of awesome and I ultimately I wrote down a list of all the things that I've always wanted to do, whether they've been inspired by movies like going to new zealand for lord of the rings are being a james bond fan going to monaco on gambling while wearing a tuxedo like getting really creative with some some interesting things around the around the world and then showing people that they can be done very cheaply by somebody that is pretty risk averse and really enjoy staying at home like I kind of do these things to say like, hey, if I can do them and I could do them cheaply and survived to tell the tale than other people out there have to kind of look at themselves like, you know what? Maybe I could do this, too, so a lot of it is really just I wantto I wanted to see the world and see what could happen and to inspire other people and let them realize, like, the world can be seen for pretty cheaply. And the experiences you get from those things, trump any sort of item or anything you can you can purchase back home. All right, steve, we have another question for you from the internet. This one is from marky mark who says, what is the one thing you know, now that you wish you had known when you first started off? Now there are two things I would say one is don't you don't have to bring a lot of stuff like, I think a lot of people definitely overpack when it comes to taking long trips. I mean, it was like I had, like four pairs of underwear, two pairs of pants, a couple of t shirts and anything that you can. Bring with you khun by when you're over there into I underestimated how nice and accommodating everybody was going to be like I've heard you know you always hear horror stories about what happens in third world countries and I couldn't have been more impressed with the hospitality of people and how nice people were and when you're lost they would they would offer up instructions and and directions and be really, really hospitable so I mean it was it was awesome teo to kind of have these preconceived notions and then get out in the world and realize just how off I was because I never seen anything outside of what I've witnessed through movies or, you know, the u s media, the world's pretty awesome and yeah, there are tough parts of every country mean, they're tough cross united states, so I wish I had begun my journey sooner instead of putting it off because I didn't have time or because I was worried about how I would be able to survive in these places. It was great I honestly couldn't recommend it highly enough t get out there and see countries even if you've heard bad things about parts of him well, I haven't ah hunch that we have a friend joining us in the chat rooms brian s asked us to share your story more about james bond in monaco he says it's a great story well, these obvious. You'd forget it. So, like I said, I'm a huge james bond fan, and I thought to myself, you know, I wanted to live a weekend like james bond and in order to minus the whole, you know, being an international assassin, I wanted the rest of the james bond experience. So I thought to myself, what better way to do that, then go to our ridiculously, you know, fancy location, uh, get dressed up really nice and and then gamble like gamble like crazy. So I decided for me to do that. I needed to wear a tuxedo. I needed to stay at a hotel in monaco, and I needed to gamble at the monte carlo. So I used I think it was like forty thousand citi thankyou points and book the hotel at the fairmont monte carlo. Like it. If you seem like the formula one racing in monaco, it's the hotel on stilts over the mediterranean that, like their formula one race cars drive underneath. I remember walking into that place and I have rented a tux. Edo it like a costume shop in these france down the street. It was ridiculous. They were walking into the hotel in the fairmont monte carlo with the tuxedo over my shoulder like a giant backpacker backpack over my other shoulder I mean like shorts, flip flops and a t shirt and say yes I have a reservation for tonight like I looked to me like I had six heads because who was this kid and what is he doing in my hotel? Sure enough, I had a reservation and spent the weekend living like james bond at this phenomenal hotel and end up actually making a little bit of money while gambling that night at the at the monte carlo and I woke up the next morning sat there eating breakfast watching like a billion dollar yacht to pull into a point of the harbor and it felt kind of normal for a second and then I just have to burst out laughing because ten months before that I had never been outside of north america and I've never done anything like this and here I am sitting at a seaside cafe and monica watching yachts pullen and it just felt felt formal which is so bizarre but I was just so thankful for the experience and uh, you know, trying to identify more things or more more inspiration I can draw from other movies or tv shows or comics that I can then like kind of recreate in real life a cz inexpensively as possible and then share the story in a fun way that's awesome awesome story. Thank you, steve damn my hero nerd fitness dot com thanks for taking time appreciate that it's awesome before way I did want to just give a shout out to eighty two who says huh? Five points her martini double points when shaken I get a thank you so much steve come right. Chase so far pretty good shout out thanks, brad. If you have a big expense coming up it's helpful to get a new credit card I mentioned I bought a new laptop recently so that helps to meet them and I'm spend holiday spending coming up it's helpful. But then most importantly, like I mentioned this earlier but I do wanna stress like your credit is an asset be responsible so that you can travel hack for years to come like it's not just an opportunity like this is something that you can do for you for years as long as you take care of your credit and you know, just just go slowly uh, maximizing miles, okay, so we don't want to talk about what cards, you know what cards we should use for different things. So by now our credit card table has gotten a little bit cluttered, but I think there was a question earlier maybe from paul about how do you decide like which card to use, okay so this is something that could get really complicated, and I wouldn't try to avoid that let's start really simply and say, you know, for me, chase sapphire is my go to personal spending card, especially for dining or for travel with one exception, but I'll tell you in a moment, um, and the starry preferred guest would be the other kind of go to personal card, so when it comes, comes to personal spending, I'm using one of these two cars most of the time when I purchased aircraft, which I tend to do a fair amount. I used the american express premier wards card because I get a triple points on all air fare purchased anywhere in the world, so I use that for that, and then I have a couple of cards that I use for business spending because I do have business expenses, and I used the bulging plus for those just kind of various, which one I use depending on the project and what else might I used? I used the american express premier awards for that because these are the cards that I use, like most of the time most actively, those are the ones that I usually log in and look at the balance is almost every day just to be aware of the activity on all the chase you know, all the chase accounts around one log in so it's not like I have to log in to sapphire and in log into ink wallet and I log into my chase account and it's all there other cards I use more for specific perfect specific purposes or purchases, so I have like a couple of hotel cards like the hilton, the city hilton card or the chase hyatt card I use these cards mostly when I'm staying in those hotels because I'm gonna earn extra points for that otherwise I don't really use a lot of cards on a regular basis I mean, there might be some cards I use for something specific I have the american express platinum I use this when overseas for business expenses because it has no foreign transaction fees along with the chase cars as well and also this card gets me lounge access on a number of lounges domestically, which we'll talk about more in the next segment. But I used that for that um that's not really the cards on using actively most of the time. So like I said, it looks overwhelming if you like your all these credit cards but I really like only mindfully using like forty five and again paying off the balance in full every month, never keeping anything you know, additional do everything that I would just say. Getting some of the cards is looking at with the bonuses and then deciding if you keep it based on the value of what you continue to get. So for example, with the chase hyatt card that chris just showed when you sign up for the chase hyatt card, the award is to free weekend nights any more to free night anywhere, any higher property worldwide? Well, you could say it's a pretty expensive hyatt properties, and I think we show some of those later. So that's definitely worth this one actually does not have ah, sign up bone. It does not have ah, annual fee. Right now, it used to have an annual fee of ninety five dollars, but the ninety five dollar annual fee is way less than teo hiatt nights day. So if you're planning your big vacation to egypt, you know, you want to stay at the height of the pyramids. Actually, the good hotel near the pyramids is the star would, but you could sign up for a card and, you know, playing toe have that and I would keep the height. I actually have the highest card myself, and I keep the hyatt card because I get hyatt. Status based on having this card every year and I also get another stay and I know I'm gonna be spend ninety dollars somewhere on hotel, so but even though I don't use this on a daily basis, yeah, just a quick point on the higher card with your question I used my high a signing bonus of two nights a sydney park hyatt on dh sydney is my favorite city in the world and the city park hyatt is my favorite hotel in the road and it costs almost a thousand dollars a night to stay there, so I think I've stayed there seven or eight times I've never once paid for it every single time I've used my points or I have a two night stay from the card, so I was happy to get that card and a time I paid the annual fee of ninety five dollars and got those two nights yes sir so with the high end it doesn't matter which hotel but like, say with the star would prefer guessed you would redeem a certain amount of points depending on the category of the hotel in terms of their redemptions. The points always about very by category is pretty much all the hotels but the bonus for the sign the sign up for the hyatt is not point the signing bonus for the hyatt is us two certificates for two nights days anywhere and so a certain point later well mission how it's really important teo maximize those bonuses so if you get a certificate valley for any higher property in the world, you don't want to use it for like, you know, a cheap high down the street that would cost a hundred dollars or something you want to use it at the city park I would cost a thousand dollars that's about because the certificate can be used anywhere getting points and miles can be addictive right that's why you can see our table and you can hear some of these stories so always factor in the time and opportunity cost again it doesn't have to be overwhelming it can be simple if you really love it you khun max out on it but it doesn't have to be um always manage your credit responsibility so I think I'm gonna hand over to you now for a great story travel hacking road trip story well, as a christian I don't have that many credit cards this chris I do have a few, but as I mentioned before, I just came back to the states from from being overseas and I'm actually pretty good at managing miles from abroad, but I don't have much experience managing miles in the u s because I haven't spent as much time here and so I was planning this past month tio go from florida to portland and we were talking about this course and I said I wonder how many miles I could travel hack on the ground between florida and portland instead of flying and I was driving my car, which is the reason I didn't fly not just because I wanted to do this experiment but so I decided to look and to see how many miles it would be from florida to portland and if I flew direct which I think there might be a southwest flight I'm not sure but it's two thousand four hundred and ninety three air miles however, since I probably wouldn't fly southwest I thought, okay, I would probably fly american through dallas because that's the way I would get the most miles and I'm on a platinum status challenge with american right now and that would give me two thousand five hundred and forty five miles if I went via dallas but I would get a hundred percent bonus because I have a platinum challenged at the moment so my goal was to get more than five thousand and ninety miles on the ground by driving across america and this is how I did it, okay, we talked first of all biggest expenses when you drive across the country gas um other things it's going to take you five or six days that actually took him ten days because I spent some time in colorado on the way but I needed places to stay I need to eat right those were really my main expenses and then I had a couple you know, random expenses here and there so the email gas I have the the inca gold card the one that gets you five points at office supply stores one amazing thing that they sell it off supply stores, his gas cart right and twenty five dollars or fifty dollars a pop rather than getting you know if I'm using a card that only gets one mile at a gas station I'm only getting twenty five dollars, twenty five miles every time I get gas if I'm going to an office supply store and getting a gift card, then I'm getting five points per mile every time I get gas and the other really interesting thing about buying gift cards at gas station of fine gift cards for gas stations is when you take this to the pump it counts his cash if you go to a gas station that charges you different prices for cash and credit, you're actually getting cheaper gas by using this and you're getting five times more points so I actually went to a lot of shell gas stations and a lot of conversations because these are the two main gift cards they fell at at office depot here I recently saw some bp ones as well now there are not always shell stations and exxon stations so I used this trusty card, which is my american express premier card because this card gives me double points at gas stations, so if I found my other principle was I wasn't going to spend the extra money in order to get miles, so if I went tio got off on exit and there was cheaper gas, I used this card and got double points for my gas. Now I will say that when you drive across the country, if you aren't very cautious, you want and you're collecting cards so you can bring them tio a travel hacking workshop, you wind up with a lot of use gas cards in your car and when you arrive in portland and you try when you arrive in oregon, one of the states where they don't let you pump your own gas and you pull up to the puppets a little bit embarrassing when you roll down the window and you're like, I don't know what the balances on any of these anyway that's just a warning so, um food second figure expense on most of the places I went, I used my chase sapphire card as chris said, this one gets double points in any restaurants, so I used this on the first friday of every month you get triple points when you use this card I was traveling on the first friday made sure I use this I also have this card enrolled in the american advantage dining miles program so I go to a new country a new city I really don't know what eat in st louis, missouri I've never been there before so I pull up dining miles on safari on my iphone you know look at my current location and see what interesting restaurants are near me. So in addition to getting the points for using my card I also get five points per dollar for any place that I eat with the dining miles program so I'm getting seven points per dollar for eating um sleeping now since my principle was tend to spend as little money as possible I actually did a lot of redemptions of hotel stays I stayed in four star would properties along the way some of them were very interesting I actually had got upgraded to a two level suite in one it was a very strange in in salt lake city but I actually used a lot of points but I used this card everywhere I went and starwood currently has a promotion that they started september first, which was the day I actually started my trip that every five days you get you get a bonus twenty five thousand miles twenty, five hundred miles there take to promotion so I was trying to stay in those hotels and starwood hotels you actually get credit towards your elite status for rewards days so I was using this cart a whole lot and I was actually trying to get miles on the way and remember the vanilla reloads I was running out of miles because I was trying to use this card to stay as many places that I could, so I have an apple the cbs app on my phone people always ask me what travel ups I use I don't really use travel app, but I have the cvs app on my phone and the office depot app on my phone because I'm addicted to gift card so a couple places along the way I stopped actually in florida, in tennessee, in missouri and in kansas I stopped and bought gift cards now I didn't need to meet the minimum spends with this card, but I bought a thousand dollars and gift cards using my starwood card because I was trying to get starwood points so I could use them for my stays along the way. So that's where I did most of my staying let's start with hotels or with friends because that was free and then miscellaneous expenses they weren't, you know there's some random things here and there I went to a couple national parks actually bought an annual park annual pass for the national parks and now they're all closed, but but it's eighty dollars for national of park annual path I used I always use this car for my miscellaneous expenses. This is the mileage plus club card from chase and this card gives you one point five, ninety miles per dollar on any expense. So this is my go to car for any of my random expenses so all of that added up give me more than eight thousand points in miles you really you can't be creative how you're using your cards for different things? I did not spend any more money than I was already going to spend, and I made it work to my advantage compared to the the first thing that you were comparing it to was twenty, five hundred miles for just the director, right? Right? Yeah. And what an adventure exactly. Which is why I was in such a need to go to jiffy lube at the end. That sort of thing one hundred more miles out of that number. But eso remind everybody stephanie, where people can find you and reach out to you with their additional questions. I am at a wandering veto on twitter w n d e r I n g z like zipper tio and my website is wandering for good dot com f o r and what can we find there on your beautiful website? My beautiful website? I have a lot of information about travel and manic kerrigan work now I think we have another challenge coming up. We have a telling kara challenge way for lunch. All right, we had steve already that's great send people away, but about blasi, how many miles you can get during the lunch break, right, right. So you had to get five hundred earlier. Did anybody actually get five hundred? No, we had, like a quick little break. Every hand is up that's. How I know you have, like, a little bit longer for less break if you're interested in credit cards again, cars for travel. Dot com is our site. If you don't want to visit our side, of course, you can learn that information, other places as well.

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