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Bonus Video: Project for Travel Photography

Hi, my name is andy katz, and this is a project for travel photography, and one thing that I like to do is a lot of times when you're traveling in a lot of times, I traveled pretty extensive areas takes a long time to get there, I find a place that I really, really like, and a lot of times people go to an area and they have itineraries, and they've got to leave the next day. My suggestion to you is to keep your itinerary really, really open don't have a day here two days here, because you might find a place you didn't think was going to that great, and all of a sudden, this is gonna be a winner. This is a phenomenal spot, so my exercise for you exercise a project is when you do find a place that you really, really like, wake up early in the morning, go to that area and do that for three days in a row, and I think you'll find it's amazing that in those three days you'll find such a difference. You also, but the very comfortable about being in that particular spot, and your photography w...

ill really, really expand and it's a great exercise, because you can use that for a lot of things, you can use it for evening light, the one thing that I they encourage you, is that when you find a place that's wonderful, it's, hard enough to find a great photograph and have their all the elements ready for you to do, do and use, and with a light, et cetera. If you do find one, really, use that area lot. So instead of scene at once, going, go back and go back again. Try going back if you have time. Three different times, same spot, same area that you love, that people will be different. The light will always be different, even though if you're there at the same time, I guarantee you're going to find different images. And probably out of those three days, you'll find images that will surprise you.

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Get ready to travel around the world! Using hundreds of images from his action-packed career, award-winning photographer Andy Katz will teach you how to improve your on-location photography skills and storytelling ability.

Andy will cover capturing beautiful images of people in their natural environment, scouting out the perfect locations, and break down all of travel photography’s dos and don’ts.