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Understanding Light & Light Modifiers

Mark Wallace

Understanding Light & Light Modifiers

Mark Wallace

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Class Description


  • Describe light using common lighting vocabulary.
  • Create your own lighting styles.
  • Build lighting setups with confidence.
  • Replicate lighting from images that inspire you.
  • Build your light modifier toolbox.


What’s the difference between a large silver umbrella and a small softbox? Why use a grid? How do you control light spill? What does it mean to shape light? Mark answers all these questions as he breaks downlight in easy-to-understand terms. Mark steps through the principles of light step by step. After explaining each principle of light, he applies it to specific modifiers.

The direction of light, contrast, form, shape, The Inverse Square Law, The Angle of Incidence and Reflection, soft light, hard light, Effective Size, color temperature, Dynamic Range, and more. Once you understand these principles you’ll understand the size, shape, and surfaces of each light modifier and how to use them most effectively. This class is jam-packed and perfect for every level of a studio photographer.


  • Beginner to Intermediate portrait photographers
  • Portrait Photographers who work in the studio
  • Anyone looking to add more lighting gear to their toolbox
  • Photographers looking to expand their lighting options


Adobe Photoshop CC 2021
Adobe Lightroom Classic 2021


Mark Wallace is a photographer based in the United States. Best known for his web-based video series Digital Photography One on One and Exploring Photography sponsored by Adorama.

Millions of people have watched Mark's videos on YouTube, and the numbers continue to grow. Mark has a solid social media following on Facebook and Twitter, where he spends time ng with viewers and workshop attendees.

In 2014, Mark left the United States to embark on a 2-year worldwide adventure. He visited 28 countries and captured thousands of unique photographs across the globe.

In 2016 Mark decided to give up planes, trains, and automobiles and is now exploring the world on his motorcycle.

Class Materials

Bonus Materials with Purchase

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Frio Grasp Mini Discount.pdf
Pop Quiz.pdf
Sample Photos for Pop
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Tether Tools Starter Kit Discount.pdf
Understanding Light and Modifiers-presentation.pdf

Ratings and Reviews


Wow, Impressive with lots of information on light modifiers. Lots of variations of use and the bonus material. Mark is very good as a teacher. Glad I purchased the subscription plan so I can see the other Mark Wallace classes. Now to go to work and use the information.


I've heard much of this before, but this class really does a good job explaining and demonstrating the principles and techniques it covers. Mark is certainly quite knowledgeable, and he makes the material accessible and easy to grasp. It does cover quite a lot of ground, and while others may go into more detail, I think this class is great for building a good foundation.

Randy Milliron

Mark is simply AH-MAZING! If I was more of a photographer and not a videographer, I would definitely buy this class. I've learned so much about lighting which will help me with my YouTube Studio setup. He is obviously very knowledgeable. I am such a novice at photography I didn't even know what the light meter was used for. LOL. If you are a photographer you HAVE TO take this class.

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