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Bridal Party Portraits

So I'm thinking the bridal party shots and let's grab a cup of tea yeah what a sandwich that we're not going theo you know for sure thank you so you let's put the chairs back to where they work yeah hey, we're good right there you see how the heck did this come out there you obviously what it's like now let's let's let's figure it out together we'll do a little editorial style thing I mean I liked you right having her in him maybe there in the corner than the narc on all the girls want to be like separate from them over here yeah yeah alright alright uh sorry love you think you're doing all right all right, check it out gentlemen gentlemen and lady here we go we're going to do the formal stuff I throw twists on these things so I need the two of you this way task task I need you here just like this, right, doll sweet woman love of his life do you mean I need a little see what I'm doing okay, right? And then you guys I mean you're already doing pretty much what I want you guys to do it w...

anted to be somebody casual maybe so you know it, check it out over here unbutton your jackets look quickly something right so check this out this way love this this's g q shoot come on seriously all right I need one gentleman right here hands in pockets jacket apart just like this where's the best man dude maybe you broke like this I need the next I need the next gentleman on his shoulder with the little attitude as well this guy with the shades dude, I dig those shades man I'm thinking you're here you go bring it up bring it up bring it up sit right here that's what I'm talking about yeah don't fall here you good all right so I need your here stand up yeah hand and right hand pocket and maybe you can kind of if you want to make sure he doesn't go anywhere I need one more guy right here maybe from the side like I gotta like where you're at except maybe you can sit right here on the that you're in the background yeah I'm thinking you're over there liar hang on don't move I'm talking right here yeah let me see it let me see it flies it looking how's it looking alright alright alright right between the bride and groom right okay hang on a sec backs all right if the no he's not he's good right there once I'm button the jacket adam I like it with the shades and all to this guy's rocking it this is this is good this is good I like you know one of you gentlemen maybe you can put a leg on that bench just throw one yeah one of you guys do that you know I just kind of like hang out there you go that's perfect and you can move over just like where you're at yeah ah let me see you adam hands in pocket just just get relaxed just just chill out like these guys have done this for there it is there it is eyes on me eyes on me and I like that a lot right there right there right there were on it right there hey, rich yes you want to do this do you know how long I like this though saying that your last good so I'm gonna have to scoot you guys over so you left all right everyone looking at me and all right let me see you guys right here please that's it I think that's pretty awesome yeah yeah don't worry about it. All right, so maybe ten test can you put your hand back open up to us a little bit turn your shoulder stories it's just a little there you go that's it all right, so we're gonna do a smiley kind of a formal shot right? Because we want people this is a happy occasion I know, I know all right, so do it again so do it again do it again follow the lady were smiling right now just like that that's what I'm talking about right there and you got attitude girl I like it go rich that is really good. Well, that was we're going to get the two of them kissing can I have you sir go over the end it by the cops know not you kiss her good try though do you go to the end by two column and we're gonna have you two get closer ok? All right, so wait while they're kissing you guys air straight on the cameras you don't even paying attention to what they're doing they're just doing something a little more going to do that and what were you thinking leaving love moving towards test more lean against him that's why I want you to just like lean against the column that's perfect. Okay, let me see you guys. All right everybody looking seriously at me while they're kissing right? Okay, you guys kiss do it that's what I'm talking about I like that you gotta keep going with it. Yeah grab that shot going with it. Give me another smooch, let's go give it put your hands around him, put your hands around him julia put your hands around him, grabbed the guy there you got that awesome. You know what I'm gonna do one more while you guys are in position stand there and do one more I got it over here if I can get the angle yeah it's not really love this guy he's working the camera you guys are good ah you guys kiss again for second really quickly thank you. Okay, now get a room come on where's rich yeah I mean we're going we got so many ladies we'll bring the ladies in with this now that they are everyone stay there bridesmaids we have all the bridesmaids in please right? All right, well pull it so I think first we're just gonna have you guys find a spot in here we'll reposition who was necessary who's the maid of honor do we owe I think the best thing that used to have two gentlemen sit so I don't have the lady standing there uh, yeah, yeah and let the ladies you can sit if you can wrap your legs around the horse inside so what this guy's doing going set and turn like you? I just want to make sure I can see the ladies and I know we got to make sure the ladies are going to be lit up at all you know I am going on they want to be in the front mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm yeah, ladies need to be in the front please to re just stagger them like ladies and guys kind of all right here's what we're gonna do excuse me everybody's going to be up against this you guys stay where you are and then let's kind of stagger women with the guys and we'll find a spot and yeah that's good she's gonna be there but let's make sure that it's kind of guy girl girl we're gonna mix it up a little you know? So go ahead on in ladies and I'll find a spot that's exactly going through was that a catch he can stay up as long as they stay up there how's it looking joe yeah staggered is good just like that it's perfect he's got that's got general idea is the closer to the front though with less dark you'll be so you should probably as close squeezed up to the edge is you can be you get on in there all right so then we'll no no I'm not shooting it from here we're going to do from out there I'm just helping you get your facing out face out to joe I'm going to go down there without falling already yes sir how's it looking come here, come here second yes, I want to fill her out she's like in the centre's she's yeah, so I want to put the a gentleman in from way switch the two of you guys let's have the thought that guns up I got this and you're going to go just a little joe's got it that's it you gonna weigh in front your slightly behind watch this watch exactly be broadly in front of yeah that's what I'm talking about that grate a little bit right there all right and you serve that's a perfect your great sweetheart you look good you look good you look hilarious so the shades so you guys are a little clustered in here so let's have well you got to do something good shop let's have you go right here so I was there and you on the other side in between the lady oh yeah yeah yeah that's it come on that's it that now young man either with or without those glasses I say without right now but I love you though you're like hot with those glasses man that's cool or something just so it's not I know luce I know lucy I know all right all right lucy all right all right here we go she's like dude that's perfect lucy that's perfect that's perfect that's perfect you look great that's great right here everybody on me right now looking this way looking this way right now that's nice that your good smiles good smile all you want right now I like it rich ready yeah ready jump everyone looking right here please that's good lucy's got it she knows what's up hold on let me see let me do a couple more really quick okay while everybody's looking I want a couple of kiss you guys lived right here don't talk I love you though lucy got a girl I like it alright lovely formal all right that was a nice formal it's a nice shot of you guys yea all right um now we need to do one with just the bridesmaids and the guys get out of here. The guys have done way punkin where's lissy what they what is going on your way I like this I like this should we just leave it like this? This looks really fantastic. Yeah, so here's what I'm gonna do with ok so I know a little chill and we're good to go so so so so hang on saying if you come towards me a little bit more now do me a favor doll lean on his shoulder now I'm talking about with your arm up that's what I'm talking about and now lower the bouquet it's like almost on the banister if you want to like keep it there yes we'll pull you stand up if you stay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's a little more formal italy lucy hey so hi lucy what's going on thinking what I'm thinking chili is that your outside so why don't you run it through his arm hook your arm test. Yeah, I like that that's that's it that's it just like that. Just like that. Perfect. All right, let me see this. Oh, yeah. Okay, me really fast while she's there. Right here, right here, ladies. Ladies, all of you, all of you that's it light right here. Lucy sees the car. All right, that was nice. Let's see? Yeah, baby. That's it. You got a girl? Uh oh. That was funny. You let me do one more really quick. You guys heading out, ladies do along lands very all right. Here we go. Food um us right here. Hey, lucy, you khun see, may I know you can one and a two and she's over it and I know lucy look at the rabbits. Perfect. Thanks. Yeah. Um uh, well, all right. So what we need to dio julia, you want a bridesmaid maid of honor rather and best man shot with the two of you. I know what that absolute let's do the three of you in the matron and made we're going to do it down here and I think we should shoot this way because this will be actually just really cool I'm gonna leave you alone, I'm resting so other ladies, I guess going so right did wen right around you man good right there you'll being you might need I'm sorry I'm not up there but you might need to move the chair out of that don't work too hard thats what you in the middle of the right way you know what is really nice very nice. So you got this rich yeah, I do. Okay, no, I gotta change lenses listen better it is you know, it doesn't matter to me a nikon was just is good, but I'm so used to things now that I don't even think about it. Yeah, I just don't think about anything hey, I should mostly everything in p mode so great like that over right when we're ready that's it so I will hit buttons on out sitting about and having to return to what did I do? Right? Because it's so like you guys are good shot, it would be possible to get maybe get us a couple of pictures with the intestines and umbrellas something you we don't we'll totally do it. We'd love to do that on you probably don't but you know it's not going to get ruined joe she wants to do a couple umbrella shots out in the rain but she's worried about the dress but like where can we go in? We could there's a path over there with the let's go this way here yeah that little pathway over there's really cute right no bench yeah and you can even have this flame yeah I'm looking right here right here yeah yeah so have them walking like right down here and she with the long lens you have got it all right here we go so where's the umbrellas have nice umbrellas for them what? How about one my white one that I'm using for flash is it ok he's right here okay oh yeah I'm just gonna let them use the white umbrella its a little gross let them use it let me see what it looks like when you have it well let me see let me see how this looks yeah let's let's not because now it's no, not so little ugly it's okay if it's let's see what the angle does so what we need to clean it up yeah, yeah it's pouring again waken do it if you want all I need you to do is walk on this grass you have to grab just back towards the yeah you can do it so here's let me let me scripted for you ready sweetness on the edge of this grass you're just gonna walk and then down that little slope and that's it because I'm gonna use the trees as a something that cover us well and hillary should come with me watch this cable should my sister come with you yes you can and you hold address off the one side yeah be on this side of her right and and what I want you to do is be close to her so I can see you as well but I want to see you holding the dress like your arms behind their long linus yeah actually he'll be on the dirt line you're next to him in the grass and then she's next to you got it and I'm going as far as you're going right past allege and then you're gonna come back around okay okay what what you're good my hair will grow more okay? Okay let me see her don't love moving what? Yeah, there you go there you know she got it okay walk ok, now come back it's okay, just turn around yeah yeah you can do it ready and happy you have to work or whatever got it that's good got it but I was first so you maybe yeah, well, you know it's like pouring rain well yeah yeah, I know my camera's soaking wet so is it nikon better now? Is that what you said is waterproof water? This is water proof I think it probably all right look, it look kind of cool right so precious right little environment that's beautiful now you guys did good I love that

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Learn everything you need to know about telling a gorgeous wedding story from start to finish using photojournalism techniques. Award-winning photographer Joe Buissink will guide you through the process as he shoots a longtime creativeLIVE employee’s real wedding, live and in real time.

This three-and-a-half day course will begin with Joe posing, lighting, and shooting every step of this creativeLIVE family wedding — right before your eyes. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch Joe’s unique style in action as he deftly captures the portraits his client expects while still documenting the overall chorus of emotion throughout the day.

After the newlyweds head off to their honeymoon, Joe will explain why he made certain lighting, posing, and angle choices during the ceremony. You’ll learn his techniques, workflow, and on-the-fly tricks for dealing with unexpected developments. This intimate, interactive experience will invite you into the creativeLIVE family and empower you to photograph weddings with the eye of a photojournalist