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  • Creating a Responsive Website with Wordpress

    Brian Wood

  • Creating eBooks & Interactive PDFs

    Jason Hoppe

  • Adobe® After Effects® Creative Cloud® Starter Kit

    Jeff Foster

  • Website Planning and Wireframing

    Alexandra Moran

  • Create Websites with Dreamweaver

    Melissa Piccone

  • Using Color in Home Design

    Tobi Fairley

  • Drawing Fundamentals: Perspective and Angle

    Amy Wynne

  • File Formats Explained: Everything You Need to Know

    Jason Hoppe

  • Pen Tool in Illustrator

    Jason Hoppe

  • Get The Design Job You Want

    Ram Castillo

  • Invitations in Photoshop

    Khara Plicanic

  • Designing Graphic T-Shirts

    Brandon Rike

  • Logo Design in Photoshop the Right Way

    Jason Hoppe

  • Fashion Design: Start to Finish

    Jay Calderin

  • Building a Brand Book: When, Why, & How

    Josh Silverman

  • Function-Driven Interior Design

    Tobi Fairley

  • Drawing Fundamentals: Cross Contour Lines and Ellipses

    Amy Wynne

  • Graphic Design Fundamentals: Color

    Timothy Samara

  • A Designer’s Intro to HTML and CSS

    Chris Converse

  • Greeting Cards in Photoshop

    Khara Plicanic

  • Drawing Fundamentals: Tonality and Shadows

    Amy Wynne

  • What's Your Home Design Personality?

    Tobi Fairley

  • How to Design a Proposal

    Arianna Orland

  • Advanced Typography: Fine Tuning and Finessing

    Ilene Strizver

  • Creating Your First Web Page (with code!)

    Chris Converse

  • Logo Design: Wordmarks

    Michael Stinson

  • Pattern Design: From Hand to Screen to Surface

    Molly Hatch

  • Intro to After Effects for Designers

    Chris Converse

  • Social Media and Web Graphics Made Easy

    Erica Gamet

  • Drawing Hacks in Illustrator® CC for Non-Artists

    Erica Gamet

  • Design Your First Newsletter with InDesign® CC

    Erica Gamet

  • 28 to Make

    Kate Bingaman-Burt

    Erik Marinovich

    Ryan Putnam

    Lara McCormick

  • Icon Design with Sketch

    Peter Nowell

  • Interaction Design

    Jamal Nichols

  • Create 3D Objects From Scratch Using Photoshop®

    Jesús Ramirez

  • Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop

    Chris Piascik