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Cutting Out an Image

Lesson 6 from: 10 Tools Every Beginner Needs in Photoshop

Colin Smith

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Lesson Info

6. Cutting Out an Image

Lesson Info

Cutting Out an Image

number one. Most Krista thing ever in the history of photo shop is how do you cut out a photo? Everybody wants to know. And there's many ways of doing it. So the way I'm going to do it today as I'm going to show you the most modern tools instead of photo shop and this is the quick selectable and I'm just gonna go over the quick select. I'm just gonna quickly finding around the edges, the room from the dumb, tough get the lips. Actually, that men do that I can show you a tip is a tip when you were going with the quick selectable and sometimes it's hard. Those are marching ants. There's little buddy things, and it's hard to see where you got the marching ants and you don't The tip here is the Q. T Q for Quick Mosque, and I can see this, um, red there on her lips. And I just get you back to a selection, which means I forgot to select the lips. Now here's another tip. Bonus tip. I notice. When I did that, we went in here. That's red because it's ruble it. Remember? I talked about the first...

get earlier on. That's what color is the first gets are. Um, but if we were to double things, you can see it. DoubleClick. We can change the color of it. What did I do there again? Quick mask. This is the quick mask here. Double click on that brings up the options. So we're gonna change the master killer to say yellow. Okay? And now we can easily see those red areas because their lips were reds. You might not have really noticed that before when you're cutting out skin tones reds a horrible color to use because every skin tone has red in it. So that's why I used green screen, you know, because most people don't have green skin. All right, so let's go back to the queue for Quick Mosque. And if I grab my quick, select burst and just doing here and make sure that I grabbed everything all right, we got it. Not there's a nail there, too. All right, So the other thing about that two is just to let you know if you're using a welcome tablet, you have pressure sensitivity, which means that when you press hard, you can change the dynamics of how different tools were from Photoshopped. There's something different tools that a pressure sensitive in photo shop. One of them is this. So if you see success size pen pressure, that means if I push really hard, it's gonna be doing a big, greedy selection. If I person really like you can do like single hairs and be very, very finely detailed. All right, so once we've selected it, the next thing we want to do is get it's like the mosque. So let me click on Select the mosque. Here we go into the select A mosque workspace. This is what this is known as the official name. There's a transparency. You can see this is what it looks like. And what do we have selected Helmet here. We've got some serious helmet hair getting around here. So how do we remove helmet here? Simple. Grab this little Harry brush. It even shows here. And we could rabbit. We just go around the edge of the here. Just kind of go around here, uh, all the way down like a bits in here. Might wanna give bits in there. Noticed. Push up is re calculating the whole thing. And then what we want to do is go down to the output to we want to do a well new mask, new layer with a layer mask. Always working lamb asks if you can. Okay, so we got to do that and then click. OK? And in bingo, we got it. You know, landmass, shifty shows and hides a layer mask. Option key shows the mosque. Okay. Now I want to combine it with the other image. Awesome. Grab it, drag it into the other image and book. Cut it up. There's a little edge around this at the edge. Sometimes that happens, and you describe a black brush and just go there and I have to do it doesn't work if you don't do this in effect, and then we do that. So that's basically the basic steps and cutting someone out. Yes, there are many ways of doing it. And I could do a three day class just on cutting things out. Um, but that's the basics of how we do that.

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Colin is a Photoshop expert and shares answers to the top ten questions he's been asked, it was a great class!​


I really liked this class and enjoy Colin's teaching style. No, it's not the first course you do if you've never touched Photoshop, but it's a class that helps you to think about how to use the software non-destructively, efficiently and creatively once you're familiar with the basics. He crams a lot of wisdom and gems in each lesson from the perspective of someone who's used Photoshop from the very first version.

Rakhim R

Just watched the Live Class of this course, and it is by far the most entertaining and interesting class. There is no time for anything except to learn learn learn, Colin is a great instructor, he answered so many of my questions about Photoshop and explained every feature thoroughly (without losing my attention, mind). Thank you very very much!

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