10 Tools Every Beginner Needs in Photoshop®


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Cutting Out an Image

For people just starting out in Photoshop®, the amount of panels and menus can seem as intimidating as the cockpit of a jumbo jet. Join Colin Smith as he shows you the the top 10 tools to focus on. If you learn these tools, you will be up and running and able to handle most Photoshop® tasks right away. This is an easy-to-follow way to start creating beautiful imagery!

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Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.1.1



  • Colin is a Photoshop expert and shares answers to the top ten questions he's been asked, it was a great class!​
  • Just watched the Live Class of this course, and it is by far the most entertaining and interesting class. There is no time for anything except to learn learn learn, Colin is a great instructor, he answered so many of my questions about Photoshop and explained every feature thoroughly (without losing my attention, mind). Thank you very very much!
  • I was really looking forward to this class, I am very new to PS and this class seemed like the right class for me, but the lessons are so short I'm left with more questions than before, the lesson about cloning and healing last less than 2 minutes, really? Collin mumbles a lot so it's hard to understand. I think it could be better.