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Using Triangles: Zig Zag

What if you want to do something different with your half square triangles what you could make his exact and so let me show you how to do that because I want to make sure I get to the stars because um I don't want tio wanted cliche would be to say I think that they are the stars but I do kind of think that um I'm going to make I'm going to start by making another two um so it'll make a total of four but it will be two pieces of fabric to squares that are right sides together and I'll just go ahead since I'm going to chain pieces I'm going to go ahead and mark that well diagonal line down the middle okay all right so if you're going to change it helps to bring both over kidding aside okay so how he's always got lost tio no that's right what you putting together and if the corners don't ask you whether sooner the corners match and then whatever spaces left over essentially you put a piece of fabric and I think that's it looks to me like you've got almost perfect square so you wouldn't ne...

ed to see steps those two along with generate you goingto join every one of you whichever is you decide then you sit still too is and then when you finish it's whether you have a space all right so I have another two half square triangles cut and ready to be pressed e you know what when I first started tio be interested in sewing I didn't have a machine so I did hand so like a handsome did a shirt um there was a really long, arduous process e I don't know that I love the shirt that much it was ok but it's you know it's a u s o I I didn't want anything that was enough I don't think I'm sure it's not true now because I think so machine technology has moved on so much I do remember my mother used to say that hanson was far more reliable on machine sewing I don't see how I have never started but on my grandmother agrees to agree and say oh yeah absolutely and so it was best but I'm sure I don't want to disagree with your mother and your grandmother and everything but I think now the technologies change so much I think it must be the other way around I know yeah I'm not familiar with what sewing machines used to be like but I will say that you know I mean when you hand sew something your stitches air naturally further apart you're a person and they're going to be this of this more of a gap in between the stitches where there's a gap there is a place where you know stitches could you know, eventually work their way apart from myself yeah, I mean but a machine you could set it to so really, really close, so I don't know um but it's possible that both your mother and your grandmother was such amazing seem to show the way they could mimic a machine happen wonder you know, you hear a commercial on television for, like, hand dipped ice cream, you know, does it? So if if a machine scoop my ice cream out wouldn't really taste anything dipping their hand and skipping, I don't know you actually had a course here creative a couple of weeks ago actually was last week where they were saying that handcrafted became a staple of the tagline to everything because it just sounded better. Yeah, there's no way it was handcrafted, but it just but people were more interesting buying that than anything else the grave handcrafted soap was was something that became there I can see some of those things being, you know, because they what they mean is I think what they mean is something that individually crafted it's not mass produced, that kind of thing. I would just say that I'm comfortable with my ice cream being mass produced, you know? Well, I worked in an ice cream store when I was a teenager, he wouldn't have wanted me handcraft trust me, ok, so I've got to er two pairs one that I already sewed together ah and this is this is for these zigzags and you have to be careful about how you put the second one together otherwise it doesn't make this exact that already learned so that one has to go this way and this way that's how you make his exact um so I could go ahead and add a little bit here so that down the road I I should actually should so these two together and then I'll see what needs to be added um and you know so you could make a zigzag across this way you could make a row of them you don't have to make them in a block or you could make them like I did which was in a block or you could even make you know a row going this way and then connect another I mean if you want to say you have ah bed size quality could have a you know, a big row a road that maybe went um you know what say a twin quilt is you know, eighty five inches or eighty inches from top to bottom so you know a road that measured that long jimmy how you doing your square yet lou making your way got the red in the way iran is rational quite I'm trying to do something like this yeah in the middle of that to color love thee I'll go well sarah you have your second scare now yeah, I was trying to make the bigs like but I cut it off personally I wouldn't take it apart because of that you want to be perfect and yes go for it now I love the message I'm really messy but my sewing his needs I actually have a question about being messy coming from the online audience and they were asking malka germany tips for keeping your workspace organized while working on detail designs like this uh hire professional tio clean up after yourself no, um if I think the province of a tip is whether or not you actually use it on dh I should you know, if you saw what my face looks like you wouldn't ask me for any tip ah, a similar question that she's also coming about scrap management and how you organize this much this much fabric yeah gosh, uh I have a friend he's actually gonna be teaching a class here at creative live in a few weeks. Cheryl are kison and she teaches a great workshop on scrap management but I my management technique is pretty much just make piles or make baskets I would like to say that I make I used to have this dream that I would make like allred's all greens you know, and it's it's a nice idea but I can never find anything that you know I have a pretty good memory of where stuff is um so you know, having said that I can't tell you how many times I've gone through a basket and said, wow, I didn't remember that I own that um and which is kind of nice you know? It's kind of like a nice little treat um so I you know, just uh my month policies don't let it bother you too much um and I'll tell you the one thing I do like so I used to have studio space where before I could get to my bedroom I had to walk through my studio space and that just made me insane because it was a mess and then I'm supposed to go to my bedroom and you know, go to bathroom it's too hard now I have a door I have a separate room and it's a door and I'd like to shut that door so that's that's my scrap management advice shut the door that works I tell you what, I don't have those a huge stash of fabrics um I'm not likely to go to a store and just buy a whole lot of fabric that I don't have any plan for starting and I think that that's probably what makes it a little bit more manageable is that the I have to I have to deal with little pieces I don't have to deal with endless yards that I I thought and I don't know what I'm going to do it so I guess it's just volume there that makes good sense all right so I've got one little zigzag block going and I can decide what to do about this point I probably will probably will trim it off some and I'm going to go ahead and make at least one more maybe maybe all four before I get into the the star so yeah I'll just use some more of my oh I'm done with my pre cut ones so I'll go ahead and cut some more squares of the black has already have some out of the white and again when you cut the squares they don't have to pick the exact toll do they now if you come this way but they're not exact there they're just what they are I think it's a great thing yeah I have to my triangles what with the magic secret to make the points me or when you should add the fabric um was there a secret sauce? Well so what you want to do is make sure that at that end that in point they are yes they are a quarter inch from the raw edge okay, so you can just I that you've have enough experience sewing to just see what a court and trim that according to them they will meet yes ok yes good all right that's enough for now how are students doing johnny how are you keeping him? I received on the other way around that's really cool by mr you know it's a good mistake yeah, the accident that's great that's really cool and alison, how are you doing? Good. I got a bunch of really wonky black and white triangle blocks I am embracing it and embrace the work in this area since we really think I think I'm in raising one penis as well so all over the place walking way like yeah and how if you got your I'm gonna block here I did go to europe but it's not well in this very wonky it's no one you know that I can see it's pretty but peter means well actually that's really cool it's tough, you know, with something like this you could you could so easily make this like, really, really huge, you know, do you take a piece of black fabric that's you know, like this big and another piece of white fabric that's like this big, you know, with this big being a very accurate measurements and you so it just like we've been sewing and now you got to huge triangles, you know, so you can really kind of super size this concept so easily this this exact the pinwheels, the stars um yeah, I mean, it really lends itself to being kind of in large and that enlargement is is I think it just really makes him look even mohr kind of dramatic but contemporary that really bulky scene that happens in the center you could press that seem open if you want, so pull the two sides of the same apart and present opening a lay flat they also snipped but that was when it's curved when you got a curve seem if you if you clip the curves a little bit you takes him that stress away doesn't work well on the street well, you don't need to take engineers saying you know you made a wedding dress was that your own money address a couple decades ago that's still a huge ambitious problems going to ask him? Well then if you made something similar to that you know yes, just one of a kind aren't you slap pictures of that? I think you need teo on bring them in and put them in our gallery weii driving again do you remember the dress of the guy? Which one is it? Oh, I forgot about the guy that like me, I think the last time we saw you for ah from that the shot in south africa and film yes on international waters something in canada toronto congratulations. You want a canadian oscar well, I didn't mean it, but that movie chicken run. Oh, chicken here. Yeah, the dress was using it in a church. Wow, congratulation long time ago, doesn't. It doesn't matter. At my time of life, everything is a long time ago.

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Custom quilts are the kind of heirloom craft everyone longs to create, but stitching together a unique pattern can be seriously overwhelming. In 10 Ways to Love Improvisational Quilting, Malka Dubrawsky will introduce you to new forms of quilting — with fresh color combinations, techniques, and patterns.

Malka will get you started by showing you how to cut and create a simple log cabin nine-patch block. You’ll learn how to incorporate triangles, pinwheels, and curves into your designs to make them more versatile. You’ll build the skills needed to take any quilt block (and even other patterns, like wallpaper or a painting) and deconstruct it so you can create something similar.

If you want to create bold and memorable quilts and learn new ways to express your creative style through quilting, this course is for you.


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Another great class. I love the approach that encourages spontaneity and decision-making throughout the process! I was not at all put off by Malka's speaking style -- I found her informative, articulate, thoughtful and funny. I would, however, have appreciated much less time watching her sew, although I realize she likely did that in this class to allow her in-person students to have time as well. A bit tedious, however, when it's not live or you're not sewing along. I loved the idea from another reviewer to have samples of Malka's quilts hanging in the studio throughout all the sessions so we could refer to a finished piece that demonstrated the skill she was teaching. I would recommend this course to anyone who loves quilting or wants to learn.