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Outro from Jason

Lesson 15 from: A Complete Guide to Color in Adobe Illustrator

Jason Hoppe

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Lesson Info

15. Outro from Jason

Lesson Info

Outro from Jason

I wanted to say thank you for joining me through this entire video, Siris of color and illustrator. I hope that it was insightful and informative and that you learned a lot from everything that you've been shown here. And hopefully it clarified a lot of things about color and illustrator that you didn't know before and also opened up your mind to other things that adobe conduce with color and not just in illustrator, but how you can share these colors and other adobe applications as well. So if you want to know more about these videos that I do, you can also join me on Creative Live with all the other topics that I've done before. Illustrator Photoshop in Design and Acrobat. And you can also check me out on the Web at Jason Hoppy. Com. Thanks for coming...

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Paula Ayers

Well taught and super useful. Will be looking at his other classes.

Nelson Mueller

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