Newborn Shoot 4: Ellis


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Newborn Shoot 4: Ellis

Hi this is elis wanted a great name for a little boy we've had some great names this week for little because of fear and all of you know all the old fashion yeah eyes lovely how old is it out of your fist yes you get traction so anyone trying rachel rachel and talk tom perfect baby yes half going it's going good yeah retired but we're really just yeah yeah the older they get the easier it becomes and the less you have to carry that's encouraging thank you. Such a little tiny person yeah, I see these baby strollers walking around the streets in there like home entertainment units you know with all this stuff and it never ceases to amaze me that people get out of the house yeah, but coming here I want to show you what we're doing my just stay so this is this is dawn you have met rachel anton we've got a dish here which is all suffering pattern and this dish is bolted although I threw into this wooden box and the wooden boxes bolted all way through onto this plexiglass table rock solid bu...

t I always like to explain that and it just needs to be so I think I'm just coming yeah, like that guarantees yeah and so all you need to do a sit there and relax and you'll be out to see him jonah standing right next to him and you're going to see the image on the screen well when he is asleep um so his hagerstown listen yeah it's no longer drink uh yeah sickness and you know they say we turned it around that's it I don't know that's going to have a spot of trouble is they're shocking do you want to strike? Yeah I thought was quite just slightly off okay, you know that's tricky little realistic yeah that's true way realism right? I think that a compliment so gender we decide on the hit they think I'm just maybe that said that attach the entire life a little bit like way down way but if it's about the booth look, if we're going to tell patty you don't want them going to light our way through done a few bits for our other that's playing someone else you can do it do it for mommy and daddy and anti an anti dorn jonah no pressure always perfect skin color good boy got it stopped yeah that's just the way his tie's put under his tongue for you to just cost him in the back way, way, way, way, way yes it's kind of just gonna put that just way scare topping on germany in a way tell miss in the firing way tell miss my human boyle spice is gonna have to come with a bounce right way so I can see the dish you go you can have that job given a young artist nature tried used to being in it and I can see the dish you don't get my hands on way going very accommodating but this this year doneness way way back finally looking just covered you just just it's just in front of one another right that's ok I take it of who's now that's right this's just for you to check my scythe lift your hand off the top kill notice I don't need to hold his head on this one and it needs to come up around where is hideous storm consider that's nice that's lovely don't just she could just do that jim yeah that's nice just hold it jonah it's not like you're back from the life will be smooth just just in front of the spice way going that way and there's a bit hanging underneath you get rid of that little bit of respect would be really pretty just one yeah that's nice protection just when you come around this this nice let me do that watch out of the night tell me if you can just near spice you can see a little bit of that um ok guys you can go yeah she's just sixteen days of covering vice who cover the additional and diet of cos I don't mind a little bit over spicing things got pretty lucky snus holding so do you moved going way it's like it's been poured in jonah if you move your arm up higher so or lower so we get the age you know two ages where your armies you holding some of that phone yeah melding let's see if don can not have you hold up as a bonus you finish what you're doing and then way absolutely way defense system what's gonna hold on just hold on right miju like john wayne was a pretty smooth which her hand would be easy to take out a couple more what can you build it up at the back yet sort of the bank because I love a bit in the middle way smooth that's nice if it's the rates a little bit more and we'll get that wait at the bottom yeah that's ugly and it's come up around his head it's just kind of fallen down and see the dish yeah that's better that's nice yeah put some type on it doesn't stick ok that's cool good some reason it doesn't seem to stick can you get rid of the bit of the booth? A bit of a luxury he's, right? I don't know fiddle around good point what you guys got him in there if you want with it camera now that is yeah, you gotta wear a flower luxurious so is fine it's good it's just you know it's a shame to get him out take that you are doing one yeah come around the front right well he's just stunning wait let me get one with the other camera too just to be really annoying in order through it pretty don't this's going it's really pretty from yeah quite a wave to the camera completely to the froth camera can you just put your hands up and go to the back of a look that's nice let's just yeah let's get that going to take you right jonah swan said all right yeah that's lovely his north so what now I put it right not just chance I just got his little here way want to stuff like that that will do it that's not doing any of this out but is it okay e any of this do you wanna go on? I saw on that smooth different purposes good boy royal has a thing for matches are beautiful nasty john say that secret weapon worked right? I have just written here stop admiring bythe here is good it's a job and you really want that it's really nice to meet you teo you just talked about tonight. Yeah, you no it's pretty yeah that's still plate yeah uh back played all it's too okay let's choose what we're gonna so these are all the focus going towards the end yeah that's just pretty and he's his face and the pedals are focused way so that's we don't need to fight no we don't you know that's great this is okay tio that's yeah yeah wait yeah we could really get close on the pedals and okay so we'll put the my final greece quite water has been tested and I was thinking when I was shooting yeah it's interesting to point out down to everybody how much work's going before this let's do that again because people maybe are just tuning in and all of that here yeah um you know by the time I get to photographing here with these babies there's bean hours and hours and hours a days have work really on dh planning and everything for most of my shoots and we didn't plan for this but you know I pulled the different colors ongoing last way can shed a little just fine now yeah now that they'll come together correct so you finish for the conditions over us so it's mother's day yeah you have a blank slate yeah mother's day so I thought well you know I didn't want to go in and obvious direction but flowers are really beautiful for mothers stay and everybody likes to keep their mother a bunch of flowers I mean it's just the most logical thing and I've been known for images of my baby's in flowers over the years one of the flowers that have never every photo after baby in before is a carnation because I always respectful connections and a lot of people think that about them but when you're actually because they so ubiquitous right? I think you know, I know I agree yeah and in australia and new zealand for instance said that had bunches of conditions with baby's breath chips software yeah, I'll move in cellophane at at every service session you and every store and everything and so I just kind of put this you know, um if I cannot tell you a funny little story back when I was doing portraiture don't all remember this don't you listen, why do the flowers recognized during portraiture, which I did for ten years in the beginning of my career? Um I used to well, it pretty much did all of it myself and this was like down backing down in the garden days so I do to port tractor morning five days away ice trying to the phone I used to dual the shoots I usedto, you know, do the siles meetings afterwards and everything people are really interested in that. Oh yeah ten years of torture was invaluable from the because it taught me how to relate to children of different ages and, you know it's difficult at the best of times too relate to a child who considers you a stranger and too do portrait you need to be a bit of a psychologist because the best reward for me for this was that appearance was when the parents would say oh my god you captured my child's personality but to get back to the connections so I used to stop on the way to the studio and get some flowers whenever I had portrait sittings because it's great tio you know, distract children and things I'd better noises to coming in I never buy carnations because I just think and everybody knew may for really not really per fearing carnation so one day one time in my ten years of portraiture this mother came in and with her two or three children I can't remember now that you know but anyway she had this bunch of carnations and she said I'll really left conditions would you on our side god this is awkward but I didn't say anything but I've photographed the babies you know their children with the carnations and so that's all good and this was in the days before digital right and you know we usedto with portrait people who are still working in portraiture today you know it's really important that you have a good term the result was selling prints and things like that you know and that for me it was very important that I was in control of the printing process because where there is black and white or color the quality was really, really important so anyway, a couple days later of the the mother came and should taken appreciate home right tio caton choose the photographs and I got a call from do they have because yes, you got the local kinko's which was next to my studio boy yeah saying oh, I don't know I don't know if you should know but there's a lady in here and she's got appreciate off some children and she's asking us to do prints off appreciate and I don't think they're going to be very good quality and also like right um I was can you tell me I didn't have no idea who that children where anything so you tell me a bit about the photograph and he said, oh there's a little girl holding carnations I went bingo oh my god, you know? So I think she must've it I called her and said up rather you didn't do that everything, but she must have been thinking she know yeah, so there were guys I've got this kind of remember that story when way yeah, but when you actually look at conditions that really, really beautiful especially what don has created a swell on based upon just for people maybe who you weren't with us when we started earlier today that you because I did see a question in our chat rooms about the backdrop and where did you buy that? Where did you find that so let's talk about the backdrop, the images as of the stems as well and how those were created right? The backdrop wave actually printed it on this fantastic it's imprinted outside. Yeah, you know, I've done two projects in the last three years one one was a big project in doha in qatar and another one was a global campaign for the prevention of sort of raising awareness of the need a cockle disease for both of those projects people want to go and have a look on my web site they'll see the beautiful backgrounds to these portrait on dh they were actually created by a watercolor artist just who paints them on to size paper on dh were skin them and for the manager cockle project and for the the project in doha wait just were printed the's the's message files on huge pieces, pieces of fabric, which is what you could do today on fabric. Yeah, on temporary wave scene we had all that folded up backgrounds here, so I've got a whole lot of them and but with these with this project and with the zodiac that I'm shooting, you know, I've just got this lovely watercolor background you can just print it on a big hits and printer and on a photo greg paper so it is mesh and bingo you got a background that is that's a one of a kind unique and you know totally totally yeah you know beckon back in the days when you know I was first starting out I just have an artist in new zealand who used to paint this massive canvases for me and it used to take forty five ways for sure and cost a lot of money but he says you don't have to do that you know it's just sometimes I think when I when I first came up with a concept of the printer and the paper I thought it was gonna work or why has anyone done that before so but it totally works it's great absolutely and that's what we've been seeing as you've been photographing the zodiac calendar for two thousand seventeen here as well on dh then and then tell me about the stems and the during those because those are not on the back job north side the stems leonie also illustrators for the conditions and so we research conditions and you know the shape of the steams and the leaves and that sort of things I wanted a nice sort of crossover between here we've got the babies in this beautiful carnations that are really old world colors to sit on on this team so it's kind of goes from this this this beautiful image of a baby that's that's in those beautiful colors down too an illustration of the steam and but it needs to lend entirely, and which is doing really well, yeah, I'm really places really exciting to see all come together. Here it is. I hear that baby number five is on its wedding. Correct, yes, lucky, not excellent, excellent, but it's, not a troublemaker.

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Mother’s Day is a celebration of the special bond between mother and child and there is no better person to capture that magic than the world’s most beloved baby photographer, Anne Geddes.

In A Mother's Day Card Shoot, you’ll watch Anne Geddes at work as she creates one of her iconic images. Moms, crafters, photographers, and fans of Anne can watch as she prepares and shoots an image that will be transformed into an unforgettable Mother’s Day card.

Anne Geddes produces one-of-a-kind images that celebrate the “beauty, purity and vulnerability of children.” In this special class, you’ll get a glimpse into how she does it.

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