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Ableton Live 9 Fast Start

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Session and Arrangement


Ableton Live 9 Fast Start

Lesson 18 of 20

Session and Arrangement


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Session and Arrangement

So now I'm going to look at moving these ideas into arrangement view and we're gonna look att editing with an arrangement view and all those different things so we talked about this before about arrangement versus session house session is very good for planning like I was just playing parts just enjoying it more like an instrument then from beginning to end and arrangement is more beginning to end it's more of a linear approach so now we're going to look at that everything we've learned that's why a teaching session beauty start because once you go to a range of view it's actually really easy as soon as you know, session arrangements very similar so there is a different work flow in arrange with you we've already talked about the advantages and disadvantages so let's just look at navigating an arrangement so let's say I have this set and I'm just going to way this scene global record so I'm just playing around and playing different parts so now that I pretty much got that hit space bar...

to stop, I mean his tab to go in between these views. So now I'm in arrangement you now we're gonna look at navigating arrangement, view and all the things we can do here now remember it's great out because we're still hearing session view, so I have to hit this button right there to snap back to arrangement now an arrangement this is kind of a new world we have a few things here we have these tracks we have how do we move around this place and navigation we're going to go over that now so first thing is how do we move around? Navigation is interesting here we have zoom in and to do this we smoothly change zoom level by click and draft drag vertical in the beat time ruler at the top arrangement you so this is a little image where you can see what I'm doing is I'm grabbing the ruler at the top and zooming in and out so I got alive all I'm doing is whenever I get that right here I press it zoom in and out and I could also move left and right so I'm just holding it pressing hold and moving left and right great well we can also do the same thing at the very top with the arrangement overview so right here this thing is designed to kind of give you a preview of what's happening with all your clips you notice that it has a lot of the colors like I'm going to just change all these colors it's had now it's all red it's just a way of kind of previewing what all these what's happening with these tracks so if I click here I could do the same thing zoom in and out it's very easy to navigate another easy way to navigate arrangement view is the follow function this is activated while you're playing it back and the arrangement view and follows the playback so you can kind of see what's happening here we have a line which is at the center and then it's just moving the track as compared to moving the line the center view so to do that let's say we resumed in here I can go optional follow and then it snaps into the middle and it goes across a lot of people really like that view because they can see what's happening so with that you can also use control shift f or command shift f depends of your mac or pc that's another way to navigate around here and we have a few other awesome things to help us. We're gonna look at that which is locators all right, so we have this track right and we can zoom in and out but we can also right up here I can right click in at a locator and I can say uh, part one part one cool and then we have that little locator and I can add it somewhere else to aiken right click add locator part two there's weird that's why ok, someone rename that port be cool you just continue to do that in these locators really help you know it's happening with your track and an awesome things you can always just press them on. It starts from that point so I can press this one starts with a question yeah, in addition to that, can you add things like just notes throughout the song like a note where a tab can open and let you know that you have a comment about some critique that you're making of yourself for an idea that you want to reflect on later uh I think let me see I haven't done this in a while um yeah if you right click you can do edit info text and that's this thing down here and now it's save you can actually edit that two parameters you can edit that two clips all sorts of things but now if I look if I put my mouse over that it says I am adding I'm editing the info so that's a great way you can make parts and then keep your info in the info text sadly there's no images there I would love for me to put images just so when I collaborate with people I could like there's instances that would be helpful but you can you can at least add text for them cool great so now we know how to move around here let's also look up and down we have different tracks so before our tracks we're going uh from top to bottom but now they're going from left to right and we have these little triangles we're shrink them so we can shrink and grow them right and then once we have a bunch regis kind of scroll up and down like that pretty easy right? Well in each one of these tracks it's very similar secession view we have the volume which is right here so we're not seeing a fader said we see this line right there which is a zero the symphony to plus six six tv that's our volume this is our bypass we have solo record pan left, right? We have sends and returns now I haven't quite gotten over sends in terms and we might have a little time when we're doing the remix thing but again I'm trying to give you the core knowledge that I can and as quick as a way as possible we also have her iose all these buttons that I've shown before right over here we have io in out we have mixer sense in returns so all that's right here makes it very easy and one of the main differences here is automation like remember before how we had envelopes well here if I want to change my volume I don't have clip envelopes well it's not what I see because if I'm doing volume changes in arrangement it's over time it's not per clip I might have a clip twenty times in a small don't want to go into each clip and get each one of those perfect so all I have to do is click a parameter then if I click I created breakpoint and I can create that volume change so like let's go with my beets I'm going to do the same thing when you click here click there and bam there's me so I can create automation in that way you'll also notice in here like a what's that click here I've got that little red dot on this and it shows what happened because remember I recorded myself moving it recorded those moving cz into arrangement view and then just drew them right in the timeline so if you ever record yourself you're gonna have all these autumn nations already done so I can probably go toe what beats yep and then I go to hear my dry wet looks like there was barely any automation there uh but my master track I'm sure there's a lot so I have this one I have that one I can see all those animations here's a quick trick this has saved me so much time okay I'm going to click to create a break point now if I click and hold shift it will go over all the other ones I know right? So one of the studio audiences gave ah nice look of you don't know how much that saved me because you'll have all these little autonation's then you're clicking your clicking or you're trying to delete it yeah just hold shift and move it great and then you can also like let's say I have this whole thing I can't just press the lead the lead that whole section if I want uh let's see what else do we got for editing? Yep okay we already clipped to record in the session be we brought over an arrangement view and now uh yeah I'm gonna look at one other thing first then we'll look between moving between so just how we've recorded in session view with media and everything like that we still it's the same thing within arrangement view I still have record aiken still set record to my I o to anything I want and it's just going to record this way as compared to in a clip that's the only difference so a lot of this stuff is very intuitive it's if you figured out in session for you, you're going to get it in arrangement no problem um but what's there's another this is a huge tip for you guys I love this this whole section I don't want once if I could just get rid of that whole section you go to options no it's ah edit cut time cuts that time another thing is let's say I have this section I know edit duplicate time do plates that whole section is great this is a very fast way to, like cut things out edit them copy paste you just going to end it let's say copy and then I go at it based on bam I can put things in and out other thing is I can always extend these we're different in arrangement because we're looking at beginning to and if I ever click a clip I could extend it out shrink it right I can do that. Um this particular one is long so it's going to go all the way I'm gonna turn new ball hoops let me change that example okay? I'm gonna turn loop off and I'm going to go and notice it like stop right? Because that's his long that is so I compressed control d or commanded to duplicate or if I loop it press loop I can then just extend it I'll just keep looping it forever, right? So that's awesome ways to start editing here an arrangement and then what was that? There was one of the thing uh oh, another huge thing is control e or command e which is spice so I could basically cut these things up man once I cut it up I can delete just press the lead and remember I can extend out or delete or control eat cut super easy right so it's how we can start editing here an arrangement you have a question is there a short cut for splitting when you want to take a big loop and then take one part of that leaping change it you can split it with right click is there a short clip for that oh yeah that's what I just showed control e or command which is um split I don't know why it's e sort of asked but I'm sure there's a reason uh great so now that we know a lot of these cuttings and stuff we can look at really playing with this in a remix type setting to really start building out a song editing it but before we do do we have any questions about arrangement you yeah going back a little bit general genre has a question about is there a way to map different parameters to the same knob in balance back and forth between them so that the knob doesn't affect both parameters of the same time? No if you if I mapped this two two parameters it will always control those two primers there's no wait oh uh not without being super nerdy like you're talking about control hacking and stuff and have you ever interested there's this guy called native controls check him out he does stuff like that for controllers but generally no no uh uh before we get into remixing I'm going to show you guys are really cool thing so if I play this this's what's happening in arrangement in arrangement you I go over here we're not hearing anything in session but you're right so we've recorded in session view into arrangement view now how do we get arrangement view back to session right? Well one step before that I forgot to ever show this you can if you ever want just this clip I could always just I'm clicking I'm holding it I hit tab and I could drop it that she's really useful to know you can move things that way um but you can also click it hit that go to session and then dragging into just a heads up but we've got this arrangement let's try to get it into back into session views so maybe we could play it again or keep messing with what we're creating I'm going to first just create empty space you khun do control I command I to insert a scene I'm just gonna insert a few duplicate control the I mean it's going to be your friend it's probably the number one thing you should know control or commanding duplicate you can't duplicate a lot so here I am let's say I have this section I'm just dragging that highlighting it cool now if I right click there's this thing said consolidate time to news scene check that out, it's, right here. So I'm gonna put my mouse here, it's, wherever your mouse is at the time, let's say, I go here, it's doing this doing the whole time. Not just that, whatever you're looking at, but the whole time you can, right click it's all the time to seeing I'm gonna do this again. Consolidate time to scene that's all the time to scene and one more time consolidate. Time to see now, if I tab over. Look, all those things are right there. That's. My performance that was an arrangement view is now in back into session view. So this way I can fluidly go into arrangement for you. Chop something up, change it around, throw it into session view, move it back and forth, right? Very fluid. The movement between these two views.

Class Description

Ableton® Live is a powerful tool for producing music and taking your music from the studio to the stage. Learn the best way to work with it in Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec.

Isaac will teach basics of mixing audio and using Live for live performance. In this class, up-and-coming producers with develop a solid foundation for working with Live. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Recording/editing original or arranged music
  • Sequencing techniques with MIDI
  • On-board effects within Live as well as working with virtual instruments
  • Creating beats with Live
  • Using Ableton Live for live performance
  • Time stretching
  • Importing audio and adjusting time and tempo

Ableton Live 9 Fast Start with Isaac Cotec is perfect for established musicians wanting to expand their digital possibilities, or for the beginner who wants to start creating music with Live.


Malcolm King

Hello, Firstly gotta thank you for your great tutorials, and sharing the knowledge of making music; then I wanna say, I bought the Ableton Live 9 tutorial package, but I didn't heard or better say understand some of Mr. Cotec's words; that's why I wonder would you please send me an English subtitle of his excellent teaching? I will be much grateful for this. Best Regards, Malc

Casey Dart

Isaac is the man! He is such a great teacher and you can tell has full control over the information. I already feel like I am many steps above friends who have used ableton for years because of this course setting a foundation for me to learn and experiment. Thank you Isaac and crew!

Claudio Martins

Great start course! And Isaac is a super-teacher. Many lessons and great tips. This the first time Im really learned how to handle Ableton!