Searching Adobe Stock for Files


Adobe Illustrator CC: Vector Art Using Adobe Stock


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Searching Adobe Stock for Files

So this is one of the Adobe Stock searches that I did. And this is what we got. Is a whole bunch of these birthday cards. And I kind of like the style here but I could switch out birthday for anniversary, other seasons, things like that. So this is just one of the basic stock items that you can get. And it's like wow this is great. I've got lots of elements, everything's created in Illustrator so I could literally just take one of these and run with any of this, be able to change any of these elements. And when we search for templates and stuff like this they're gonna usually give us several different versions of this card instead of just one. But because I've gone through and I've done searches for other things I could do a search for calligraphy and uh, if I spelled it correctly, comes close. No. There we go. I spell that wrong. Let's see. Calligraphy pen. Do a search. Ah since I'm searching for templates. That's one of the things. I've done that before. There we go. Okay let's do a ...

search for calligraphy and see what comes up with. Let's take off the word pen. Cause I don't really want the pen. I'll do a search for calligraphy here and I see that it comes up with a lot of cool little swirly things, words, and it's like oh you know, I really want to go more towards the words, the greetings, the anniversary, the birthday. So if I go though, click on this and then find similar, this kind of gives me a better idea of what I can search for. Even though I may not know the right search parameters. So I've got all these and it's like okay great, this is what I'm looking for here and I can go through, see the different items. Oh this is great, find out this, find that. It's like this is awesome. We have all these great things that I can download and it's like wow I could make like any card that I want. It's like, sure. Just grab it and go. And multiple pages of all this great cqligrapphy, everything. And if you find what you like, click on it, download it, open it right up in Illustrator, good to go. And I've done that with several of these. I've got my little happy birthday here that's in my library. And I can simply just double click on that. My library opens it right up here.

Class Description

We’ve designed a class perfect for those wanting to learn how to make vector art. And one of our most popular instructors, Adobe® Certified Expert Jason Hoppe, is back to break down Adobe’s newest version of Illustrator to create vector art using Adobe Stock imagery.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to search Stock
  • When and why stock is useful
  • How to manipulate images to create an engaging vector art
  • Build art for stickers, greeting cards, and a digital ad for social media

Creating professional vector graphics can be made easier by using Adobe® CC Illustrator and Adobe Stock. Find out how in this 90-minute course.

Software Used:  Adobe Illustrator CC 2018, Adobe Stock


a Creativelive Student

Even though this course is described as focusing on Adobe Stock, Jason Hoppe offered so many timesavers and shortcuts—I had to purchase the course to remember them all. I found this course very helpful and full of shortcuts that promise to streamline my workflow.