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Advanced Bass Production


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Day 1 Pre-Show

Hello welcome to creative live everyone thanks for joining us this is advanced based production with andrew glover my name is susan roderick and I'm going to be your host along with finn mukendi he is actually the executive producer of the audio channel and a city and as a host today how are you, mr mcginty? Susan I have never been better in my entire life and this is I mean I don't know I just woke up today and was the best day of my life some how thin I knew you were going to say that well, welcome glad to have you back and excited to have andrew in the house today absolutely. So I've known andrew for maybe five years or something now for five years ah he plays bass in one of my favorite bands winds of plague also runs a studio and in southern california called sound temple and uh you know so he's kind of seen things from both sides of the both sides of the control room you know, as a guy in a band playing shows all over the world recording with cem great producers and recording othe...

r people's music his own music. So I think that you know he brings perspective to the table that the really can it covers on the basis and he's ah smart guy with a lot to say so I'm very happy to have him on board here sweet well if you're just joining us if you have never been to critical eye before um this is our audio channel and we are the school of rock here at creative I've and we have talked about how important in previous workshops in the audio channel we talked about how important based production is to the overall mix and how you really can't find this kind of information anywhere else in of course yeah I mean you know you look up you know you I'm guessing that probably a fair amount of people watching this are guitarists uh and or even if you're not you know you don't know what I'm talking about you look up on youtube you know, guitar tone tutorials never talk about base but you know if you've if you've ever struggled to replicate the sound on a record that you like or you know followed you know one of those guitar tone tutorials and wonder why it doesn't sound as good as the records he like ah likely answer for that is base you know this is it's kind of it's it's at least fifty percent of what you think of as guitar tone but nobody ever really tells you that and you know you look up based home tutorials on youtube sure a couple of them but it is one of those things that like it's kind of sad that people don't care about it as much as they should because it's really important and really it's it's hard to find good information on you can find a zillion tutorials and, you know, foreign posts and stuff on guitar tone kind of hard to find good ones on base, so I am confident that this will literally be the best place in the world to learn how to record awesome base. Well, I'm glad to hear that well for everyone, I just want to let you know this is our pre show, so we are just chit chatting and checking, making sure everything is running smoothly have a lot of audio, uh, things going on today, so we want to make sure audio is all tuned up and ready to go, so we do have about five more minutes before we get this party started, so why don't we introduce you to our in studio audience? We have three guys in our in studio on instead of joined us, so why don't we welcome them? And you guys just want to make sure you grabbed the mike and introduce yourselves and basically just let people know why you're excited to be here today, maybe we'll start with you drew sure, I'm really excited to be here. I play in a band called the councilman brothers with four of my younger brothers, and I'm not the bass player, but I'm going to be re laying all of this information, tio to my brother um were based out of seattle here so really excited a toe learn wait a minute you're in a band with four brothers of your brother brother yeah there's finally brothers there's five boys we got that out of the way oh ten years ago so and how long of the five of you been playing together the whole I was in years yeah are you serious that's incredible. What kind of music is it it's like full crock now we started out playing full on bluegrass so it was it was fun getting toe plant like disney world and stuff like that is a little kid that's so cool so when where can we see you in town where we're well red states cons bro's with a k dot com and then we're playing at the p offspring fair washington state fair that they named it so the web's did you say did you say the name of your web site that yeah how khan's brother khan's broke his cons allman brothers is like wait too long people that's really cool that's when I heard that I like that a lot excited to be all right well welcome thanks. Ah my name's austin I play with the cascadia I'm here to get ah expertise on base production and ah in cascadia we believe that progress is the only way sweet are you are bass player ah yeah that in vocalist suite and so where can people find your band around town are online? Well, I guess you could look us up on facebook it ah facebook dot com slash some obscure band some obscure band really cool. All right, well, thank you for joining us. I'm tyler and I played drums in cascadia and like our hosts, touched upon earlier there's. Not that much information on the internet about ah, getting good base tone and recording bass. And so I figured, why not come here and learn more about that sweet? And what do you play in your man? I played drums really cool. All right, well, we're excited to have you guys here. Thanks for coming. Appreciate that wealth in. We have a couple more minutes before we go live, so maybe we should introduce andrew and chitchat with him for a minute. Sure. You want to give him a good introduction? Yeah. Well, like I said, most people probably know andrew from mom playing in one's a plague and he's, you know how long you have been doing? So you have you been doing sound temple for how long? About five years. And but it seems we kind of picked it up quite a bit the last couple years, it's picked up to be more of a full time with multiple employees yes, so tell us maybe a couple of the bands that we've worked with most notable man's who worked with and also like who you have working for you now I've worked with a band called sleeping giant whose big basically the most influential heavy christian band out there worth was obama who are now pretty much heavyweights as faras hardcore baines what did you do for them? I did one of their early seventies zoo volvo actually was one of the first fans ever recorded when they were a straight edge punk band and we were seventeen I've recorded that band called goliath through you're familiar with my own band wins a play we do most of our records that sound temple now and most recently I worked on a body count record with iced tea, which comes out in june. It is very exciting you brought a couple people on board to help you out. I have I have an assistant named justin bernardes who is not watching the show right now because he's at school another assistant named michael montoya and then an engineer producer that works with me name ryan bart willing was formerly of the black dahlia murder so you got a pretty solid crew there stuffing things up yeah, everybody's fantastic engineers really good people nobody's a jerk so it works out really well

Class Description

Everyone knows that bass guitar is the foundation of a great modern rock mix. It’s the unsung hero that holds the entire track together. Join Winds of Plague bassist and Soundtemple Studios founder Andrew Glover for a course dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know to record, edit and mix great modern bass tones.

Drawing on his 10+ years in the music industry, Andrew will guide you through tracking and getting tones using real amps and amp simulators. Plus, you’ll learn the secrets of editing and mixing bass that will take your tones from good to great including tone layering, eq/compression, and much more.