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Day 2 Pre-Show

Hello internet welcome to creative live thank you for joining us for advance based production with andrew glover money was susan roderick and I'm going to be your host along with finn mukendi how are you doing today? Thin never been better susan never I tried trust and I tried to think of sometimes my life where I felt better than just keep drawing a blank so think today's today well finn mackenzie is the executive producer of our audio music an audio channel and he is sitting in as I host today so welcome him and we also have a few people in our studio audience that we would love to introduce you to just to let you know those are pre show so we're taking about five minutes just making sure audio and video and everything is running smoothly if you would like to let us know about what's going on with you then jump in the chat room and give us a shout out in there so let's start with our in studio audience and we have three guys in here maybe we'll start with you rob and if you just let ...

everybody know your name where people can find you online and why you are here in this course today okay? Sure my name's rob um seattle native living his squad right now I've been ah musician for about twenty years play bass and guitar and recently have reformed with bandit um it's been about six year high agents or so but we got a new drummer and within the last year or so and he's got his own ah ah home studio so we're we're going in there and laying down some new tracks and recording and I was in here actually for the logic of course, but which is what we're using in studio it's really great and so yeah, I'm just here to get some I'm you know, I'm a subpar bass player a cz yeah, like I I think guitar was I started on base but then kind of went to guitar and then I found my way back to base and and I'm really loving relearning the base and getting that, you know, it's just it's just there's so much nuance stuff toe learn so this is been so helpful and even the first part that I missed yesterday that you said was the boring yeah intonation and all the strings of I needed I went home and I watched that and I was like, man, I'm so lazy about doing that stuff I never I always forget changed my strange knew all that and so so that was a good good start start off foreign for me now, but yeah, so I'm looking to get some good tones on our new recordings and stuffs all right, well, welcome my name is garth I'm also a seattle native you could tell by my voice on the singer released a self proclaimed one and I'm part of a group called the people now here in washington and we are also a registered nonprofit, so we use our music to try to raise funds and awareness for other charitable educational organizations. Music's been part of my life for pretty much all of my life on dh one thing that I have definitely taken away from it, particularly in the rock world, is that there is a definitive difference between a bass guitarist and a basis um so as a musician and gotten the opportunity to play a bunch of incidents like rob here to be able to know the difference is ah is a really cool thing, and we're blessed to have an extremely talented bassist in our group on your name is dagga um, and she's been with a nevermore on tour in a couple of times and just kind of been around, so our expertise is is really quite excellent, and I can't stress enough how important it is to have someone with the knowledge and the wherewithal to play that correct instrument and, uh, it's just really, really going to fund, all right, well, welcome, thanks for coming uh, my name is nathan um, I'm a california native I've been here about three years going on northwest university on I'm a fourth year studying ah business management with the concentration music industry business and then a minor and recording engineering. Um, my basis play in a band called ah, citizens based out of seattle. Just excited. Learn about track and some aggressive based on some stuff. Sweet that's. Awesome. So, like, where can we find, you know, where can we find your band online? Or you can go toe facebook. Dot com slash music dot citizens are you gonna go to marshfield, dot com and search us? You have some shows coming up now we mostly play out of church and then, ah, we go on. Ah, we play fly dates like a conference is so like creation fests and stuff, mostly the christian scene, but nice. Well, welcome, good to have you. And since we're doing a ton of production, maybe should join us for more classes here. Yeah, totally that's, what you're doing right? Cool.

Class Description

Everyone knows that bass guitar is the foundation of a great modern rock mix. It’s the unsung hero that holds the entire track together. Join Winds of Plague bassist and Soundtemple Studios founder Andrew Glover for a course dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know to record, edit and mix great modern bass tones.

Drawing on his 10+ years in the music industry, Andrew will guide you through tracking and getting tones using real amps and amp simulators. Plus, you’ll learn the secrets of editing and mixing bass that will take your tones from good to great including tone layering, eq/compression, and much more.