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Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

Lesson 8 of 33

Adobe Lightroom Presets

Jared Platt

Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

8. Adobe Lightroom Presets

Lesson Info

Adobe Lightroom Presets

Have I done anything that inspires you to think that we're going really fast? No, because we are in the process of investing in our future, it takes some investment now in order to then create speed in the future. Now, a lot of that investment could be made just by purchasing presets from people and that's fine, you can do that. I have a whole set of pre sets that you could buy, but if you want to make your own, you have to invest time, so either you pay in money or you pay in time either way is fine, but I just got to make an investment in it. Once you have made an investment in your time now you get to create a preset, but not only do I get to create one preset, I'm gonna create a whole slew of presets, so the first pre set that I want to create is the actual feel of the image that the color feel of this image, which is very different than most images that so I'm going to take this image and I'm going to create a feeling from it, so I'm going to create I'm gonna hit the plus button o...

n the presets and it's going to ask me how I want to create this preset, and I'm gonna call it here I'm going to make a new folders so one click on a new folder and I'm going to call this zero uh creative live because I'm you know what I'm gonna do you buy the course any pre set I make here I'm also include that along with the other pre sets that are already there so anyway we'll start adding those as we make him alright so so this preset we're gonna call this creative live um blue saturation film curve so we've created something that's a simple understandable name away I didn't want hold on this one I'm making a folder right now I totally forgot what I was doing I am making a folder right now so we're gonna call it zero zero zero creative live presets all right so I'm creating that folder so now I'm gonna put that in the folder and I copied that name so it's we're going to call this zero one so that's the first precept that we're making a call it brute blew saturation film curve on dh we're going to then turn all of our selections off so that we can play with this ongoing force people on this one see that process version that process version tells us what version of light room were in if I check this on it will then force when you click it when you click this pre sat I will force you into light room five if I left it off then if you happen to be in light room three or light room two or four it wouldn't change so the cut offs are liar and foreign five are in two thousand twelve light room three and I think two are in two thousand ten and then light room one I think is two thousand three I'm not sure where two thousand three cut off was whether it was one of two or whatever but anyway so as you advance through light room three is two thousand ten and so if you're in if you're in light room five and I create something in light room if I was in light from three and you're in like five and I created something in light room three and made a preset and this process version wasn't unchecked than what would happen is when you got two thousand twelve in like five and you clicked on my preset it would throw you back into the old settings of light from three because light room three is in light room five iron five has every iteration of light room in it so that you can go back in time and look other photos that were made in those iterations of light room so I'm going to click it because I want you to be in light room five for this because it has what as the point curve and we're also playing around with the radio so the these things that are a little bit newer, so I want you to be in either light to light on four or five, because those are the two things that would allow you to do the things that we're doing, and so we're clicking on the process version, the other things that we need to put in there are, uh, what did we do? The tone curve, obviously, because we messed around a tone curve a lot. So that's one thing that's in there, the next thing that's in there is the saturation and vibrate the fight, vibration, the vibrance and the color adjustments are all in there. So those are all the things that are critical to the way this image looks color wise. Now you might also be saying well, but also the thing that's in there is the radio filter, which is true. The radio filter is in this but that's, not the color effect that's avignon effect, which is a separate thing. So while we're going while while it's an important part of this image, it's not an important part of all images, and so we're going to create a secondary pre set out of that, so we actually get a twofer, we get a two for one, we get a color effect and avignon effect out of the same job are out of the same image, so I'm going to create this one first and I'm gonna hit create and then immediately I'm going to go right back up to the top and I'm gonna do another one put it in the creative life presets folder again and this one I'm gonna call o two, I'm gonna call it radio uh, vignette and we'll just say medium feather full, so basically medium feather, the full image and I'm gonna check none again, but keep the process version and now I'm going to just go into this one thing here and say click on the radio filter that's it and that's my pre set now the great thing is that I can go into any image even say that one and I can come down to my creative live and I can click on my radio all burn there it is, but it's wrong, right? But the beauty of a radial is that I can click on the radio and just grab the pin and move it, and now I'm done and if I want teo, I could just go like this and say, I want this to be hit the option key and pull this in and then bring this like that and now I'm done so it did most of the work for me and I all I had to do is reposition it and maybe alter you know where it is and if you just had three or four radio burns you could click on a mint you know you could even have if you if you made the other thing you could do with a radio is you can sew let's look at this one right now if I click on a radio here and I turn it to invert the mask and then I go in create instead of ah burn I create a dodge so I'm increasing the brightness here I can go in and then over the top of that other radio burn I can create you know, like say I wantto know highlight those flowers a little bit zoom in on those flowers so if I want to make those flowers a little bit brighter just like that and then I want teo add some clarity to it so that those see how they're popping out now and take the highlights down just a little bit there we go. And so now I've created a little highlight for that zoom back out and you can see see that so now I'm gonna turn on and off my radio so see the vignette is going outside of that big radio and then inside of the little radio is a brightness toe add to the flowers that's way too bright I mean it looks like I've got like a big light on it so I just click on that again and come in and just bring them brightness down a little bit there that looks good that is awesome I just got the awesome approval so we will move on alright on dh so I'm going to I'll also include this one so I'm gonna mark that one blue is what out blue as well so we're going to include both of these images so you can play with those pins and see what we did and we're going to include those precepts that just made and by the way I could go in and create another preset here if I wanted to make a preset out of this one and say, well I want a preset that allows me to have a general radial burn plus one little thing that I could move around and highlight something you could create a preset from that as well and just and go in again to the presets click on the preset and say uh oh three space space space radio burn uh large with small highlight dodge right so I mean it's just like that's telling you what it is and now I create the radio filter again and hit create so then if I happen to be you know looking at say, this image here and I go in and do my job so I'm looking at this image I want to work on it I come into my effects here and say I'm gonna do this with small click on it and what just happened is I had hold on let me see if I got the right one yeah okay so then when I go in and click on my radio filter I got two of these one of them is this one which is the big one I can position that and then click on this one and just move it over to the flowers and then resize it for those flowers and now done how easy is that so let's just say that you are a well pet photographer because we have a pet photographer coming right there's going to be pet photographer here on thursday right? So your pet photographer and you're constantly shooting pets and you always need teo do a vignette and you want to always like put a little you know, maybe a some clarity on the face you know so that the pets face pops out and all of the scraggly hairs and stuff like really stand out stuff like that if that's what you're doing then make a preset that does exactly that for both and then you all you have to do is just highlight the whole siri's of pets you know and just say apply that toe all of them and then just go each one and just move the thing around until you're done just moving around resize it of in these very sized and done so the theory behind using pre sets is that the bulk of your work does not need to be done per image because it's all all images are exactly the same once they have been adjusted for normal then all of them are the same and you're applying styles to them so that's the theory behind presets all right so now if you have presets if you've got presets under control and by the way you also have pre sets up here so if you if you click on the radio here and you like what you've done here like the amount of exposure on the mount of clarity and whatever you can also click on that custom thing right here going to show you this because people always ask where it is it's below the mask area it says effect and then it's right above the temperature control says custom when you click on that than that area has all sorts of pre sets and and the presets here so these are pre sets that I saw in my store for the different types of you know one stop burn like this one burn baby burn that one's when I've wanted just totally dark it's almost dark and things out of existence so you can have like someone's you know something ah white sky up there that you want to get rid of it just it's just like someone takes a torch to it so those presets khun be made by simply going to the very bottom and hitting save current setting za za new preset when you say those current settings is a new pre set then they will show up in this list and consequently they will also show up inside of the preset folders in light room and that is inside if you go to the light room preferences which it for pc is in that in the edit menu and goto preferences and click on the preset there's a preset panel click on this show light room presets folder it will pull off that folder where all of your presets exist and inside of our plug ins one oh one and also light room wanna won both of those we detailed very very highly and severely what what happens inside of this so if you're wondering maura about presets and where they go on howto operate with them go to that plug ins one on one and two light from one won both of those we detail that pretty highly of him but the developed presets or right there but the presets thatyou're making over here in the tools like that your your brush tool and all of that those air actually in one calls local adjustment preset so it's this one right here that's, where all those are seats see the names of the sea there's burn, baby, burn right there at the very top burn, baby burn. So as you make them, they show up there, which is great because then if you want them to be available to you on your pc at home or whatever all you have to do is grab that whole light room folder that that is shown to you every time you push on that little show, my presets folder. When you click on that, it shows you that folder. All you have to do is copy it and then move it over to your other computer and then both of your computers will be the same. And also in plug ins one on one. Uh, we detailed how to make a sink box so that those two are always in sync. So they're constantly and sink that use a drop box and it basically synchronizes the two. So any time I change something here by the time I get back to my other computer has already changed over there. So my light room is always the same. So that's that's a good, good little tip in there.

Class Description

Ready for a whole new approach to your post-production workflow? Join CreativeLive instructor Jared Platt for the ultimate three-day introduction to everything you need to know about working with Adobe®Lightroom® 5 (and beyond) to make your workflow efficient.

You’ll learn a basic, seamless Adobe Lightroom 5 workflow, and also how to customize that workflow to fit your specific needs — whether you’re outsourcing, taking pictures on the go, or working in a studio setting. Jared will cover ways to select and retouch images more productively. You’ll also learn about automating settings, plugins, and hacks that will help you work more efficiently. Jared will also guide you through the core image adjustment techniques every Adobe® Lightroom® user should know.

Jared will give you a step by step look at his entire workflow, start to finish. By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools you need to deliver higher-quality images and products while cutting your post-production time in half.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5

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a Creativelive Student

Jared is the best. Really, his class was absolutely awesome. He can teach you everything with an ease and you will not want to leave your computer untill you see the whole class. I am so happy I purchased this class, it was the best investment! Than you Jared for such a brilliant classes you bring to us.

a Creativelive Student

It takes a lot of devotion to spend so many hours in front of the computer but I found myself not able to leave the monitor. Thank you Jared Platt and Creative Live for providing this quality education and information. We also get the bonus of seeing beautiful images during the sessions. Jared is a wonderfully clear teacher. His extensive experience both behind the camera and in processing digital photography is so very evident in all that he covers in his seminars. I'm looking forward to the next time.


I believe that this man has saved my life, or at the very least returned my life me. So many wonderful tips and time savers. I had never realized how much time I wasted at the computer for no good reason. He is funny, easy to listen too, and he explains in a way that can be understood. If you could only purchase one course, this is it! I attended WPPI and Jared's Platform Class and at the end I wanted more so thank you Creative Live for have him.