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Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

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Outsourced Workflow Part 1

Jared Platt

Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

15. Outsourced Workflow Part 1

Lesson Info

Outsourced Workflow Part 1

We're back inside of my work flow which is the working catalog style eso last session we talked about doing things as a one catalog per job workflow but this we're back into my work flow s so that you can see how I do this if you're in a one catalog per job workflow then there's even less steps too sending something out to a shootout at tissue that at it or to another outsourcing partner or to an assistant eso I'll show you how to do that as well but it's fairly simple but what we want to do is want to dig in here to the wedding so we're back on the scott wedding again so here is thie you can see it's part of many jobs so there's lots of jobs in here and one of those jobs is the scott wedding and you can see that these air anew on retouched this is one of my favorite images right here I love that image super cute innit? Darling? You know the thing was I was so impressed with the hairdo because it takes like I guess forty eight hours or something of doing hair to get the heritage to you...

know, to do what it's supposed to dio and so she was you know in this thing during the rehearsal dinner that was kind of protecting it and then she came out and when I saw these I was just I was mesmerized by it I have no idea and I have no idea what I was going to look like when it's finished and so then when she started so you can see what it is this is what it hopes I just turned it the black and white so you can see what it was starting to look like is very, very, you know, twenties type, I loved it, it was just fantastic. So all right, so what we're looking at is an unfinished job we've done all the the selection, we've picked our picks and we've flagged our flags and we've started things and we're ready to do the adjustments, but we don't, um we don't want to do that, we don't want to spend our time doing the adjustments, so we're going to send it out. So how do we accomplish that once we've selected all the images, if you if you go to the job itself, you'll see that we have the wedding we have raw and then we have selects and that's all we have in the job. So we've gotten rid of our rejects there's no point in sending rejects out to be retouched or toe are tbe adjusted eso we're going to get rid of those, so the only thing that we're sending out is the final, uh, job itself um now it used to be that when I wanted to send something out for someone to adjust, I would have to send them all the raw files because without their all files you couldn't work on him and light room and so you would literally send and it would take I think it took me like eighteen hours per upload so I had upload eighteen hours worth of raw photos up to my uh to shoot out at it, do the post production on them and then they could just send me back. They could really easily send me back catalog and in the catalog because I already have the raw files so they could send me back catalogue. And then I could synchronise that catalog into my current catalog and then all the changes would appear and that was awesome, but it took eighteen hours to get there. Now because of smart previews, all we have to do is send the catalog with smart previous off to shoot that at it or two on assistant or whoever we're having do the adjustments and that's going to go up, then whoever's working on the files works on him and does the same send you back a little catalog and you just bring that cat along in and it will it will change all the images and I'm going to show you that process right now so when we're tryingto outsource our our post production, the first thing that we need to do is finish the selection and then go to that folder or that that specific job folder on dh when we go there, remember, I like to build the one for one previews. And I like to build the smart preys on the way in when I import them into my job. And so this already has every single one of these files. If you look over here, you'll see that they have the original plus a smart preview. So right now, the original on a smart preview is attached to this job. If I were to unplug this drive, then it would just tell me that the smart preview is there. The original is missing. So I'm going to now that I know that all of them have smart previews. Aiken simply right click this folder. Remember how we were exporting catalogs to our archive? So we exported a catalogue into the job itself, and then we're going to send that job off to the archive. That's what we did yesterday. So this work flow is absolutely no different than that. You simply go to the you right, click that, uh, specific folder. Whichever folder you want to send out whatever job, right, click that job folder and export the folder as a catalog when you export is a catalog you choose where it's going to go and where does everything go that's related to a specific job where does it go? It does the job holder right? Ok, so we're going to go to the drive we're gonna find the scott wedding the job folder itself and we're going to create a folder and we're gonna call it uh scott uh scott wedding s d p because I'm sending it to shoot out at it now if I was sending it to an assistant or something like that I would probably call it you know, assistant copy or you know, post production copy or whatever so that I know it's not the original it's not the original catalog it's not it's it's one that's being shipped out and it's not for later use it's for right now. Okay, so I put that scott wedding s d e so that I know it's a catalogue that's being sent to my post production partner on dh then I have to choose these options here now do I need the original negatives? No, because we no longer need those. All we need is the smart previews and then of course the veil of previous previews air nice tohave because it just makes it readily available if for some reason you didn't send those the smart previous would build their own original previous so it wouldn't be a big deal but we'll just including both so that they could get working right away on dh that's the on ly two things that I want to select I do not need to export the negative files on by the way this same workflow woodwork if let's say I had my working catalog on a mac at the studio and I thought you know I'm going on vacation and I've got a siri's of five different you know jobs or five different personal things that I want to work on when I'm on vacation because the strange thing about photographers is we actually like to take things on vacation and work on him whereas you know as a lawyer I wouldn't pack my bags I want to work on this and this and this photographers air weird breed of people because we actually have fun doing our job and so we take it with us as fun for so it's weird anyway but if I wanted to I was taking that stuff on the road with me I could simply do the same process so the same process works even if you are your post processing person and you're just sending it out to a laptop to go work on it on the road and when you come back the same process is to sink it back in so this doesn't this discussion here does not necessarily those of you out there in the internet and those of you here in the front row don't think of this is a complete discussion on post processing outsourcing workflow think of it as I want to work on files or I want to have someone work on files, but I need to send it to that person or I send it to myself on my laptop and take it with me, right? So you're coming from a working catalog and you're sending out little assignments to people or to yourself and when you get back, you'll just synchronize it back, okay? So in order to do that, we have to export a catalogue, so I'm putting down scott wedding stds because I know who s he is going to be the one that's going to be sending it out so shoot that it is going to be the one that's working on it for me. Andi, I'm going to save it inside of the job file itself and export the catalogue. It doesn't take very long to export this because I've already got the dmg is built so it all it's doing is it's making a new catalog just like it did when we were archiving the catalog it's making a new catalogue but this time it's sending the catalog out and then it's also taking all of the smart previews that are already in the catalogue and it's sending those out with it so that I have both of those things together in their own catalog over here somewhere uh the disc was not rejected properly that's weird let's see, my disc got ejected unbeknownst to me yes so I'm noticing you're not using favorites folders as well selects anymore so well that's going can you? You used to do that you don't do that anymore oh um so sometimes I'll use a favorites fully so what she's talking about is here all I have is a selects folder so have raw and then select sometimes I'll put in a favorites folder as well but I used to use a favorites folder and then a selects folder back when I was using picked todd because I wanted to separate them out but now that I'm using smugmug they have a much more robust ability to search so you can actually search by keywords so you can be inside of my wedding event and you khun in search for the key words so instead of I don't group in by folders anymore now online I just leave them all is one and then people can actually search for bride and all the pictures of the bride will show up so it's a it's a far more intelligent way to search for images than toe look in folders like okay, I want details so go to the details folder just type in details and that will show up or just look at the tag cloud at the bottom that's rolling around and you could click on the bride and all brides will show up. So just it's just a much more intelligent way to search for images. So let me plug this back in for some reason it ejected, so we have exported the job itself and it's got smart previews associated with that job. So the smart previews then when we go in and look at me, find scott wedding and go to that folder that we created and where is it? Maybe it didn't make it in the er, but that's ok, because I have an original one right here, so that has the same stuff in it. So I'm going to take this job here and I see it's got so this is an older copy, but that's fine work for our purposes. It's got a catalogue, it's got the smart previews and it's got the regular previous. So these are the things that we want to send out, and this stuff right here is just random stuff associated with catalog based on some plug ins. Not necessarily important, it won't matter, it's just stuff that's with the catalog, so we don't need to worry about it, it'll just go, um now I need to know how many pictures I'm sending because they want to know that so I'm four hundred eighty four pictures is what I'm sending, and so now I need to go to the website and I'm going to submit the job, so I'm just going to submit a color job and I'm going to call this the scott wedding and put in whatever day it was, and I'm going to classify that wedding and then how many dice at four hundred and one, uh, shoot uh, four hundred eighty four? So I'm going to tell them that's four hundred eighty four, and then I'm going to tell them I'm uploaded via the web and that I did synchronize my cameras, the reason they want to know that is that if I didn't do it, then they have to do it, because why, if we don't synchronize our cameras, then we don't get to see him at the same time, and so then we can't see all this one should be adjusted the same way this one is so that they look similar to each other, so if they're shot with different cameras, we still want them to be adjusted the same so that they look similar, and then I'm going to select the workflow and we're going to select the light room workflow because we're using light room on dh we want them to send us catalog back and hit next and then I want to use light room five now there may be some people out there they're using light room four light from three and then they can accept that kind of stuff but it's not it's not a good practice to use anything but light five because like five doing everything we wanted to dio okay, so it allows us without the smart previews light room four doesn't have smart previous life five does and that's what makes this possible so we select light room five is what we're going to use and then we're going to go to our custom color profile that's what we want where we want custom color and we hit next and then acid are we submitting these? Yes, and then it goes to color wizard and this is the important part because this is the scientific part of outsourcing um when you send out source material to somebody, they have tohave a a control group and know where they're supposed to match it. So what we're doing is we're getting a skin tone because that's all we want especially when weddings are concerned we want to skin tone if it was something else where you're sending out sourcing for pets or whatever, I'm not sure you know what you would use, but but you want to tell them your preference for the color because then they're going to match it is their job basically an outsourcing partner or an assistant, their job is to get the right black point, the right white point, the right skin tone, the right temperature and the right tent that's their job and it's very that's science it's either right or wrong. And then you as a photographer and as an artist get to add this style later that's that's what you do with presets and synchronization stuff like that, and so we're going to go to the color wizard and choose the type of person we're shooting, and if you choose, if you're shooting someone who looks like me and you choose this option, they will make me look like that, right? And if you choose you and if you're shooting someone who's, this skin tone and you choose this, they will make that person look like this and they can do it. I've seen it happen because I've accidentally chosen the wrong skin tone before, and it literally put that person in the whole different race. It was it was amazing and I looked at I thought, wow, that's really good! They did a good thing nailed it so on, so we're going to choose and she's a fair skin person, so I'm going to choose fair skinned, I'm gonna keep the exposure normal, I like a warmer temperature and I like a little that contrasts I select that profile and hit next on dh then I want them to send me a catalog back I don't want them to send me any j pegs because I'm going to add style later and then I next on dh then I I could tell him to russia but they'll do it in his fastest forty eight hours but usually it's you know somewhere between forty eight five business days depending on whatthe load is and then we hit next and then we can we pay for it etcetera and then we place the order now once we place the order now it's just time to upload and so we would take our image is go to the upload er and then upload for shootout at it we actually have to use fire far firefox because the job up loader doesn't job doesn't play well with safari I don't know what it is with apple ins and java but there's some fight going on or whatever so anyway the firefox works great on it the so far it doesn't work so great I'm not sure what what people use on pc what's the browser is it's still like fire it's fire firefox's number one firefox's number explored a well know and explorers back there somewhere exploring back there I didn't know explorer was still made um okay so because they stopped making it for mac anyway so then we'll upload and the process up loading is just a cz simple is hitting ad and then going and finding your particular going in, finding your particular hard drive and and choosing the wedding itself where it is, and then we would choose that catalog. So we go here and choose the light room catalogue, so we chose the folder because the folder has multiple things inside of it has the smart previews, it has the regular previews, and it has the actual catalog, and we hit open, and it starts adding all of those files to this area, and then we upload it and it's, not it's, not super important that we run through this process, although not sure why that's not, I think, actually, I'm having an issue with accessing the information on the drive so let's do this. But anyway, those are the things that we want to go there we go see that it's pulling in now I don't it was just taking a while so it's pulling in all those things, but see there little files. So when you send out a catalogue, you're sending out a whole bunch of little tiny files, but they're packaged into three. They look like three files, but that's sending out a whole bunch, and then we just simply hit, upload and let those go. Andi, I'm not goingto necessarily upload him, because there's, no point, nose tying up band with here. But we would upload those. And instead of eighteen hours, it'll take about twenty minutes. So I'll send away my photos on dh. In twenty minutes, they'll be up, shoot, not. It will be working on. And then we come back here.

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