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Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

Lesson 26 of 33

Introduction to Video

Jared Platt

Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

Jared Platt

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26. Introduction to Video

Lesson Info

Introduction to Video

There's a lot of options for video work inside of photography in general is weddings portrait senior portrait's regular portrait's a lot of fusion happening a lot of opportunity for people to work on video and photo at the same time, especially with the advent of like the mark three has an amazing video component in a d eight hundreds really good at video there's a lot of panasonic cameras and that are doing a really great job video. The ghee for the gh four is out on dh it's apparently does four k video so it's so big that you can actually crop in and like, use the stabilization inside of the computer after the fact and it will totally stabilize your shot. It is just so much that can be done now with video that it's really it's something that you ought to investigate not to play with. But I have the hardest time with um investigating and playing with video because I know how hard it was because I usedto in college, I actually studied film and I made a lot of movies in college on dh, s...

o I have all these student films that I made, and I did love making music videos and stuff like that, and my whole high school was that's all I did, I made movies and high school except at that time we had a vhs and a vhs and then a third vhs tape here. And then I had one of those big video cameras that had a v h ask tape not in it, but it was in a thing that you hungover so there's a vhs cassette thing that you held on your shoulder, and then it had a battery that lasted like twenty minutes in it, and then you would, and then you carry this big camera here and it connected to it, and you would record your video with that. And then later on towards my senior year, my dad really got crazy and got one of vhs camera that was still the same size, but the tape actually could fit inside of it, and so we would take that out and we'll film and then in orderto edit, we would put take a and take b had our footage in it and then tape see, that was where we were going, and we would cut back and forth. So those cuts on ly we couldn't fade or wife, and then at one point we actually got a we couldn't figure out how to do any fading between the two, but wanted to do it so we actually rigged up, eh, an audio fader. That we had between a and b like where you could fade audio and we got we figured out how to make the audio fader become the video fader and so we would fade between our two these two as they were being recorded we could fade between them with the audio equipment that we had so it was fun way had a great time with it but it was really difficult because you had to like, be ready you'd pause here and push play there and pause there and pause there and then play and then pause it I mean it was just it was a nightmare and always rewinding and then sometimes we would actually take the videotape out where we had accidentally you know done too much and we would pull the videotape out and we would pull the videotape out of the housing and cut it and then cut it here and then we tape it back together so we were way were cutting literally physically cutting videotape because we didn't have you know, movie film have obviously and then we would get in there and we watch it and make sure worked and then as soon as we got the cut right then we put it in this one and recorded again so we had a non cut videotape and then that's how we would so I mean that's the kind of work flow I was dealing with as a teenager and so I can imagine that that have something to do with the way that I developed my need for a good work full because that was just ridiculous, but the, uh the reason I bring that up is that I chose not to do fusion for a very long time. I chose not to put the two together to put video and photo together because it's so complicated a workflow on dh any videographer out there that is watching will will recognize that photo workflow is nothing in comparison video work for video workflow is just absolutely astronomically higher in difficulty and in workflow challenges than photo is on dh that's why I love creative life I come here and I just I just watch mesmerized the guys behind the curtain who are who are in there cutting and it is a shout out to you guys amazing, I just the fact that they're able to get these things cut up online and segmented in the time line that they do is so amazing to me like that it's a workflow that I'm just mesmerized by and so amazing work. And so any videographer is going to tell you that it's a cake walk to be a photographer in comparison, the amount of time that suspended so I have avoided it because just there aren't there weren't any really great programs out there for making it simple to do video I mean sure there was you know I'm movie but I movie is so ridiculous and then you know they final cut pro is what I used to work on in college so I would make all my moves in final cut pro and then they dumb that down and made it into kind of a strange thai bird of my movie on dh it's just kind of weird and so I have recently been using the premier cc which I think is a really, really powerful program I love it it's a fantastic program and I do a lot of heavy work in it but that's what when I go into a project it's kind of like going into the music studio when I go into the music studio just get lost for days just like a time warp what happened and the same thing happens when I go into premiere because I love making movies I love it but when I go in there it's a time warp but I'm gone and I can spend I can spend thirty minutes working on the perfect cut you know on the perfect you know, perfect cut between the audio on the video and making sure they kind of and so all of that kind of work is fun for me but it is definitely not efficient there's nothing efficient about me going into premier it's much more efficient for me to hire an editor who can do it really quickly and doesn't have he's trying to make money, and so he he knows when good enough is good enough, but for me, because it's not my primary career, when I go into premiere, I did, I don't know when good enough is good enough, and so I want perfection, and when I want perfection, I'm wasting time. And so I know how the rest of the photographers in the world feel when I go into premiere and work on movies. Well, when I go into a studio and work on music, I know how photographers feel because I feel that passion for that stuff, but I can't control it. Fortunately, in photography, I have the ability to control the passion and say, okay, I'm passionate about what I do, but I also want to make money doing it. And so I found the the the efficiency models um, well, fortunately, because light room five has allowed us really good access to video and the ability to put video into slide shows and things like that, it has made it possible to do fusion very simply and so that's what I wanted to show you today, but first, before I show you that I wanted to show you something that's really special to me because I worked on this for almost three years maybe two years I was an emoto is a great slide show program and a lot of people use it but there are as I will as I went around the nation in two thousand nine doing a big workshop to her I would meet with people who were using an emoto and one of the biggest complaints was is that it's really great for seniors but it's not really great for weddings or it's really grateful you know things that because there's a lot of motion and lot excitement and they just made some really cool crazy slide shows but there's nothing super simple there's nothing that was just classy, you know, it was all real high energy, you know, like if you had a d d an emoto was your drug you no choice but but otherwise it just wasn't simple is it should be and for two years I would go and talk to him say okay I want simple they've come out with something simple and send it to and say okay here's simple and I mean no, not simple, not simple enough. And so finally we just finally released absolute simplicity and an emoto and it's called the documentary style and so I'm gonna play the documentary style in an emotive for us here this is the scott wedding that we've been working on, so I'm just going to play the entire slideshow from what we were the images we were working on, these are the images that we worked on that we sent off to shoot dot at it, that shoot got it sent back to us, and then we sprayed style onto them. These are the images that we sent to an emoto and they created the they're they're system in seconds created the slide show, and I'm going to show that to you because I think it's a thing it's important for people to know the animal who now has a documentary style and let's just get in the mood for slide shows and video can we take a little time back porch in a rocking chair leave the lad on I'll meet you out there reminisce every moment passed father time share you and I are growing old together we stood face total ever want no, no, your muscle little apple at all of us were going to take it slow little things you do I love about you hold you close like the day we met much allows it golden sky tonight start to tell a story so good a my tonight. Just know that never be it. Beautiful way some come up more than our share of adultery colors on the leaves, changing seasons move in and sleep now where time go way got some history a little bit older never. You still looks good to me. What? Nod off you amass so google apple of us for going take small little things you do I love about you hold your course of the day we met him what? Your love for tonight's star tells a story that way b ut o way you okay if I get a little crazy about took an arrest to mina rock change your thinking background way time share it's been so beautiful love new through all of these ho, you must soul good. Laugh off off smoke gonna take slow little things you do I love about you hold you close of the day we met in watching last golden sky smooth be beautiful just you wait. Music was provided by a triple scoop music who was one of our sponsors? Who will have a discount on that discount page? So yep, always always important to make sure that you're giving the artist the do that they need, because the only way artists create things is if they keep getting paid to do so, and so we want to make sure that we feed the musicians indeed, so ten percent off that's right? Ten percent off so you actually on ly have to feed the musicians ninety percent if you use that code so anyway that is the new an emoto style on an emoto dot com it's an amazingly simple system just simply upload photos to it they actually have a plug in so when you export you just simply export through their plugin from light room and it goes directly up to them. And as soon as it's done, it opens up the an emoto website and you simply type in the additional stuff that you want on it and it go and then you could download your full copies and the great thing about it is from an mot you can share to all your different sites you could share it over to your videos account you can share it over to your wordpress account. You can share it over to facebook all with the touch of a button. And so then that's a very simple method for getting stuff out quickly once you've created the slide show. So I really, really appreciate the fact that an emoto has made it possible to bring everything into one place, make the video and then broadcast it out because I always hate posting here than posted there than posting here that's really annoying and engine e has asked me to talk about a simple posting uh option as well and we'll do that at the last of the day we'll talk about how you can use your published services teo quickly broadcast in multiple places at the same time so that is the new animal style it's called documentary so all right, well, now let's go back in the light room and let's talk about making a slideshow directly in light room because when you're in light room on dh esso I make slide shows on an emoto because it's very simple to share on guy like that documentary style and it does a little bit more than light room can do light rooms very, very simple an emoto is simple but with some nice additional stuff and of course you could put video in there too, and the video confide with the slide show as well but light room is very simple it only does fades or cuts and it on lee does one piece of music rather than you put multiple pieces of music and an emoto, whereas in light room if you want to do a slide show it's gotta fit the music basically and then if it doesn't, the music will continue to play it'll just keep playing that same song over and over again, but it's really excellent for day of slide shows, so I do a lot of day of slide shows when I'm working in a wedding will choose our favorite thirty images and then we'll make a slide show really quickly and we'll post it and you know we'll post a computer upon a you know, next to the bar or whatever and then we'll allow people to kind of congregate around it and look at the images and they're some photographers who will do a day of slide show where they actually projected up so that the entire dinner conceive the day of slideshow and that's really fun for them to sew but all of that can be done directly from lightning you don't need to be exporting anything and that's the beauty of the slideshow pro apart of light room is that you literally can show a slide show right from the raw images with the adjustments you've made on dh add music to it you can even have text to it things like that right off the bat you don't have to go outside of that so there's no there's, no rendering process that has to be gone through so it's a really it's a really great way to accomplish a slide show very quickly but it also has the ability to do video and so what we want to do is want to go through the process of working on video inside of light room and then how do you put that into a slide show context now you can take the video if you work on video and images. And you want to do something a little more complex. You can then export the photos and the video that you've worked on as individual files and send them to premier. Or you can send them to an emoto. So either one of those options get me much more complex than premier. Or you, khun, do some amazingly complex things with no effort whatsoever. An emoto, or you can do something very simple, but very powerful inside flight rooms well. And once you're done, you can either share that immediately inside of light room. Or you can export a movie file from light room. And then you could post that on video or wherever you want to post it. So there's, a lot of powerful options available to you.

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Ready for a whole new approach to your post-production workflow? Join CreativeLive instructor Jared Platt for the ultimate three-day introduction to everything you need to know about working with Adobe®Lightroom® 5 (and beyond) to make your workflow efficient.

You’ll learn a basic, seamless Adobe Lightroom 5 workflow, and also how to customize that workflow to fit your specific needs — whether you’re outsourcing, taking pictures on the go, or working in a studio setting. Jared will cover ways to select and retouch images more productively. You’ll also learn about automating settings, plugins, and hacks that will help you work more efficiently. Jared will also guide you through the core image adjustment techniques every Adobe® Lightroom® user should know.

Jared will give you a step by step look at his entire workflow, start to finish. By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools you need to deliver higher-quality images and products while cutting your post-production time in half.

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