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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Anatomy of a Photoshoot

Mark Wallace

Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Anatomy of a Photoshoot

Mark Wallace

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

All right, everybody, we have a ton ton ton of stuff to talk about in the next three days and so I want to give a new overview of why we're doing this, because when we do this all the dots have to connect and one of the things I'm going to be cheating off of my my little outline here. So let me go over the three days that we have planned for your day one is all tech and so it's all about lighting it's all about controlling light, shaping the light, all that kind of stuff, then we have day two that is all about people and that is so you can understand how to do things like work with a team. How do you work with your creative director, art director? Those types of things make up artists, etcetera and then day three is the shoot so day one we're that's today they won, we're going to break down light, we're breaking down light in four different areas, one his direction and direction is going to help us understand things like contrast and mood and setting the tone of what we're doing throug...

hout the day. The second is luminosity and luminosity is we're going to talk about mita ring and how to control light and flag lights and do all kinds of things like that the source of light we're going to talk about how the actual shapes of all these lights that we have here we've got tons of them we're gonna talk about how that effects what you see and how the reflections from people's eyes and things like that actually show up and then I think my favorite part of today could be color I just love talking about color in fact I think we could spend all three days talking about nothing but color we don't have time to do that but we're going to dive into color management and how it works and I highly encourage you to get those uh those pdf so register so you can see those pdf because they're really gonna help you out and they were going to finish up by showing light warm light room light room workflow we're going talk also a lot about work flow through these days tomorrow we're taking a totally radical different shift so instead of all the gear that you see back here, what we're going to be talking about is how to work with people on dh we're going to start with talking about how you prepare yourself so your first person to talk about it yourself as the photographer so how do you prepare your brain? How do you put the right kind of ideas there? How do you write down what you're trying to do? How do you get all that stuff out and we're gonna talk about creativity and really try to define what creativity is, because it's actually will discover it's a process that's repeatable. And so if you're looking to figure out to be really prolific and what you're doing, then this is going to help you out. We're gonna talk about the environment, so we actually have a setup for makeup artist and we have our wardrobe here we have our producer station in post production, and we've got all kinds of stuff we're going to show you how it works in an actual studio, they were also going to show you how to work with models and the things you should and the things you shouldn't do, so we're gonna be doing a lot of that, and then day three this is something that we're taking a big risk on, and part of the theme of this workshop is we're not afraid to fail, we're going to fail with reckless abandon during this workshop because the truth is that israel life and so day three has we have a sort of an outline, but we're gonna invite. Our students here and our students online to help us plan what we're doing for day three and what that big shoot is and you'll see that we're going to follow all of this stuff that we've talked about through the first three days the first two days to make dates we happen and it's gonna be pretty spectacular so the first thing I want to do today is his first demeanor team so I brought with me snap factory our team we're going to come out so this is diane she is my wife she is a beauty, isn't she? She is are going to be our makeup artist for this she's a professional makeup artist and a photographer but for today and for this workshop she is our makeup artist. This is kelsey she's, our producer. You'll get to meet all these guys a bit blurred this is erin. She is our wardrobe stylist and creative director and then michael down there is all things digital so he does video he does post production is retouching he does in designing nina's illustrator any of that kind of stuff that we need to happen that is michael and then also who's not here matt, we have the spirit of met with this hay is our videographer but he is not with us today and then we have our students so students come on up here and I want you to meet these guys so right here we have javier air ha ve years from miami come on, we're here we have josh right here. Josh is the man check out this here wouldn't it be cool if I had that here all right, this is linda say hi linda this is alan this is ball right on here then chris on the very end and so they're going to be hanging out with us through the entire workshop alright back to your chairs police we're gonna be there and in our model so carly comes from us from los angeles and actually I know her from new york so we shot in new york once, right? Yeah, and I thought spectacular and so we said come on up so welcome carly all right, so we're gonna do is we're going to start showing you so don't run away carly could we need you right off the bat so carly's gonna come over here? We're gonna start off by showing you about the direction of light and I have one more person I forgot to introduce that's john come on up here, john john is going to be our assistant and I'm sure if you watch crate of live you know who john is there he is I will take the shirt, eh? So stick around cause we're getting into it right now

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Ratings and Reviews

Brian Geoghegan

Mark Wallace, Brilliant at what he does, so clear to understand, he is amazing, well done Mark great workshop, I learned so much. Thank you, kind Regards, Brian from Ireland


Mark really knows his stuff. He was very well prepared and Mark did a great job teaching this course. Mark went through all the steps from beginning to end in great detail. He also answered questions from the audience an online viewers which helped fill in any blanks. Great course.

a Creativelive Student

I loved this workshop! Many things I struggled to understand about exposure and many other things became so clear! Just wow!

Student Work