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The Hot Seat Q&A

Lesson 11 from: Balancing Work, Family, and Photography

Rachel Brenke

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Lesson Info

11. The Hot Seat Q&A

Lesson Info

The Hot Seat Q&A

Ok, so we're going to do a hot seat we're actually going to take somebody to checklist that they have and kind of tear it apart and make it break it down into miniature items I got like a look of fear in the front row up here so I think I know I'm going to pick I'm guessing victoria yeah, that was great all right, so were you writing a cheque west down? I didn't prompting them to yeah well ok, I'll just go up whatever you say what I say I have to know your checklist item you want and I think it's changed since the class okay, well let's say it with me sorry for raising your lovely artwork without a bottle that was cute. That school in the coffee they know me so well ok. All right, so let's go over. What are your what was your checklist when you were coming into this course? Not sense, but before coming in it was more trying to manage my family with the with the business and trying to be more efficient and editing and just everything just in general ok, such a so let's take editing you ...

have anything you haven't fully edited are you completely caught? I know I'm not cut out ok, tell me if you're okay incomparable how far back of editing do you need and what is your normal timeline? A turnaround for clients turn around turn arounds been an issue I try to do it within a week and it always seems to go to two to three and what do you quote them? I usually say a couple of a couple of weeks. Yeah, ok, so how many sessions do you have from my behind on? Yeah, two right now only two way don't read too to me can take a really where they shot within the last three weeks so well with three weeks okay probably all right, so we got manage a family business that we have edited I really don't think I mean, this is a local item that I think you can get done obviously we're gonna have no shifting the global but is there something in that work flow that is keeping you from getting it done or is it simply not having time it's not having time so I haven't time ok, so we're gonna keep if it had been an issue on your actual editing that's what he would probably put on global and education you see I'm saying that's how you break it down so that you have but you don't need that you already are good on your workflow for processing I'm assuming it's just finding the time to do it so that's where meeting to start looking and that's where we evaluate on the managing the family and business and break it down so what other things did you have on your checklist? Everything it really is time finding title time yeah, because I loved what you said about utilizing every moment whether it's in line for school pick up for all that and I do do that but that to me also it becomes like I said, I feel like a machine every single part of my day is so purposeful I don't want to continue like I'm doing it but I don't want to continue doing that well let's break this down by the things that we've learned so far what can we put on local global so what are the things that we have hit on just today and maybe some things that you've seen that we're gonna talk about tomorrow then he'd broken now because this is a big task this is something that I would keep putting off if I just know I need to figure out a balancing plan I'll figure it out later I don't have time to figure that out right now, right? So what are the things that we've learned about that we can put into your local global so when you leave here you know which one you need to prioritize and get done for since the class today yeah, I feel like I have I needed to do a complete shift I feel like it's now back to a re evaluation okay um and I need to get the legal aspects done okay? Definitely more um consistently so I feel I just want to posit what part are you are you going? I'm going u huge like when are you dinner? Is that this? What what part of the legal aspects you want to get too deep do I mean, is it like a I need to do like immediately of the fear of I think I have to especially, you know, let's say take the insurance you know, I have, like kind of the overall broad I don't have it so specific like you really broke it down and I think that was just because of ignorance and not knowing what questions asked or where to go for it so that already took like even though added work to my list it took a huge stress out I was like, oh ok that's what I need to do so that needs to get squared away legal needs to get on your local list when you get home. It's actually somebody is going to stick on global if you do any changes such as when your studio is done right that's kind of approach is almost done so that there you go so that actually all that should probably go local so you were talking about your contracts and I must put k that's contracts anyhow way do it in law school contracts. We had the insurance and what was the last thing? The studio. So how what's your timeline for the studio? Oh, it's just about finished, like, within the next month, you finish? Yeah. Um, yeah, you're going to need to work this and this is the sea how we're breaking it down. So just legal less easy to put off on. And so I'm just gonna put this here on the re evaluation. What parts did you need to re evaluate so far? But you well, I think as my focus has been so much on managing family and all that, so I have more time to shoot at it. I feel like once some of these things were in order, I'm going to have such a peace of mind that it will open the doors to some of the other things I want. Like I only do the pdf guides. So I want to redo that because I've been tio well scared to do the issue and stuff like that. You don't know how to do it. Pdf guy probably is not going to a local thing. Yeah, there's the bears I talked about but isn't going to give you a direct return if you send a pdf phone and anything right now, no it's more important to get the legal stuff and then the editing. So this is how you just gotta break it down and keep asking yourself, and I actually keep re evaluation as a specific thing always on my list. My business plan and marketing plan always may be reevaluated I working quarters, it's just easiest way to do it so first quarter, then evaluate pricing that's how I also increased do shift in I don't just get a bee in my bonnet going increase pricing. I try to do it methodically because also was easier for me than if a client if I've got a timing of a client of the increased prices, but I want to honor an older price of doing on a routine evaluation structure and a time that I know I can automatically remember ok, they were before that, so they're on the old price list on and obviously would note that in client file as well. But if I'm on the phone with them, I don't necessarily have to think about it. So the revaluation because they hear you're going to end up doing the pf don't know why I put them purple, but you know, the pdf um, probably in your re evaluations give me a priority on global's, and you are leaving here and you're identifying things. So we have the editing, which is going to be a director return you gotta hold yourself for the contract with the client you gotta fulfill the expectations actually priority items not just where you're gonna get a base great return like this but that's going to help drive you because your client's going I mean how she met deadline well, look at this we have images and it's going to start working that marketing for you marketing takes a while whenever you do it and action takes a while for it to pick up steam on dso you want to try to do is much marketing all the time it's possible you don't just want to say I'm going to one marketing effort this month it's a continual ongoing thing but obviously this is super important I'm not saying put legal seconds I'm saying you could do both because you could be in the process and get me insurance you could call the set up and you could put that here call insurance agent to set up time and requests you know, to discuss it, then work on the editing until your appointment with them so that's how it is instead of like let me finish all the editing which is going to take me two weeks and then call the insurance agent have to wait three weeks more and then by then you're sitting with your studio accessing okay that's kind of how that works is there any question that means pretty common sense? But I think the biggest thing uses the law people fall into the trap of the big things and not breaking down like if you had editing and you had one that was like four, five weeks out and one that was shot right before you came that editing for that second session would go down because you still have time is a big return. You still have a little time to under promise overdeliver where's, that one that was coming up at the deadline really needed to get out because you don't want to be in breach either. I mean way we need to hold ourselves to it as well. They're hating on your checklist that you can think about texas done for the year. No, but I found my extension. Ok, so in taxes we're gonna probably so we have a deadline for that. Me not to tell. May I still yeah, I'm still planning to have it finished by the fifteen. Okay, so it's, what is today? But you have to have a deadline of thirtieth. So okay, all right, so then toxins are also going to go over here as well, but at the same time, while you're looking at the taxes and you're thinking home, man I am not doing well, I'm having to spend all my time shifting through receipts while you're in the process, it just quickly run into a global list. I'm like a tax set up system, but how you want to keep everything accounting and make that a global list so that maybe in a couple months when you're little florida have a slower day, you could start researching out there what people are doing if I don't consciously think that when I'm doing this, I'm going to check it off move on in the next room would be in the exact same situation with taxes, we never your I had best intentions and then you're digging through receipts, pam, you're doing various things are going to call her out on it. When we were talking about this, we just talk about this that if you don't consciously make the effort to abbott, that is the globalist it's out of sight out of mind and so that we were going to go ahead and put on here a tax system. I mean, if you have a good system down there, you just need to reevaluate that's a really crappy handwriting, but you're going to be able to stoop making, reevaluate and then break down the taxes and visit my keeping up with my receipt from the labs or is it keeping up with my marketing receives how do I want to do that I'm a big proponent of digital when it comes to tax receipts I took a picture of it all and store it all on dropbox and then I'm like here dummy cpi and have fun because I had best intentions of it and putting it into a spreadsheet but so that's a system I said anything else a block a block and like my monkey your monkey you guys are listening yeah it's a monkey on your back and actually blogging is one of those blocking an editing are big things that are monkeys on my back because it's not a quick email sending the client in the temple and email the inquiry that you could get done this really takes time to sit down and process everything s o are you doing blogged features for clients I don't know how to block at home no problem okay right there and do it soon they had somebody get showing up late in my thing for me to break it down in sousse did you have a bog I have my website that has a block capability okay just your set up do you need to learn how to use it right all right so do someone set it up for you said yes ok so you learn how to use and then you need to figure out what kind of structure you're going to block him I just gonna do images and I'm just going to start with just client features or I want to start doing yeah, ok, so you're going to text plus plus images? Yes, ok. All right, so obviously the learning kind of use is going to go on a local because we can't do any of the others and then we could put on there to catch up start by the month or however many sessions you want to dio because how many do you have? Ok, so you probably have an unlimited number behind us that you need to probably blawg at some point. My recommendation for that issue to put on the local lists who do the block teachers from all clients now forward the globalist, which is on slower days when I want ben start going back to older plans because if I went back to another plane from a year ago to block them now there's not as much steam behind it where is it? Someone that's really super interested in this session? We just had there gonna be more like a champion for you. You're going to the better marketing steam out of it. Um, so for us that you would want to put you can bend down to take a break that but you're gonna put here, learn how to use and then at least blogged the curtains to these cause you're gonna put that in your work flow so soon you can learn um we're going to put that probably go ahead about the same time they were enquiring to the insurance agent are your lawyer and you're probably gonna probably inquire to the person who set it up to teach you how to do it you know platform it's on me like wordpress dot wordpress lf that resource is for you okay can that's super easy I think we're process relatively straightforward from blogging other functionalities that could be a learning curve um what was the other things the learning how to use text and images over them the past catch catching up on past ones you don't want to make it a big production to put those first start with the most current and then slower days like I said catch up with the other ones any what other items so that everything and then just still trying to do that with them trying to manage family well I think for this we're gonna touch on scheduling hearing him and I think having the schedule what you break this down and a parent with a schedule when I know I have this block then I know okay I need to add it boom clothes everything else at it done I don't have to sit and say behind at it but this was a comfort so I need to respond to that client um I would probably put clint, I I don't know if we've gotten to it yet. I always try to my local prettiest standard responding to emails that are really quick right away as well as social media post, because I can get those those with a quick ones, but that eddings priority, so that comes next. So these are the ones that drive me forward maintenance every day because they're still going to give me extra benefits for the really quick to d'oh. And then once you're blogging that those become super easy because I've got a new block a little in a picture with lincoln, the caption on facebook and I'm done, and we're gonna talk about automation for blogging and all of that, I believe tomorrow since we shifted that around, all right, anything else? Any questions on no good it's? Hard? Because I don't know how she could act like I have to live their lives and what I'm gonna need four different list, because I mean it's, just like the school life in the inn, there's home life and then their local and global things that school has nothing to do with local and global things at home, and they all have to get done, it sounds overwhelming. Andi that's great we're getting that does it that questions from the internet okay from me as well how do is let's get joined together and then prioritize or do I keep mine segment because my time is segment when I'm doing business work I'm doing business work if I see on this list and I need to do laundry and pick up dry cleaning all that it's easier for me to talk myself into well let me go pick up the dry cleaning and go get a soda and drive around and check out the location scouting and it's nowhere near on my local list when I actually need to be doing it's easier to talk myself out of things that I don't want to do um but like for you and I know that sounds like a lot I have to list for every part of my life the global I really do keep this elektronik and it does not necessarily come on every single day it's more like a once a week type of thing as I start checking these off because if I look at everything at one time I pull up jump for it's really if I pull out for my junk drawers I'd be like close them all and that's what I've been doing and going about my day but if I just pull out the war in the local I'm going to eat the elephant a little bit easier uh yeah, I separated out and actually on the scheduling your c I color could everything on my calendar as well so I can glance and see if I have something do for school or something due to a client's a bagel red thing then I know that that is a priority item for the day help okay? And I do in the same thing for school though tio just schools a little more straight forward I think is you have deadlines so you they give you the deadlines we have to set around deadlines on this the contract does give us some kind of you know, on expectations that we said gives us a framework, but it is easier to talk yourself out of doing taxes or keep shifting stuff and you really is hard if you have an item that doesn't really have a deadline just throw it on the global, throw it in the junk drawer and expect not to do it so that's why the re evaluation about what have pulled it off on my knees to see there's an eye right deadlines next to my stuff so say I was going to reach out to a vendor in july and it was june if I had written july on here and I pulled it out in june I'm like ok it's, time to move it over and it's on me thing in my office to look at but I don't look at it every day and go, oh my god, I have so much to do this year, how I'm gonna manage it all, because that's just going to stress you out, and you're not going to do anything, okay, anything anymore, but we can break down for not immediate, no, okay, castillo. Thank you. All right, so that's. Pretty much. It sounds like a lot, but that's where I approach, and once you get the framework set up and you start adding items it's really quickly to put them where they go, based on priority need and return of benefit you you can in the return of death. It is like the example I gave with blogging. Past sessions probably aren't going to get me in great immediate benefit. They need to be done, but that's. Probably not. What's going to be priority for me.

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