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How to Learn a New Spelling System

Lesson 10 from: Become Fluent in Any Language

Gabriel Wyner

How to Learn a New Spelling System

Lesson 10 from: Become Fluent in Any Language

Gabriel Wyner

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Lesson Info

10. How to Learn a New Spelling System

Lesson Info

How to Learn a New Spelling System

In the last segment we dealt with learning how to train your ear to hear new sounds we dealt with learning how to train your mouth to make new sounds but that's all well and good what about the spelling system and to what extent is that important? I have people coming to me who say well I just want to speak the language I don't want to read it I don't want to write it like what about me do I need to learn how to read in this language and it's a very good question because well, is that a waste of time we mean if I just want to speak, why should I learn how to read and what I find it comes down to is this thing they call the broken word problem um in my experience in french immersion at middlebury high as I said sort of segment one eye ended up landing in this sort of advanced class we ended up reading lots and lots of friends, philosophers and all this stuff and we had these ridiculously high brow discussions in french like what is the difference between dec arts and south coast philoso...

phies and things like this in french? And we've got to feel really hardy twenty and you know, fancy that we're speaking about this in french and five weeks into this program one of the students raised her hand and said, we're talking about the cocked and we're talking about I think therefore I am dying we're talking about all this philosophy and stuff like this and one of the students raised her hand and said okay, well I know another philosopher who sort of matches this he's speaking french uh and seems to have really really similar ideas and so I want to know what about how does he fit into this discussion and we were like okay, well, what philosopher isn't she goes oh that's desk artie's and it was this moment not off like old cap believe you did this it was this moment of watching a broken word happened and I've had these broken words too I mean, I had this in english where basically for the first twenty years of my life or maybe like from your five to twenty thie english word s c h e m e I was convinced was pronounced xin you have shaming criminals, you have design teams this sort of thing and I would encounter this conversation's people be like, oh yeah, there was it's a really ugly design scheme and I'd be like that like a sheet what's the difference and every time it came up I remember because I would have this intense experience of confusion or I'd be like well what's that there's got to be some difference between scheme and sheen and so it's gotta be really subtle because used the words and almost the same context and I had a broken word and somewhere around the age of twenty I looked up this thing and I realized that scheme and shame are one and the same and the sheen didn't even exist uh and I fixed it but that caused me so many so much discomfort in my own language and in watching this this girl with this carty's this wasn't an issue like what? Who cares if you can't pronounce if you if you have an issue pronouncing dick kat's name like who cares? The issue is that for her she had this broken word but she also had a thousand two thousand three thousand more by not internalizing the spelling rule that that in french you don't pronounce the final ss for instance um now every single word in french that hasn't s at the end is now broken word is a word where she needs to figure out what is the difference between desk artie's and they cocked and so this becomes really problematic where what you want is you want everything you read to reinforce what you here to reinforce what you say to reinforce what you write and what you get if you don't have all the spelling rules in the language internalized is that you get division's right in the middle of your language you end up learning two completely different languages you learn a written language and a spoken language and they are separate um this is often what people think about when they think about oh, I have to learn grammar english grammar stuff like that well, they associate it with learning, you know, propositions and prepositional phrases and being able to label grammar in english and the idea of this as grammar and this being hard it well, this is, uh this was your first foreign language was english. The written language turned out to be your first foreign language because written language is not what you spoke as a kid. Um, end what you want in terms of learning of actual, you know, a second language is you want every part of your language to reinforce itself, so dealing with a broken word problem dealing with getting spelling down and mastered from the beginning, we'll save you a great deal of time. Um, we're about to hit our very first flash card designs, which is finally excited. Finally look at these things and to learn sound in spelling, you basically only need two types of flash cards. We're going to zoom in on these the first asks about a letter for letter combination in this case, it's saying, what sound is this spelling make you haven't a with some dots over it, as in this word l a with some dots over it c h e l n which ends up meaning smile you have a picture of a smile which sort of grounds you in what is this word in the concrete thing makes it so it's not just an abstract exercise but it's like no no I need this this is a symbol that is important for me to be able to express smiling um and this is as unless you in german this makes the sound so you have one flash card where we'll ask this question in the context of a specific word because in english for example what is o u g h how do you pronounce o u g h well you pronounce o u g h completely differently in hiccup and cough though and so having those in the context of individual words is allows you to lock down on one particular pronunciation but that's it that's all I need on the backside you're gonna have a recording of the word it's going to actually say election and you will be able to hear this sound and link it to the spelling um in the case that you are using paper flashcards you cannot have your paper flashcards talked to you this is one of the unfortunate things about paper nowadays it will probably change in ten years nose um if you're using paper flash cards you need to have the international phonetic alphabet memorized there's nothing there's no way else out of it I mean this as a national on the backside your card? What? You have a blank thing? You at right e h well, what happens when it doesn't correspond to english? Uh, you will need to have the phonetic alphabet memorized if you use paper that's not the worst thing in the world have already talked about how phonetic alphabets are really handy to memorize but uh for this purpose for memorizing a sound system, I really like computerized flashcards because actually hearing recordings and then looking at in the international phonetic alphabet symbols recordings are just better because this is a thing that you're trying to hear flash card one flash card to is the reverse of the first and is really, really helpful. You hear a recording, you see a picture of a smiling face. Your job is to produce the spelling lesson. This kind of card basically builds spelling in your head these things are gold. I love these cards. Um and I used both of them I mean use both of them so that they reinforce each other. But what's really nice about these sort of cards is that they sort of but they keep pushing that that your training thing all the way through is this lesson with this leash, you know, which isn't really a word, but if you had any instead of an a with two dots it forces you to connect what you see to what you hear. It forces you to develop your ear. These cards air just gold. I love these things. They're tricky in the beginning. In the beginning, when you look at this and you only know five letters and it's asking you to spit out like ten, they can be tricky. They will be just sort of wrote memorization for the first five or ten of them will be a pain. But as they build up, you start getting a really, really concrete sense of how to use the spelling system to generate sounds and how to take sounds and generate spelling. I mean it's a really nice arrangment. Thes two cars work together. I love them. So let's actually make some of these I want to pull out a hankie and actually show you how to use this in real practice. Okay, what's, use this for language learning. So what we're going to do is we're gonna learn some hungarian altogether because learning hungarian he's going to be the same challenge you're going to encounter. If you're trying to learn french or german or opinion in mandarin or kanji not country, I need the khana alphabets in japanese trento connor he's gonna, uh, you're going to be using those exact same techniques just with different letters on you, the only reason I'm choosing these words is because you don't have to deal with any complicated typing things which will deal with in a little bit we'll deal with how do you learn how to type in japanese in mandarin? In french, for instance, when you have an accent a t how do you do that? We'll talk about that, but for now, uh we're gonna win some hungarian sue. We're gonna learn these five words as in chicken, just chicken not so much as in shite, just cheese, as in cem, just I this is as in zenda, she's music and has in jeb pocket um and we're going to grab sounds and images from creative live it's from some of the enrollment materials, so let's, open up those enrollment materials because we're about to start jumping into hunky and I can turn on this sort of show my mouse thing. Um, my enrollment materials were over here, I've already opened the standard model deck, and I've already loaded that into monkey, so I don't need to do that again. If you haven't, then I want you to load up this model deck you're gonna need it, you double click on it's loaded into hunky, um and downloadable class files, but I'm looking for is the hungarian spelling demo uh which may well be in this sort of zip archive learning spelling a demo you could double click on it and it will open up a big old folder with images sound files chief you know and a pdf which you should open right now called the sounds of hungarian these are the sounds of hungarian uh this is the list in the way that I like to have my list uh that is to say that I have every spelling that I care about I have office and our block I have assigned a lot I have all of these sounds written out I have the pipe symbols if I want them and I have example words that are actually concrete this is one thing that is challenging to find um we'll talk a little bit later but how to develop them yourself? I'm going to be working on developing these for the kickstarter folks um actually having example wars that you could get pictures ofthe makes them a lot easier to learn uh things like you know o u g h is and hiccup is easier to learn because you could actually have a picture of someone having a hiccup compared to o u g h is and though you know what does that look like esso if you can find examples of each of these spellings such that they're actual concrete things you could get pictures of those air really really handy um and so here's a set of of the sounds of hungarian we're gonna learn all the ones in bold choose and she'd care etcetera um so let's go do that uh we're gonna first open up monkey and just for housekeeping just to sort of get rid of things in the deck this is just a thing that I kind of have to do for the way that donkey imports dex I want you to hit the brows button and in the brows button you will see the onc e browser the yankee browser is a little confusing there's a lot of things going on all at once all I want you to do basically is select all the cards you don't need to get rid of them and so what you're going to do is click down here you see model deck minimal pears everything else the minimal pairs if you don't want them those of the french bond bond ash finish all these things if you don't want them you could get rid of them too but I'm gonna leave them for now I'm going to go to the everything else deck everything else that has a bunch of sample flash cards that you do not need you only need them so that monkey will install them automatically it's just a sort of housekeeping and so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on one I'm going to go to edit and select all or had command a that's going to select all of these notes, and I'm gonna hit the delete button and poof, I don't have any more cards that are gonna bother me. That's it. So I just want you to click on everything else, select all of these things. You could have command a your control eight, they select them and then hit the delete button and get rid of all these extra cards that you don't need him that's all close this out right now, we're ready to add some cards ready to learn some spelling cards. And so I want you to hit the ad button and you will see our familiar thing. The one we did with sacramento and all this. This is where we were before. Except we're not learning. Whatthe capital is of california were actually gonna start learning languages stuff. And so, uh, instead of just having a front and a back hard, I mean, it's sort of having a front side of a flash card in the backside of a flash card. We're gonna be using my flash card models. We're gonna be using models that generate, uh, the flash cards that I talked about in the president, uh, in thies too, see, how do you spell this word card? And the white sound is the spelling make hard. Uh, these air two cars that were going to generate every time we hit the ad card button. One of the nice things about hunky one of the things I really one of the reasons I love it so much is that you can make one flash card type that will spit out five flash cards, all the ones. And so when I deal with, you know, paper flash cars with stuff I have to write by hand, I have to write this by hand five times where is in a computer with donkey? I can basically just tell it, go make me a bunch of flash cars, and it will do just that. So let's do that. Um, I want you on the top left where it says type and you have basic, this is the basic front and back thing I want you to click on basic, and I want you to select spellings and sounds because that's what we're gonna learn right now you get spellings and sounds and you select, choose and suddenly you will see four fields instead of just two. You're not gonna see front and back you're going to see spelling example word picture of that word on a recording of that word. And so, our first word, if we look back at that pdf and I'm using all the tab because I remember I'm going to just keep harping on you guys, that whole tab is your friend, he saves you a few seconds, every flash card. Um, the first sound that we're gonna learn is true, as in cheating. So the spelling the letter, a combination of letters is cs, as in the example word, chief. Well, let's see what she looks like. I'm gonna go to that folder that hungarian spelling demo folder I'm gonna find me my cheating. I'm going to pick it up, it's the same thing we did with sound files and segment to I'm going to pick it up, and I'm going to either just drop it in the window behind it if I know where it is or I can just all tab in donkey and drop it there. And one of the things that we'll start talking about a little later is that this is actually what a hungarian cheated tends to look like. They tend to be really kind of rustic these aren't like, you know, chick fillet, chickens or something like that. These aren't foster's farms, chickens, these air, like really rustic chickens on dso cheating is actually a different concept. Then chicken even though they kind of overlapped someone so here's my cheat again I'm gonna go back into the into my finder I'm gonna go find my recording of cheating I'm going to pick it up you click and drag you have it in your hand and I can either drop it behind me or I can call tab or command command tab on mac and drop it right there chief chief okay I have just made this flash card I have everything I need I have a spelling I have an example word I have a picture of that word and I have a recording of that word and then I'm gonna add it remember to add you hit command return for command enter and poof I just developed I just made two flashcards for myself I made one flash card that says that that says chica out loud it shows me a picture of a chicken and it says how do you spell this word you have to think and think ok that is c s I r k and you'll have another flash card uh that says c s as in c s I r k with a picture of a chicken is pronounced how and when you hit the other side it will say cheat again and you can think okay that's cheating let's do it again because this is a process that you will kind of keep doing this is work that is done for you with the whole kickstarter thing but this is actually fun work I mean, I don't I don't suggest like, okay, we'll just skip this and have someone else do it for you I mean, that is an option that I'm trying to develop, but, uh, the idea of kind of going through your language and thinking, well, what kind of words do I want for my sure, what kind of example am I going to choose for my new in italian, my going to choosing your key like, is that a good one? You know, what should I choose here? Uh, should I for hungarians that chews and chica chicken or choosing chaser, which is ah, a little teacup choosing your own examples for what's going to build your language is it's actually kind of fun, and you end up using them a lot more than you might think we're going to talk about no monix a little bit later in segment five in the next segment actually, um but you can use these cards these examples to, uh, sort of teach yourself how to remember spellings of different I'll give you example, if I let's say, use c h as in shot cat in french as my example for first should then let's say, I later on learned the word for horse shibata and I can't seem to remember howto how to spell it can't seem to remember even what the first sound is I'm like oh that's some sort of it ends involved but I remember the beginning you can start using this image of a cat and associating that with a horse and you just sort of create these whimsical stories in your head of cat's riding the horse cats holding the reins this sort of crazy thing and that starts you start being able to develop a picture of a picture toolbox of what will teach you spellings in the language and so for me uh I have chickens all over my hungarian I have chickens and tea cups I have chickens all over the place any time I can't remember a chew I stick in my sciatica ah and so choosing these is actually part of the game really um but let's keep going been blabbing on enough so um let's learn show isn't shite this was an s says down here should just pronounced esh as in shite is a cheese so we have a spelling is should example word is shite picture of that example word I'm gonna command tab into the finder drop in my picture of shite really big picture of shite another thing here the the hungarians tend to use swiss cheese is whenever you search for shite on google images you will find that it is primarily cheeses with holes in them and so shite is not cheese try it is not really what you'd I mean it is what you might use for american cheese and little slices of kraft cheese or whatever but for our hungarian when they think short they think thiss they think swiss cheese this is something we're gonna keep harping on because it's your developing words you're developing what is what makes it different from everything I know up to this point um at this point I want a recording of short so I'm gonna pull that in there shite shite okay and we're gonna make another flash card doing yeah question another way to insert the pictures or the sounds is by pressing f three you know go open you up till the last folder and for me I found it is a quick way tio insert photos and sounds mine is not cooperating but I believe you if you could if you hover over it I'll tell you what what the what button you need to push for each button that was probably the attached thing, right? Yeah so you just hover overhead tell you which button the best monkey board thank you for that so in this case we'll try it actually because why not try some new things? These were in the course materials on down little class piles hungarian spending demo in this place we were learning shite I think shite except that we weren't letting shite already learned shite so let's get another one um we're learning citizen sam we're grabbing a picture of a hungarian I we're going to try this f three thing which in my case won't respond after because my keyboard sequences were messed up but we can go straight there that's nice it opens the same folder you're right that's really great wei have sim way have sam again I'm gonna do the same thing sim another thing just to keep sort of highlighting this hungarian when you search for sam you will find it is primarily women's eyes that hungarians associate with eye again words are different in every language and so we have seven um I want to show you a little bit about how you would do this in the real world um in terms of what happens when someone has not given you all of the sound files, what do you do then? So, um we're trying to learn citizens any right? Um what I would suggest we'll do this, we'll do this manually and then we'll do this once with the sort of browser automation thing so there to websites I want you to know about they're listed in the course syllabus one is for bo dotcom shut off my sound because I'm not allowed to play sounds from four vote dot com for legal reasons um one is for little common and has at this point how many words? Two million three hundred fifty word pronunciations, two million three hundred thousand recordings of words in various languages. It's wonderful, actually no two million five hundred thousand recordings um and so over here, I think we were learning zen, right? And so if you search for bo, if the internet cooperates, which it is not, so we'll go on from there you will find recordings of xenon or of any other word you want. And if you can't find it, you can request it and it will show up there. And so, yes, indeed I have a hungarian zenon I have two different pronunciations of it. I could play both of them. One of them is from a female from the united states some hungarian did not like, but in either case, I have one from from the sutra fi and I can download this mp three I need to log in with with four vote in order to download anything and I highly recommend go away three go away three but that won't get me in trouble, but once I'm logged in, uh aiken basically just click down, letting me three it's gonna download who actually want to talk about that, um it will download here I can drag it this is my first safari actually thing that we talked about firefox earlier I can drag from for bo I switch into hunky and I drop it right in there and you will hear zana I can't play it for legal reasons um similarly we're going to go into google images we're gonna go to google images hungarian because we're going to get different images we're gonna go to the senate and we're going to go all the way down this is something that you can bookmark instantly and I highly recommend that and what you'll find this that hungarians, for whatever reason tend to have a lot of women listening to music I have a lot of women eyeballs and have a lot of women listening to music and apparently I've been covering up the breast with music um and so I will grab my favorite woman listening to music I will grab her, I will copy this image and I will dump it in donkey it's a sort of the long way around um and we'll do one last one for jeb this's the pocket thing uh and we will do that using multi search because I think it's a really handy way of doing things uh we're gonna download the hungarian multi search thing click downloaded, downloaded double click it's going to say you can out do you want to open this it's fine and you will say enter your search phrase researching for shabba and poof I should have four tabs open immediately with the jab already selected ah and in this case red we find a lot of people uh what I found before is this sort of empty pocket things showed up a lot um hungarians find that there's a lot of empty pockets and hungry you see this thing over and over and over again another thing you see is a very sort of traditional pocket design. This is sort of our there jeb is yeah, you'll find it on genes but it's sort of a more rustic thing and this is some distinction to be made between dragon and that but I'm gonna choose this empty pocket I'm going to copy this image I believe I can drag and drop in hockey nowadays he keeps changing it uh so you can actually drag images directly into hunky I'll choose to images because why not? And I'll get a recording which is already in the second tab, huh which is ready there of jeb it's recorded um and it shows up in my downloads or it shows up up here which is where I was suggesting and that is jab it will say jeb one thing if you are using safari and you are downloading mp three's I highly recommend you make it so that it stops trying to open itunes the way you do that is by going to safari preferences and over here where it says open safes files after downloading uncheck that and it will stop harassing you with the itunes disclaimer and blah blah blah so I can just click here it will download sha'ab and it will remain there without me having to deal with it so that is shep cool I think we can keep going on because I think we have learned all of our spellings I mean all of those five spellings so this is generally the process you would go through if you wanted to learn something like french if you notice at the beginning of most of most french books this one does not have it. Um italian book might this is just an italian phrase book. Yes, great. Um here's an italian phrase book this is the lonely planet phrasebook this is a very, very common sort of thing you'll see I highly recommend the lonely planet siri's I think they're great. They have a wonderful dictionary in the back that is really good for searching for example words it's like I need a word for d I want some sort of thing searched through you find I don't know crime perfect you have a picture of a robber it's like perfect for you get whatever example you want, but in the very beginning you will find we will attempt to so focus this and stuff you will find a siri's of examples just like my list in hungarian where it says d is for daddy thought whatever you is for naoki and it will show you every single spelling that you really need to care about you'll find this in the beginning of most grammar books, you'll find this in the beginning of most language things uh, the only challenge will be, uh, can you find pictures of these things? You know, in this case, I have, you know, eisen bonnie great that's that's that's uh, red, you put bread on your, um but do you have eye? Isn't my just like never well, what has never looked like? Well, that's more problematic. And so, uh, that's where you started started going through the dictionary and finding can I find a good example of eye that is visualize herbal? Um, but your first job is to find example words for every basic spelling. Usually that work is done for you in your textbook. Um if it is not if you can't quite find the ones you want, then you can go to wikipedia. You goto wikipedia, you just search for oppa you don't need to do wikipedia will automatically go to wikipedia for italian I pay for telling will automatically show you that first link will be the wikipedia article and you will have buddhism bianca is indoor zainal the great wonderful list so I very much like these articles for sourcing your example words I also like uh the's phrase books and dictionaries I think uh honestly the easiest way to find really concrete examples for each of your spellings is a phrase book just cause the dictionaries are so small and they're so full of really simple words I mean they it's it's a dictionary with two thousand words which means that like fifteen hundred them are really easy simple simple words so I really like these dictionaries because they're tiny um let's see what else in terms of google images we've talked about that google images I highly recommend going tio one of the things in the syllabus this is image search tools this is fluent forever dot com slash chapter four which will teach you how to set up a google image is such that it's working well for language learning such that it is translated like like this where you have all of these empty pockets will the original translation is relationship you have the originals all there I think this is worth setting up and so it's worth spending the five minutes to get that done s o go to fluent forever dot com slash chapter four to do that um aside from that for recordings I've already shown you for bo dot com and it's wonderful but if you want more if you want on demand recordings for let's say sentences if you want a one word list read by one person and you say I want I want everything I want everything the way I want it I want one person to read every single sound that I want and I want it to be perfect then I highly recommend rhino spike dot com um rhino spike is a website uh really need website um that basically gives you foreign language audio on demand for free. The idea is that you submit a text you say ok, I have this word list this is what I did for my hungarian minimal paris incidentally, I had my list of toucan juke and all this stuff and I submitted that list two rhinos bike and I said hear all the words I need can you please record these twice pretty please you submit this and then you record some stuff in english or in your native language. Other people will have requests of saying hey, you know I need this text read for me I'm trying to learn english I'm trying to learn spanish can you read this in spanish? You read those and every time you give a recording to rhino spike it will bump your request up on the list and so the more things you do the faster you will get your recording generally you'll get a recording within a few days if you really work on it and you you do everyone's english for them then you'll probably get it within a day or two maybe like one day maybe a few hours eso rhino spike is a really nice resource for sort of on demand exactly what you want kind of resource is but for bo is really nice and I for one was really what my go to for forgetting recordings in the language uhm soo let's go here for a second um for oh this is what we're going to set up multi search cool let's do that now we can bring all the pc users back into the thing um I don't know about lennox there maybe my mackerels for lennox I don't know I have not looked into that so let's get high macros running in fire fox and then let's get it running in here we should have enough time to get it running a chrome too I think we're good so to get my macros for chrome running to get this running on a pc I highly recommend the apple scripts for mac but no reason not to have two options in your mac if the apple scripts suddenly blows up or something like that um search google for macros macros for firefox if I'm in firefox go there and click add two firefox and click installed now that will take a very short amount of time firefox will restart I could do the exact same thing in chrome aiken search for I'ma crows for chrome was going to do this side by side search the chrome web store click add to crow minus already there so it's has added to crow but neither case I have I'm macros installed when I macros is installed you will see this little thing it's like a folder with a yellow circle lee thing on it that is I macros it looks like this the interface is a little wobbly but it gets the job done firefox first because it's much easier chrome is a pain in the butt sometimes chrome is your only option though google broke for six months last year uh they changed their security setting such that, uh firefox all this sort of translating google in sticking google images and google translate all that stuff that produced garbage useless and so chrome was your only bet and so I had to teach everyone had to use chrome but that's okay first we're gonna start with uh hi mac rose in firefox because it's much easier to use um so you will go to my website you got a flute forever dot com slash multi hyphen search this is in the syllabus and in the multi search website down here there's basically two bookmarks I want you to have uh we think click this button to open up my macros thing um but you probably won't even need them what you want no matter what is this open six tabs bookmark and I'll show you why in a second um and so I am going to control click on this or a p c I'm going to uh right click on it when it clicked bookmark this link don't put that my bookmarks toolbar okay, I'm putting open six taps my bookmarks toolbar away I did that is I right click their hit bookmark this link I selected bookmarks toolbar and I had safe. I'm going to see my bookmarks toolbar because I can't see it right now I will goto view to toolbars two bookmarks toolbar I will see look, I have open six tabs there now the functionality of open six tabs is that when I click on it in a new window if all goes well and hopefully we can all pray it will go well, it should instantly open six think think and at this point I have four empty tabs one, two, three four I want tab with google translate just to be handy and I have one tap with google images just in case I need some sort of image okay, the other thing I want is a bookmark of whatever whatever language I'm learning in this case I am learning hungarian so I'm gonna pick the hungarian multi search and so I'm going to win this case right? Click our command click it bookmark this link but then my bookmarks toolbar again save it and now when I go here I could just click hungarian multi search I want you and it will sit there and search for websites all at once just like that apple scripted uh and I will have a whole bunch of pictures of hungarian dogs which are going to be slightly different kind of weird compared to american dogs I will have recordings of quetta I will have a bilingual dictionary of dog and I will have a google translate translated monolingual dictionary saying that a dog is a small to medium by many embodied barking four legged animal todo eso this is that same resource the one we talked about this browser automation that we did with apple script in macros um I think we will see if we have time I don't want to do in chrome right now because it's just it's a pain in the butt if we have time at the end will come back and do it in chrome and if there's a desire from the chat rooms and we can do that just look around his eyes from the children's just if you can go slightly slower because people following along sure and they just you know you clicking quite quickly that's not a problem sure okay are there any specific things that people were confused about and I think it's when they get into it get into the technical stuff it's just that the moving in the picture and about a lot of people I think even if they're familiar with the mac aren't necessarily going with this program at that speed absolutely we can go slow relaxing a bit I can chillax it all your life we will chillax away okay well I'm gonna close this window so the just to sort of cover why this thing exists if the reason why we have two different bookmarks the reason why I'm macro why I have this open six taps thing is that if I search directly with my hungarian multi surgery thing and I put in culture it will immediately search for websites in the same tab over and over and over again and now I don't get to see any of the information I see whatever the last one is that loaded by clicking the open six tabs button it allows me to spread that information out of over six taps just kind of what I want and so at this point when I search for my thing I get all of that information that I wanted another thing to note sometimes you will, uh, when you're using this, if you start in let's, say the left jab, it will start there, and so it will start sort of migrating towards the right and eventually you run out of space. At this point, you noticed my google translate link is the second tab, and if I keep migrating to the right, I will eventually run out of space. So always, whenever you're using this, click on the far, far, far left tab you know, have the open six tabs button open and then search. This is one of the reasons why I'm really glad that someone develop those apple scripts. They're just much, much, much easier. I'm sorry to all the folks who don't have apples group tour on pcs and lennox and stuff because those are magical, and if someone out there in the audience is really, really good at programming or knows some automation systems four pieces that work for lennox that work on can develop a similar thing to the apple scripts, let me know I will post them on my web site in the same spot because I I'm a crows, I think it's great because of what it does, but it is pain to use on, so the apple scripts are a million times better.

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I really enjoyed this course. Gabe has a terrific, easy teaching style that's entertaining and absorbing to the point where I'm conscious of having gone through the course a little too fast. I am looking forward to going back through it a little more slowly to catch any tidbits I missed, but even without that I feel I have so many new tools to apply to language learning and I can't wait to get started. I really appreciate that he also went over how to tackle a language you've already learned in the past but have not retained to the level you'd like, as well as how to start a brand new language from scratch. I hope to do both with much greater success than my previous attempts.

a Creativelive Student

I really wasn't expecting to learn a whole lot of new things with this course but I feel like I have come away with so much more then just how to learn a language. The science on how our mind and memory work was really interesting and also very applicable to other parts of my life. Along with this course, I purchased Gabriel's pronunciation trainer which I also highly recommend. I never thought about the pronunciation of a language as a separate part and I feel like learning this first is already greatly improving my understanding of my goal language. I have tried to learn another language many times only to either give up from frustration or get bored with the program I'm using. This course and Gabriel's method of learning a language have me so excited that this time will be the time I succeed. I can't wait to start using the word list once that is available and to start creating my own. Thank you so much for such a great course.


Worth every penny. Despite the title, you'll learn far more than how to become fluent in a language -- you'll learn how to learn anything you want! Gabe is a great presentational speaker, articulate and captivating. The foundation of the course is about how to set a concrete and measurable goal, learn effectively, and set yourself up for success. This course addresses forming new habits within the constraints of your current life, making progress when you don't feel motivated, and how to recover from setbacks like getting off-track or when you just don't grasp a concept--these topics are often missing from other learning courses so students flounder as soon as they stray from the formula. Building on all these fundamentals, Gabe then offers specific techniques and tools for language learning. Excellent course!

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