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Box Zip Bags

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Introduction & Overview of Skillset

Shaerie Mead

Box Zip Bags

Shaerie Mead

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Lesson Info

1. Introduction & Overview of Skillset
Shaerie reviews the supplies and process for customizing your travel accessories by sewing your own box zip bag!

Lesson Info

Introduction & Overview of Skillset

Hi, I'm sherri mead, and this is my los angeles based sewing classroom called so l a. Today I'm going to take you step by step through one of our most popular accessories. Project are boxes of bags. This is a great class, if you have already. So in a couple of beginner projects, we're going to tackle a couple more intricate things, like sewing in a zipper, and so in the lining. So if you've ever wanted to customize some travel accessories for yourself and for your loved ones, this is the class for you. Join me for boxes, bags.

Class Description

Zippers add sophistication to your handmade projects, but they don’t have to add complication. Learn an easy way to work with zippers in Box Zip Bags with Shaerie Mead.

Shaerie has been making sewing simple for students at Sew L.A. since 2005. In this beginner-friendly class, she’ll show you how to make a travel bag – the easy way. You’ll learn about:

  • Interpreting a pattering
  • Cutting and preparing fabric
  • Working with a zipper foot 
  • Sewing seams and box corners
  • Turning and finishing a bag
You’ll learn how to cut and prep all the components of the bag including the fabric, lining, and interfacing. Shaerie will also offer tips on giving your corners a crisp look.

If zippers intimidate you, don’t miss your chance to learn the foolproof method for making them work in Box Zip Bags with Shaerie Mead.

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Shaerie Mead - Box Zip Bag Pattern.pdf

Shaerie Mead - Box Zip Bag Supply List.pdf

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Jaime Baggett

This was such a fun class and I felt so confident once I finished the box zip bag! I just bought the class last week and I've already finished two larges. I had been wanting to learn how to sew a zipper for a while and this class was a perfect choice. I love the instructor, she's easy to follow and doesn't use weird, hard to understand terms. And she defines things that might be unknown. THANK YOU, SHAERIE!