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Wedding Photography Business

Jasmine Star

Wedding Photography Business

Jasmine Star

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1 Getting Started Duration:59:10
3 Finding a Photography Mentor Duration:41:32
4 Financing the Business Duration:05:16
6 Pricing Duration:57:53
7 Q&A Part 1 Duration:24:17
9 First Wedding on My Own Duration:32:36
10 Marketing Duration:26:18
11 A Conversation with Chase Duration:13:13
12 Creating my First Website Duration:52:16
14 Q&A Part 2 Duration:34:57

Class Description

In this workshop Jasmine explores how to grow your wedding business. Build a brand that embraces your unique strengths, and communicate that brand to attract clients through today's online social media tools.


a Creativelive Student

This is an amazing course for anyone thinking about making money with their photography skills! Jasmine gives so much useful information and tips and explains so many things! To be honest, before watching this course I was convinced I won't be able to do this, making my skills a business I mean. But after Jasmine's course I feel so inspired that I'm ready to give it a try! Her energy is amazing. I'm now officially a fan :D


All I can say is "wow!" - I am completely blown away by this course. I figured this course would be informative but it has made me completely step back, refocus and rethink the way I shoot weddings and run my business. Jasmine's expertise and real life examples of how she built a focused, intentional brand are invaluable. No wonder she is so successful! Thank you Jasmine and Creative Live for putting this on! Awesome, awesome, awesome!