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Wi-Fi Function

I'm going to get this camera turned around over here so that you guys can see what we're doing we're going to flipping back and forth between the keynote because I got everything backed up in case this goes haywire up here so we're turned on and what we're going to do is we need to enable the wifi system so if you want to hook your sixty up to your phone I have an iphone five I don't know a lot about other phones but this is the one I'm going to show you on how to hook it up on and so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna need to enable the wifi and so I'm gonna go ahead and do that right now and in able okay and something to note movie recording is disabled and all connections to the usb device are disabled so there's a number of things that you can't do when you have the whole wifi system turned on all right so wifi has turned on does that mean I could just pick up my phone and look at it? No not at all we have to sink these two back and forth so we're going to go down to y f...

ive function and actually let's go to the keynote here to explain that the different ways that you can connect the camera to other devices we have other cameras we connected to phones obviously computers, printers web services and your tv you can go to your tv wirelessly the on ly one that we're going to do a demo on in this class is the phone ok but you can go to these other ones and you're going to use a similar type situation if you want to hook it up here is the steps you need to do and we're going to be going back and forth between the camera and the phone the camera in the phone first off your phone preparation you need to have the eos remote app for theo's this is something that you can get from the app store and so once you need to get that installed on your phone first and so there's to be a little icon on your phone in this case you can see it I put it right down here on my first page we're going to get to that in a minute we're not going to open it up yet all right first off or a guest second we uh we need to have the wifi system in our camera turned on so let me go to my phone and let me go to my settings goto my wifi and make sure my wife I is not off you can see our creator live audience in various ones that we can select in here and we were eventually going to see our cannon sixty listed on this list but it's not here yet because we haven't really fully installed it and turned it on so far they're so back to the keynote the next step is camera preparation we need to go into the camera we need to first off enable the wifi we've already done this now we need to register a nickname okay so let's go into the camera and do this live alright so wifi function we need to register a nickname for this camera does this sound like a good idea? Yes okay let's do this all right now I could ask the audience for all sorts of cute nicknames but in the essence of time I am going to call this camera six d said good enough at work okay let's see hit the menu to get out of this you have to hit a lot of strange control so I'm gonna hit menu to kick us back out and I'm going to say okay now we're gonna go back to the keynote because we want to see all the instructions on here because sometimes I forget him all right so when we get back to the wife I function we're going to connect to the smartphone and we're going to get to this next screen lets due to the phone first and camera access point mode or infrastructure mode all right this is where I start getting lost and the infrastructure mode is more of a manual mode and if what I'm about to try doesn't work I'm going to come back here and do the infrastructure mode, which is more of a manual connection, but for right now the little circle is checked off the access s point mode, so I'm going to jump down to okay by just using the tab key and I'm going to press okay? There is the option of easy connection and manual connection in this is what's again, I'll have to jump back to go to manual if I need to do it manually, but my my hope is to do the easy connection now let's jump back to the key note because I kind of have things doubled up here and so here is the screen that we were just looking at were going to choose the easy connection that is hopefully the way this is going to work out, we're going to press, okay? And then we're going to get a screen that shows us the name of the camera and a special encryption key, mr bond what's the encryption key all right, so let's, take a look on the camera and see what happens when I go down and press ok, all right, so here is the encryption key and we are about to get to the make or break point in this whole process is we have to go back to the phone now and we're going to go to the wifi settings and we're going to have to choose sixty and if you look on the camera here you'll see that we now have along with our creative live audience and broadcast wifi signals they have a few wife I think's going on in this room we're going to select sixty and if this works will know instantly so you guys ready three two one all god it's not gonna work it's not gonna work we'll wait for wei unable to join it didn't work okay, so um I'm gonna try turning wifi off and why fei back on and we're going to see if sixty pops back up it's there I will try to select it and it's not gonna work oh, this makes for riveting tv the beauty of live people it's not able to join and it sometimes does office and so uh I'm going to run through the slides on how it is supposed to work and we're going to have to go in and manually do it at this is one of the reasons cannon if you're watching this is a huge embarrassment or maybe it's apple I'm not sure the two of you guys need to get together and talk because something's not working and actually now that I think about it I think it's apple because the cameras gave me the encryption key and this is not allowing me to connect up to let me try it one more time and it's not even getting me to the password and you owe the encryption key that's the password and the camera is providing a unique encryption key every time I do it. So what would normally happen at this point is I would enter the encryption key and I would join the system and I would then open the app and so what I'm going to have to do now is if you want to just watch with life camera I am going to cancel I'm gonna go to a manual connection hit okay, the name is ok manual setting okay, a e s so there's an encryption setting that it's going to give in in a press ok it's setting up an encryption key I'm gonna press menu for okay again and I have another encryption number and now what has happened? Let me turn this off on the phone and turn this on this is why I hate y fi systems okay, let me try sixty again and it doesn't look like it's gonna work if it works it works instantly alright didn't work all right so I'm gonna go back on the camera hos in this fun I'm going to cancel back out of this go to the infrastructure mode and I'm going to hit okay and find a network does not look familiar and everyone out there if you all are trying this at home keep us tuned in on your progress if it's working for you or if you have any tips how so try this manual connection okay let's go with the new encryption key that might be the key setting here is the encryption key is a password so that nobody else can hook up to your camera because your camera's becoming a hot spot and it normally has an encryption key that you have to type into your phone and that kind of keeps it on a private channel but now I'm just gonna open it up because I'm desperate at this point and now take a look at this r six d does not have a little lock simple bite which means anybody could hook up so you know the wifi signals without the lock you got to be a little careful on and so now this should work okay so we've got it to work manually it didn't work automatically unfortunately so let's go back to the keynote what we need to do is we need to open the eels appa this point which I will do on camera here so let me kick out of this I'm gonna open the app actually that is the sound but that's not the page I wanted and okay let's go back to the keynote sorry folks we're gonna go back and forth on this what are we going to do in here? We need to pair these cameras together, and so we're gonna work with the two of them together. So let's, check on the camera connection, and hopefully this might take just a moment for it to come up detected cameras, actually did it. Drum roll, phil sacramento, more and it's not picking it up. Ah, okay, let's, try this again. Infrastructure mode. I don't know if this will help at all, but phil sacramento in the chat room suggests maybe having your phone b a little bit further away from the camera. Well, I couldn't have it much closer. Thank you, phil. Okay, let's. See? Okay, we'll trade annual none. Ok? And so we'll go back. And here to make sure that we're on the wifi setting. That's, proper people, you know, reality tv is all a matter of watching other people fail. And so, that's what? This is what this is, what people like these days, I want to see somebody make a fool of it. I ran through this at least twenty times at my house, and I knew this was a problem because it only worked half of those times and back in the day, craig would always, whenever we would have our early days of creative live back for five years ago, craig would always do the cross his fingers. At the beginning, it was part of the initial key note. It would be like, well, we're here for these classes on dh, cross your fingers. Okay, so we've finally manually got this to the point where we've got this screen that is you can see on here we have perry, and so we're going to pair these two up together because they just three match. They belong together, right? All right, so we're gonna click pairing and you can see how it instantly changed on my camera and we're now going to click. Okay? And another okay? And this is a weird one, folks, and let me jump back to the keynote here. And so when we're connecting the two up, we're going to press this, okay to connect to the smartphone because it knows that it's john's iphone you will hopefully have something other than my iphone. You're working it's a little say something different and you get to this settings are saved a set one. Now this is kind of important because when you come back to this, this is on ly something you have to do the very first time you connect. This phone with this camera once you have this set up in your whole system, you don't have to go through what I just did and so I'll go through the re connection when we're done and so kanan, if you're listening, this doesn't make any sense when we're at this screen here you can confirm the setting which kind of puts you back in an endless loop or you can exit, which means you don't want to do anything, and if you wantto go forward with this, you press halfway down on the shutter release and now you can go into a live view and so we've done that go back to the king out what we're going to do is we're going to go to the home screen, which looks like this on our camera and the eoe sap is broken into two parts viewing images and shooting pictures okay, so we can do two things we can shoot and we could view we don't do it well, we can kind of do him at the same time, but they're kind of separate things you want to think about doing so let's separate these two and think about it produced a moment viewing images we can view images we can organize them to some degree on the camera, we can delete images on the camera from the phone we can star rate the images if we want and we can download the images from the camera to the phone. However, it is limited to nineteen twenty by twelve eighty resolution, and so you can't get full size images off of here for remote shooting. We can see what the cameras looking at, you're going to see that here in just a moment, we can adjust primary exposures like esso, shutter speed, aperture and s o, and we can select the focusing area and we can activate and deactivate live you focusing to save battery power and we can shoot still photos and so just in case this entire thing didn't work, I prepared a video and so we'll watch that video first, and so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go into remote shooting and I can focus on a subject by tapping on this focus qi if I double tap on it, it magnifies it. There is a focus button right on the app. You'll see it here in right below the main shutter and I can shoot a picture if I want to focus someplace else, I will tap the focusing screen and it should move the focusing point. There we are moved the focusing point double tap to magnify I then press the focus button to focus I'm not touching the camera all all I am dworkin is with the phone here double tap it to get back to full view I can go in aiken, adjust the aperture we were f or I'm going to go to f twenty two for more depth of field it got really dark so I need to go in and change my time value so I can adjust my shutter speed in the camera I can also adjust my eyes so it's not super fast but you can do it so it's a it's a lot of tapping back and forth on the camera and so I'll just adjust the risotto where I think it looks good backing off a little bit there we go and now I can take a picture by pressing the big button. The upper right hand corner took a picture there and it shows up in the bottom right hand corner and I can tap that and see what my images that's my second image and my first image with shallow depth of field was right there. I could go back to the home screen and I need to flip the camera vertically here and now we're going to go back into image viewing let's, get this started here, okay? And take a look at the images that we shot in this demo and so I can scan through my images that I shot with all the pertinent data I can look at thumbnails I can throw an image away if I want teo. I conflict from image to image that I have shot. I can zoom in and I can scroll around and check sharpness. And you can see that you can zoom around quite a bit. We could go down, we can start radar images if we want to. We can email our images off. We're going to try to see even send an email here in class. But you can send an email straight from the tap program. It just goes through your contacts and we can pull up information about the shot, shutter, speed, aperture, all sorts of information. And then we can view the information in different styles, thumbnails as well as other data. And is that about it for the video? Thinks just so you could see what I was doing the day after christmas working on this class. Okay, so, folks, let's, give this try here in class. So we got this turned on. We're going to go back to the home screen. Lets see two due to two. We're going to go to remote camera shooting. I heard the camera click, and now we can see exactly what the cameras pointed and william is here to help us out. And he's going to pick the camera and he's gonna walk over to our chat hosts and I'm gonna leave the camera down here so you guys can see where he is pointed at and okay, what? Hold off there now back up a little bit a little to the right now can you zoom in a little bit? Because I can't zoom right here. S o brink there you go. See your zooming in now they're out of focus, so I'm going to focus on them and I gotta focus. Did you hear that on the camera? And I'm going to shoot a picture. Now, could you pan the camera down a little bit? That scene I got it took a while for that to get the life you so now we have a live you so that looks pretty good. Okay, looking at the camera. Very good. Okay, so I'm going to try to do something different here more wide angle we want really wide angle here so soon leads all the way wide. Okay, get in really close. Now you need to be, like, right on top of the computers there. Okay? So let's focus in I'm going to focus oh, you guys can't see what I'm doing here on the camera, but it's working out really well and there we go I think we got a funny picture here and so let me get back to the desk where you guys can see what I'm doing and let's play back this last image and see what we can see here. So here is the image that we just shot which looks like it might be a little bit of a blurry image yes, but yeah, that's a funny, goofy picture and what we're going to do right now is we're going to take that image because you know that one's now that was just so goofy and weird I'm going to take this and william, if you could just hold for a moment I'm going to go in the image camera viewing I'm gonna pull up we've been shooting lots of pictures in this class here pull up this last image there we go and so here's our image look at those eyes, okay, so what we're going to do now is we're going tio email this and I'm going to email this right now. Tio kate and there she is and I am going to send this right now and kate is going to post this to facebook in the next two minutes so cool, so ahead of the creative live facebook page and the next little bit we won't hold her to two minutes so now I need to switch back to the shooting mode and one of the questions that I had were going to go to remote shooting so we can see and william, if you could just kind of roam around kind of do a lap around the room and what we're gonna do is we're gonna have him step out of the fish ball that we work in right here. And why don't you go over to the door and start going out the door? And we're going to see how far we can get while this wifi system works right now for reference, william is about twenty five feet from me, he's going out the door. We're getting a continuous feed from him. If I want to take a picture, I can hit the big button up here and take a picture and it's going it's going to freeze that for a moment, william better hold there, let's. See if we have the live shot. Okay, so that's pretty good going to the cafeteria. Sorry if I'm yelling. But he's getting kind of far away, he's. Probably fifty feet away. Okay? It seems to have frozen off now we really become reality tv. You're yelling at people, william. It looks like it's kind of frozen up, it freezes up when you get too far away. And so it's froze up when he was probably forty to fifty feet away. There is a thick wall between us there's an open door, but there's a thick wall in the line of sight. Okay, now we got a picture of him in the cafeteria. Okay, so we got a live picture here, let me get a picture here. And so we got a picture. It's got the little busy signal. Go further into the cave. And so it's it seems to be completely frozen. Come back in the room. All right, so I think you can see that it's not good for a really big distance. And you go ahead. Set the table back. Camera back on the table. Thank you very much. Round of applause. Everyone at home for william for being the camera operator. And so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna point the camera just down here at the, uh, I'm going to go to some remote shooting again and just show you again a little bit. We've lost our connection to the camera. And so well, we're gonna have to go back in and see if I can get this connected back up confirms setting and we're going to go to connect to john's iphone that's what I would like to dio will go back into the settings y fi it flipped over it likes being on creative lives audience we're going to go back under the sixty, so we should be connected back on that. We're going to go into the eoe zap camera connection. Make sure it's connected that's good. We go back to the home screen, go to remote shooting and we should be live here and I'm just going to focus in on the keyboard. Hopefully this you can see it. I need to point the camera down so I can see the screen now. One of the things that I could dio is let's go to work maximum depth of field here but I do need to focus so let's zoom in, let the camera focus well, I can't really focus their very well so let's um focus up a little bit higher on the keyboard that looks like it's in focus we'll double tap it to check the focus. Exposure is wrong, so we're going to need to get in and adjust the exposure to a shorter period of time. Let's see one second that's about right for for this particular shot exit out of that will shoot a picture so this one's gonna have a lot of depth of field and if we look at the photograph that showed up in the camera, we could now look at it here and we can see that we have lots of depth of field in here so what we're going to do is we have the camera in manual exposure right now and I'm going to go in and I'm going to change the aperture value down to f four were over exposed for the moment press this to go back in and out I'm going to change my time value to make it a little bit darker thirtieth of a second that looks pretty good right there and so now let's see if if we can focus in right here by pressing the focus button perfect and then I could just slide my fingers up to take a picture or I can just take a picture by pressing the big button in the upper right hand side we'll take a look at those latte that last image and we can see that we have much shallower depth of field throughout this image here okay so let's jump back to the key note and I'll just show you a few more things about what's going on here so the app that we've been working with on camera looks like this and so the shutter release button is in the upper right hand corner you tap that I have put a protective coating on my phone and it's not quite a sensitive and I sometimes have to tap that button twice but the focus button can be pressed and held and or you compress it and slide it upwards to the shutter. If you want to do both in one consecutive motion on the camera to change the exposure, you're going to press this change exposure button, and then it will open up the shutter speed aperture and s o options for doing it. You'll see the previous photo, which you can tap on, and then there'll be a line along the bottom of film strip that you could choose individual pictures. We have our exposure settings on the bottom of the camera and general camera settings over on the left. We also have information that you can pull up about here. Current settings and the camera are the phone sometimes want to flip the screen on you? If you want to lock the rotation in, you can lock the rotation and either automatically flips for you when you're going vertical. Normally, I preferred in auto, but sometimes it's nice to have an emmanuel so that it's not flipping on you. If you have it in kind of an unusual position, and then to save battery power, you can turn the live you on and off. So I'll go back to the live camera here, and so we're playing back an image let me close out of this, let me just kind of click on a few things, let me click on the info and you can see how it pulls up and put takes off some of the information, not a lot. In fact, it's not working let's, get rid of there we go and for turning off the live view, I can turn off the live you and I can turn it on to save battery power, because this does eat power out of your camera and your phone, so in screen, you saw how he could tap to focus double tap to magnify. And so for anyone who does want to hook up on wifi, here is just some kind of general info about it. Your exported images are relatively small in size nineteen twenty by twelve eighty you cannot use any of your usb connections, and you can't shoot movies in this mouth, so there's, no remote movie shooting at all, and you can't do any multiple exposures as well, so it kind of locks you out of a number of features of the camera, and you might want to get in there and play around a little bit with your auto power off and disable it so that your camera can stay on for a longer period of time, and there is a shortcut menu in the quick menu to turn this on and off. Now let's just say you've been playing around like we have and you want to terminate and turn off this whole thing so what you would do is you would go to your cameras menu setting we're going to go here we're going to go into the wifi function and we're going to hit exit and we're going to exit the wireless lang land function and that will can kick us out of the mod and so back on the keynote actually and then with your phone you can just simply close that app and you're done that's all you need to do so once you've gone through that hassle that we went through earlier no, I went through no you had to deal with it as well so you get credit as well you need to so we're going to reconnect a system that already is in place we go back to the camera and we're going to connect to the smartphone by highlighting the phone and clicking ok? And we had set one as our previous settee and if that is correct set one up slowly then we're going to connect, connect to device and then we should be able to come over to our phone, go to camera connection or actually we need to go back to wifi on the phone sorry that should be the first step on the wifi is to select the camera wifi on the phone we can close out of that go to the eos remote app. Hopefully it would pick up the fact that we want a pair there. It'd just picked it up and we're going to connect, make sure it's connected and then we go back to the home screen and we go to remote shooting over in the camera. The camera will flip over to remote shooting and so we can do a fun little screen shot like this let's see if we can focus in and we're going to dio that's another nice shot. I should e mail that one to cape high. Five time will do that. Okay, so back on the wifi, that is the wifi demo. Hopefully you enjoy watching me struggle. You people were falling along, brooklyn, forty four was doing it and she said, she's, just having trouble getting it focused with the phone, she said, I used back button focus. Does that make a difference? That does not make a difference. And so, yeah, for focusing in here, it's, just that little button below the shutter. Really citing you. Hold down that. Make sure your lenses in auto focus and just hold down on that little button and sam cops wanted to know, does the eoe sapelo or provide interval ometer? Or other super cool functions at this point no, it does not okay not yet not yet um and scrapped our gas will wife I work with an ipod or an ipad as well um I believe it what? Yeah uh, well, let me correct for that. I don't think it'll work with an ipad because they don't have an app for the ipad unless you can get an iphone app to work on an ipad and I don't know enough about those devices but I have not been able to get it to work on my ipad. All right? We're going to set the phone down upside down and we're gonna continue on with the class so that was the whole wifi function now let's do the final little tab in here which is set up menu number four sensor cleaning we've been talking about dust on the censor the camera automatically cleans it every time you turn it on and off there's thie delete dusty data that you can do but you can also go in here and just manually clean it yourself or manually tell the camera to clean it you can manually clean it yourself if you want to use these devices now there's two stages to its stage one is quite easy it is where you use just a bulb air blower to blow air into knockoff dust that is on the sensor I'd say this is something that's easy for everyone to do if you own a digital slr you should probably own one of these air blowers so that you can clean dust in the mere box housing as well as off the sensor because it's very, very simple and safe to dio now the second step not everyone feels comfortable doing, but I think anyone who has a careful steady hand is qualified to dio it's using a swab and liquid and this is where you actually kind of swab the deck you put a couple a couple drops of alcohol on this clean sensor swab and you swipe it across the sensor hoping to clean off any little dust next up battery info you can jump in here and you can see how good your battery is the remaining capacity how many times you fired the shutter on a particular shutter release and see how good the overall performance of the battery is. The most ridiculous item in the entire menu is thie certification logo display which will show you logo's of companies that have certified various parts about the camera ofwhich none of I recognize and so I don't know why it's there I think they're just I think they promised a vendor we would put your logo in our cameras menu the custom shooting modes we talked about this at the beginning of the class if you want to pre program your camera set the camera up exactly the way that you want it to be set up, come to the custom shooting modes and it would register you could register those as c one or c, too, and there is also an option for auto updating, which there is a limited number of features. As you make those changes in the c one and c two mode, it'll update the custom mode that you're using, and you do have to be very careful with how you get this set up. I would tend to want to leave auto updating turned off unless you're really sure about what you're doing next up. If you haven't been paying attention for the last forty five minutes and you screwed everything on your camera, you could clear all the camera settings and set him back to the factory default settings. Copyright information's kind of cool because you can enter your name into your camera. Who is the author of all of your pictures put in your name. You can also put in a copyright details so you can see what I'm gonna put in with my camera, right? That's what I mean to do with my cameras so you can enter your email information or whatever information that you wanna have next up firmware version. Okay, so in here, for those of you that don't know there is software that is running your camera, and there are different versions of the firm where they occasionally make updates what you do to get these updates as you go to your cannon dot com, and here in the united states, I go to use a cannon dot com look up my camera, I'll look under the driver's and software, and I'll see oh, there's a new software version available for this camera, and I will load that onto a memory card. I'll put the memory card in the camera and I'll follow these steps in order to go update the software and folks loaned the whole upset jumped around little quick there may jump back, and we'll edit this out later in the final. But folks, I have got myself new software. They came out with new software like two days ago, and so I decided that I would like all of you join in the fun of up dating firm where? All right, so what I did is I downloaded the firmware from cannon onto a blank memory card, and I'm going to put this memory card here in the camera, and we're going to go ahead and do this live on camera right now, so I'm going to take out the memory card we've been using for just taking pictures and this is just a standard memory card that has the software or the firmware for this camera on here I'm gonna put it in the camera I'm gonna hit menu I'm going to tab over to firmware version right now we're at one point one two and I'm going to hit okay firmware version is this do you wanna update ok and so I'm going to hit okay and it's going to start loading this now this might take thirty seconds or a minute will cut away maybe go for some questions so if there's any questions regarding this so right now what it's doing is it's loading the firmware on here and so this is telling me what the old firm where is what the new firm where is and that that is the firm where I want to select so I'm going to hit the ok button and do I want to upgrade from one point one two to one point one three and I'm going to hit okay? And while that's updating, I'll just let you know that if you are watching this in the future which is most likely the case there might be even newer versions one point one four so they update this firm where on a periodic basis how we doing forty four percent done that's not bad and I think with the latest version of this firm where they fixed what did they fix trying remember it was it was something really minor it was either a language issue where it might have been I don't think it was something to do with exposure and so we're fifty percent done I put a note someplace what what they had updated oh, they updated an issue with the clock there was some issue where the clock would freeze up in some scenario and so we are updating now you'll notice that you want to do this with a good battery because you don't want your battery dying in the middle of a firmware update like this that would be potentially devastating they might just kind of lock the whole camera so sometimes they won't allow you to do it unless you have a pretty good charge battery on it and so you know what I think we're gonna do is I'm just going to continue rolling on with the class and we're gonna check back with the camera when its done cooking like we're in a kitchen. All right? So the next group of features is called custom of functions and this is where you get to customize the camera to exact specifications the way you like it to work and most of these things most people don't need to jump in and play around with but we do have a number of little things we can do exposure level shutter speeds, apertures things like that working in third stops is normal what most cameras dio you can change it the half stops if you want to the speed setting increments are normally done third stop so you can very get very precise some people prefer half stops or excuse me one stop increments so if you don't ever use those thirds stops you could just jump it from one stock to the next bracketing auto cancel normally this was left on, which means when you put the camera in auto bracketing it's going to do one bracket siri's and then revert back to standard picture taking for someone who suit for someone who's shooting a lot of hdr we're doing a lot of bracketing they would want to turn this off so that they don't have to keep turning this feature back on again on a repeated basis. Number four in here the sequence normally you shoot the normal picture first and then the dark one and then a light one if you want to change the order around you want dark middle brighter you could do that or if you want the brightest first and the darkest last you could do that. One of the other options is controlling the number of shots that you take in a bracket siri's kind of the traditional standard bracket is three shots but sometimes you only need to sometimes you want a lot more and you get to do this and for bragging rights over nikon users, this is something nikon doesn't have. So this is something that you could poke them with, as this is what my camera has in your camera, doesn't. So the update has been done from one point, one two to one point one three, and I will hit, okay, and it goes to little sensor cleaning. It starts back up, and we're ready to go.

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Take this Canon® 6D tutorial with John Greengo, and you'll learn everything you need to know about the camera! In this photography tutorial, he provides hands-on introduction to your Canon® 6D camera's operations, detailed instructions on how all the menus work, and instruction on how to shoot great photos with this specific Canon® camera model.


Emmon Scott

There’s a saying in golf that it’s the swing, not the club, that counts. I’ve found that true in photography, where the most artistic photographer I know uses a Canon Rebel and an old film camera. His stuff wins awards and gets chosen for big exhibits. As recently as this past summer (2017) he told me he MIGHT upgrade to the camera this course covers, the 6D. Not the newer 6D Mark II — this one. If he gets it, I hope he takes this course. Is this course relevant in 2018, six years after the camera came out? To me, it is. I’ve read the hype about newer cameras — and they sound great — but I like the idea of seeing if I can do more with the 6D in my bag. And this course has already helped with that, really explaining the options and techniques for focusing, techniques I’ve started using and that have impacted how I composed some shots. The teacher, John Greengo, is the guy I’d want to meet behind the counter at a camera store. He knows the camera inside-out and upside-down. In this five-hour class, he takes you through every button, dial, and menu option — judiciously skimming past things less likely to be useful and focusing time on the key stuff. He’s a smart teacher and this is a smart class. Other examples of things he spent time on that caught my attention: How to adjust this camera and shoot remotely with an iPhone. How to use "mirror lockup" to keep the camera still at slow shutter speeds. How to update firmware. If you another camera and John Greengo offers a Fast Start course for it, my guess is you’ll find it worth your time.