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Canon Lenses: The Complete Guide

John Greengo

Canon Lenses: The Complete Guide

John Greengo

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Class Trailer
1 Class Introduction 07:11 2 Canon Lens Basics 14:12 3 Focal Length: Angle of View 11:31 4 Focal Length: Normal Lenses 09:43 5 Focal Length: Wide Angle Lenses 18:15 6 Focal Length: Telephoto Lens 21:27 7 Focal Length Rule of Thumb 15:36 8 Field of View 10:14
9 Aperture Basics 04:41 10 Aperture: Maximum Aperture 18:44 11 Aperture: Equivalent Focal Length 07:48 12 Aperture: Depth of Field 06:23 13 Aperture: Maximum Sharpness 08:33 14 Aperture: Starburst Effect 05:18 15 Aperture: Flare 06:48 16 Aperture: Hyperfocal Distance 19:32 17 Camera Mount System 14:57 18 Canon Lens Compatibility 14:26 19 Canon Lens Design 12:29 20 Canon Lens Composition 04:30 21 Canon Lens Shape 05:50 22 Canon Lens Coating 06:53 23 Canon Lens Focusing 14:10 24 Lens Autofocus 08:17 25 Canon Lens Image Stabilization 06:57 26 Canon L Lenses 10:18 27 Image Quality 09:46 28 Canon Zoom Lenses: Standard 17:50 29 Canon Super Zooms 05:20 30 Canon Wide Zooms 09:48 31 Canon Telephoto Zooms 16:09 32 Prime Lens: Normal Lenses 09:19 33 Prime Lens: Moderate Wide 07:01 34 Prime Lens: Wide Angle 05:33 35 Prime Lens: Ultra-Wide 09:23 36 Prime Lens: Short Telephoto 09:03 37 Prime Lens: Medium Telephoto 08:59 38 Prime Lens: Super Telephoto 13:59 39 3rd Party Lenses Overview 06:01 40 3rd Party Prime Lenses 15:25 41 3rd Party Zoom Lenses 26:28 42 Lens Accessories: Filters 33:42 43 Lens Accessories: Lens Hoods 09:58 44 Lens Accessories: Tripod Mount 04:51 45 Lens Accessories: Extension Tubes 04:30 46 Lens Accessories: Extenders 13:11 47 Macro Lens: Reproduction Ratio 18:59 48 Macro Lens: Technique and Choices 25:59 49 Fisheye: Technique and Choices 18:49 50 Tilt Shift: Techniques and Choices 27:08 51 Make a Lens System Choice 05:37 52 Choosing A Portrait Lens 17:21 53 Choosing A Sports Lens 17:31 54 Choosing A Landscape Lens 10:39 55 Best Lenses for You 08:46 56 Lens Maintenance 11:19 57 Buying and Selling Lens 11:15 58 What is John Greengo's Favorite Lens? 08:37

Class Description

Working with interchangeable lenses can be both exciting and daunting to all levels of photographers. Canon® Lenses: The Complete Guide with John Greengo will prepare you to select the right lens and get the most out of all of your lens investments.

John Greengo is the master of making complex photography concepts easy to understand and in this class, he’ll bring all of your Canon EOS DSLR lens options and operations into focus. 

You’ll learn about: 

  • Focal length and aperture
  • Canon zoom lenses
  • Which lens accessories to buy
  • Third-party lenses
  • Maintaining a lens system

John will cover the full range of Canon lenses, from ultra-wide to super-telephoto, zooms to primes, fisheye to perspective control. You’ll learn how to match the right lens to your needs and get insights on the best ways to use it.

Whether you are thinking about buying a new lens or just want to get the most out of what you already have, Canon Lenses: The Complete Guide with John Greengo will help you out.



I so appreciate what a good teacher John is. I wish I would have known this much about lenses when I first started out buying my lenses. It was hard finding information about lenses. I didn't want to spend money on a lens I wouldn't use. The better understanding we have about our gear the better photographers we will be. I have never seen a class like this. Invaluable...yes I bought the class! I am really impressed with the high quality photography classes available on Creative Live!

a Creativelive Student

Have loved the other John Greengo classes I've watched & purchased - and this is another winner! Having been a high school/college science teacher, it is refreshing to take a course with someone who not only is extremely experienced, seems to be a computer having stored so much knowledge, but is equally concerned about making the information truly understandable to different levels. And he shares the information using every tool he can: slides, video, interactive presentations, and great quizzes. I learned so much about my Canon lenses - and lenses in general with their many components. I am excited about testing each of mine to see what macro ratio they handle, and especially appreciated the tutorial on testing each for their specific quirk that affects super sharpness. This class is great whether you own Canon lenses or not. Thanks John Greengo!


This was a great class not just about the lenses that Canon offers but also how each lens works. As usual, John's slides are alway informative and entertaining. There is a phrase: John has a slide for that! I am not even a Canon user and found this class to have great information for the use of each specific lens. Great work John! Thank you Creative Live for another great class!