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Capturing Action in the Studio


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Class Introduction

We're in the studio, and we're going to do parkour. So, there's a picture up here on the screen. You can see this is a similar parkour shoot in the studio. For what we're doing, we're gonna be using what's called Hi-Sync. There's in the last maybe three to five years, some of the top strobe manufacturers have really come through with some really new technology that's allowed us to shoot at super fast shutter speeds to stop motion in a way that we haven't been able to in the past, at least not with DSLR's. So, just a little overview of what we're gonna cover here. First off, we've gotta build this because this is a super, we're gonna get crazy geeky. This could be the most geeky class in terms of, we're gonna talk about flash sync speeds, how the shutter in the camera physically works, mechanically. We're gonna talk about flash durations because that's critical to how this is actually working. We're gonna talk about HSS verses HS verses Hyper Sync, which most people have no clue that th...

ose are completely different things. So, HSS is High Speed Sync. HS means High Speed or Hi-Sync, depending on the brand you're talking about. We'll talk about the different brands of strobe manufacturers. Hyper Sync is a PocketWizard technology that kind of started it all. Then, we'll talk about the gear for these different set-ups. We'll talk about setting up because I'm using Elinchrom strobes here. We'll talk about specifically how this strobe works, and it's similar with Broncolor strobes to some degree. We'll talk about dialing in the exposure, which is a little different here because we can't use a light meter. I'll explain why. Then, we'll do a live shoot with our parkour athletes that we have, which will be awesome because we're gonna have them bouncing off the wall. We're gonna have all kinds of crazy stuff happening. So, let's go ahead and get into it. If you have questions, please raise your hands because I'm gonna try and go as fast as I can through this so we can get to the shoot. I want make sure you understand how this is happening because if you don't fully get how we are achieving these flash things at 8/1000 of a second, then you're gonna be like what magic is happening here.

Class Description

With the advent of numerous high-speed sync technologies it is now possible to freeze motion like never before. Action Photographer Michael Clark will discuss how to use Hi-Sync (HS) techniques to capture fast moving action in the studio. Working with a parkour athlete we will walk you step by step through the process to figure out this exciting new technology and discuss how it can be used in the studio and out on location.



This was such a cool class! My strobe skills are intermediate at best, and I learned SO MUCH! Michael Clark knows his tech, and demonstrates how to make it work best for you creatively. I definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn or improve their professional lighting skills, or manipulate them creatively to light with intention!

a Creativelive Student

What to say! Michael is a true pro in action photography, knows what he is doing, gets it the first time almost always.