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Working With Catalogs in Lightroom CC

So I've been selecting images and I'm almost done so I want I want you to see the process of selecting so just make sure you're on let's make sure that everybody is seeing the the, uh computer and we're just going to show you the process of selecting um so I'm just I'm just going through and looking for images that I'm interested in flagging and starring and then I'm moving through to the next set of images just kind of school he wanted to do like a catching the ball, so I think that was pretty fun so click on that one looking for more there's that one's good right there give that one a star ok, then we're gonna kind of scan through these there you go, that's the one want good and let's see that one's funny we'll do that one um there I love this set right here and maybe one where he's looking off, I like that one even better that's totally cute and we're almost done say that one good and this one I like okay, now I'm going to keep these other ones for tomorrow because tomorrow we're go...

ing to talk about creating camera profiles for camera and we're going to talk about profiles within light room itself, so we're going to keep these so I just need to make sure that I have one of these that's well exposed and sharp and good to go so that one work um so in the process between what was it when we sit down here three minutes ago? Okay, so in the process of the last three minutes while we were in trolling, I just selected the portrait so that's how quickly I go through things I don't delay, I don't second guess myself I just go through and make the selections once I've made the selections, then I go through and I want you to see this all happened in front of you right now. I've made the selections while you were talking, so I did this election's, they're done, I've got my picks, I'm going into the attributes I'm sorting by the pics themselves, there's the pics that I want to keep, I highlight all those pics I'm going to zoom in here a little bit so you can see this I'm gonna open up this job, you see that I've gotta raw folder it's got one folder inside of it, which is the the actual card I'm going to right? Click the raw folder and I'm going to create a folder inside it when I'm inside that folder, I'm going to call this select and I'm going to include all the selected photos and hit create those get moved over, so we have twenty four selected images then I'm going to take the rest of these images here they need to go in the rejects there obviously the ones we don't want so I can highlight all of those or I could just simply easier this is easier when you have like six or seven folders then you khun right click the raw folder and you can create another folder inside of it this time you don't include the selected photos and you're going to call it two thousand fifteen oh four twenty three underscore platt underscore um jackson three jacks now because it's personal work I can delete it but I'm showing you this just in case you're not doing personal work, so I'm going to create that folders creates a folder in there that is completely empty zero full photos in it I simply grab this image and if I was selecting holland, can I show you something really cool? Yeah if I'm in the painter tool, you know we're talking about key wording if I'm in the painter tool and I hit the soul out of this the shift button it pulls up recently used keywords and I can just choose one of them and if I click on it shoes then shoes is put in there and so then I can start sprains and then if I hit shift again then I could click on james and then it added that right so that's pretty cool right? So I can I can subtract him I can add julia I could subtract the shoes just by clicking so you don't have to go back down there and reenter stuff pretty cool little deal but when it's up every time you hit shift it pulls it up tries to bring it up okay back to what we were doing sorry for the distraction so, uh if I shift click to him it I could drag both of these into that folder but since we're not doing that we're just grabbing one so I'm going to grab oops so I'm gonna grab the one folder it moved him because I don't I move this guy back to the raw okay? So you see how quickly that works so instead of having to grab all the images and tio move them if you just grab the folder because you know the whole folders rejects, grab it, drag it into the rejects and now all of those air in the rejects once I know that the rejects we don't need those rejects anymore. I can right click those and I can remove them however we're going to keep them for now because we will use them tomorrow when we're making our calibrations because I have j pegs in there as well that I shot alongside remember at the beginning of the day we talked about j pegs versus raw and so I'm going to use those in the process of creating my calibrations so for now we're just going to go with what we have and we're going to leave him in there so I go to my selects the selects now need to be highlighted and they need to go to file and rename and now I'm going to do a picked out sequence and I'm going to hit go and now they're all renamed now I'm gonna keywords sections I already have sections key worded but at this point I'm going to say I want to do a section of key wording with baseball mitt the mit m I t t o r m I t to tease all right all right and then I go to the next section instead of italy or whatever I'm just doing cured face ball that zuman no why say baseball space bat instead of bat because there's a difference between a bat and a baseball bat and if you put baseball comma bat it could mean a baseball and a bat or it could be a baseball bat so if you want to search for a key term having a this space that tells the computer something different than if you have this common that and then the last one here I don't need to key word it because this's on ly for the purposes of making calibrations we won't keep it so we're done key wording on that, and now I might go in and do a little key wording with the spray can and just say, uh, humor and then I'm just going to scan through and look for anything that's humorous, which would be his little that's humorous. His smile is kind of cute and his goofy face or whatever. So so, now that I'm done, keyword ng now I can go into my other processes. So I just did a whole job of a portrait between the time we started and now, and we're back to where we talked about the whole day. So a lot of I often wonder if it's too hard for people to see, because I spend three days talking about this really fast process. You know what I mean, and it takes us three days to get through it. But if you institute all the rules and you institute the concepts into your work flow, then it becomes very quick and a whole wedding instead of taking eight hours or three days to do takes four hours to do because you institute every rule.

Class Description

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the industry standard for post-production workflow and in The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow, you’ll learn Jared Platt’s gold standard for retouching and managing files quickly and efficiently.

In The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow, Jared will show you how to radically cut your workflow time while improving the quality of your product and the organization of your digital world. Jared will teach you how to:

  • Protect your images with simple backup strategies
  • Manage your files to enable seamless and immediate recall
  • Get your computer and software to run faster
  • Efficiently cull and retouch photographs
  • Create impressive photobooks and slideshows
  • Take advantage of video editing tools
  • Improve your SEO using Lightroom features
  • Deliver and share your images directly from Lightroom

Jared will share tips on improving every phase of your workflow – from shooting to archiving. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the latest Lightroom tools and features and become faster and more skilled at adjusting your images.

Whether you are new to Lightroom or simply ready to improve your process, The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow will help you organize your images in Lightroom so you have more time to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC


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Jim Pater

I learned a lot from this class when I took it a long time ago. I'm not as fond of his ego but that's fine as I don't have to be around him all day long. What I found extremely useful was the video on synching Lightroom Presets. I set this Dropbox synching system on my laptop and desktop Mac computers and it works perfectly. I also use it for other programs as well like Photoshop and another program called Keyboard Maestro. Thanks for your help Jared. Much appreciated trick.