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Concertina Collage Books

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How to Theme A Concertina Book


Concertina Collage Books

Lesson 1 of 6

How to Theme A Concertina Book


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How to Theme A Concertina Book

High on molly manning I'm a paper artist in downtown los angeles and in today's class we're going to actually make a concertina collage book fantastic project it's basically the post scroll pre page book wherein you can keep all your information from end to end, you can have it rest like a book with two covers or open it up and have it be an entire story that you constabulary unlike an art piece it's a great project, a place to use your materials, vintage collage materials or photographs and a really fun way to put an entire story together. It's a a great thing to think about a new idea of why you want to make this book so maybe you have a baby album that you've always wanted to make, but you think it's best if we can do it this way and keep it all together? Or maybe it's a travel book you want to make things about your vacation and you could put postcards and photographs and phrases and tickets and it can all be collected and put right into that little folded book. So a good way to th...

ink about this project before you start this project is what you might want to make this book for I've made a number of different books, this one being about this little boys childhood and within it we'll get into all the different objects that happened inside all the collage ing but there's. Another one I made for a good friend, just to tell her how much I like her. And then another one that's made as an inspiration book, which is a little team at the end. That tells you how they're all rooting for you. And then, finally, I made a book that was a color scheme with the colors of the rainbow. So, again, before you start with a completely blank slate of which this is, you want to think about what the theme might be that you want to create this book for.

Class Description

Accordion books are a playful way to repurpose old books, greeting cards, photographs, and paper. In Concertina Collage Books, Molly Meng will teach you the tricks to assembling an extensive accordion book with a front and back cover. 

Molly is an artist, teacher, and storyteller who creates one-of-a-kind, mixed-media collage pieces from her extensive collection of estate sale finds. In this class, she’ll teach you how to: 

  • Choose an inspiring theme for your accordion book 
  • Reuse old greeting cards, artwork, and other paper 
  • Construct and collage the pages and covers 
  • Incorporate pop-ups, braided pages, and fold-outs 

Molly will help you plan and gather materials so you have everything you need for a successful assembly. She’ll also share tips and techniques for producing a polished and inspired final design. 

Learn how to convert your odds and ends into artful accordion books in Concertina Collage Books with Molly Meng


Nola Passmore

I really loved this course. So many creative ideas that sparked my imagination. Molly's instructions are really clear, and I loved that things didn't need to be perfect to work well. I applied what I learned immediately to make a concertina book for a friend's 50th birthday. I'll definitely be doing more of these. A great way to make gifts or use for your own memorabilia.

Rachel Lyons

thank you thank you! i have sooo many greeting cards that i can't bear to throw i don't have to! great ideas and easy to follow.

Gretchen A. Cole

I am looking for alternative creative projects to expand my creativity. Molly's class is very well done. She presents quite a few ways to enhance the collage effect of the books and goes through step by step instructing as the class moves along. I would recommend this to others interested in expanding their collage techniques.