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The 5 Rights of Copyright

Lesson 6 from: Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Photographers

Rachel Rodgers

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6. The 5 Rights of Copyright

Lesson Info

The 5 Rights of Copyright

So let's, talk about the five rights of copyright this is important because you can unbundle these right when you when you either create something and have the copyright to it or of you purchased the copyright to something, you're getting five things, ok, this is what you're getting the right to reproduce the photos. You're getting the right to prepare derivative works, which means all that means is you're getting the right to take that photo, edit it, add some stuff to it, do whatever you want with it, you know, create something that's derivative of that photo so you can take that photo and do something else to it and then sell it or put it in a different format. You could take that photo, put it on a pillow and sell throw pillows, you know, so that means that you can, you know, create derivative works from it, which can be very lucrative, right? You have the right to distribute copies of the photos so you can share those photos with whoever you want in whatever way you want, you can ...

sell them, so that includes that as well uh, the right to perform the photos, so that would mean, like, in a gallery setting if you were doing an exhibition or something like that where you're sharing the photos in that way the right to display which also covers that type of situation or any way in which he would display those photos and use them for example on your web site in your office, that type of thing. So those are the five rights of copyright you get when you create a photo or when you purchase a copyright and you can unbundle these rights to sell in license as you wish so each of them has value right like just the right to prepare derivative works is huge huge huge huge so you can take a photo like I said put it on a throw pillow make a beautiful print that someone can hang in their office with, you know, put it on a t shirt there's a lot of things that you can do with a photo to create derivative works you can create ah photo book and publish it and sell it for a certain amount of money so this right right here is highly valuable the right to reproduce also valuable. So so this is a super important these five rights you can unbundle them, sell certain ports and don't tell other parts so for example, if you sell to a client the right to reproduce them or to distribute them or display them but you might not sell to them the right to prepare derivative works ok, you want to preserve that right for yourself for example. So I just want you to understand the five rights of copyright. So, you know, these are the different ways that you get value from your ipod from your copyrighted works. And you can sell on bottled them and license them as you wish.

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Absolutely brilliant! I was feeling so anxious and unclear about all of this stuff having recently taken on a commercial client. This answered all my questions, and explained everything I needed to know in such a clear and simple way. One of the best classes I could have purchased for my business at this stage, and an absolute bargain!

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This class is valuable. I feel like a bandit for what I paid. Rachel Rogers is definitely in your corner to help you make sense of the nebulous nuances that could very well be the difference between you making or missing your money goals.

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