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Ways to Prevent Photo Theft

Lesson 13 from: Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Photographers

Rachel Rodgers

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13. Ways to Prevent Photo Theft

Lesson Info

Ways to Prevent Photo Theft

Copyright registration is on ly step one of photo theft prevention okay um so you've done that and it's very important but it's not the on ly step that you can take so what do you want to do to prevent people from stealing your photos in the first place? In addition, a copyright registration is it make it harder for people to steal your work? Ok don't assume that everybody is nice because most likely they are not. So what you want to do is use the hidden watermarked imbed your information in the image there are different technologies to do this, which unfortunately I'm not much of a tech nerds I can't tell you much about it, but I do know that there are services that allow this the other thing that you can do is just put it in the actual sort of file so on a mac computer or even onward you can take a file and put the origins of it right so you can put some proprietary information there with your name the year in the name of the work so that information usually goes with the file when i...

t's transferred okay, so that photo can then be traced back to you in addition to having the copyright registration and so that's helpful too, because a lot of these there are some online services and softwares that allow you teo they they track your photos for use of youth in bed certain information in there it makes it easier for them to track your photos online and to find out who's infringing on your work and stealing your work andan also use a visible watermark this is something that krista said that she does and it's incredibly important and I know sometimes people are really anti watermark you feel like it um you know it's it's not pretty to look at or it just takes away from your beautiful photo you know it could be small it doesn't have to be super you know you know obtrusive or no ugly but it's very very very important tio put the watermark on there because it's another layer of prevention there are a lot of thieves were just lazy and they're not going to take the steps to remove your wall our work we want to capture you know those ones that are really aggressive but we don't want to have to go after everybody right? So this just eliminates a lot of the lazy thieves out there we're just not going to go through step to remove your watermark instead there to find somebody else who's photos are on there without water marks and just steal them instead ok so here's a way to prevent that from happening in the first place and then another super simple way is to prevent right clicking on your photos on your web site so that makes it really hard for people to see your stuff, either have to screen shots. Or they have to kind of know some level of technology in order to be able to steal your photos from your web site. If you remove the ability to right click, this could be very, very effective. Okay, so definitely look into these methods to prevent photo theft prevention in the first place, because you want to police your work. But you don't want to have to let go after everybody, right? And, like I mentioned earlier, anyone who would steal your work is a potential customer. It's, somebody who appreciates your work, that's, why they're stealing it, you know. So these are some of the steps that you can make it hard for it to steal, and so for them, they're like, ok, well, it's, easier just to contact the burst in and, you know, purchase a license.

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Absolutely brilliant! I was feeling so anxious and unclear about all of this stuff having recently taken on a commercial client. This answered all my questions, and explained everything I needed to know in such a clear and simple way. One of the best classes I could have purchased for my business at this stage, and an absolute bargain!

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This class is valuable. I feel like a bandit for what I paid. Rachel Rogers is definitely in your corner to help you make sense of the nebulous nuances that could very well be the difference between you making or missing your money goals.

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