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Building Your Campaign

Lesson 21 from: Create a Marketing Plan & Grow Your Standout Business

Tara McMullin

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21. Building Your Campaign

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Lesson Info

Building Your Campaign

Once you have your foundation, once you have those building blocks created, you can actually build the pieces of your campaign and you can do it with so much more confidence than you've had in the past because now you're not subject to blank page syndrome. You have a starting point, right? And any time you've got a starting point things get much easier and you can feel much more confident about it. But not only can you build your campaign, you can also approach each piece of your campaign as a template, and the way I like to do this is actually by identifying product pages, sales pages, emails that I get that I love, that I respond to, and turn them into templates that I can use later on. So, because like I said, remember, marketers and copywriters never start from scratch. They're always working from a template. They're always working from some sort of formula. Joanna Weeb calls it, and I think this comes from the script writing world, a spit draft, (laughing) which I think is a very ...

strange phrase, but I like it, where instead of trying to really write something out and make it sound beautiful on our first pass, which is a big mistake that we make, and this is a mistake you'd make creating anything, right, is that you try and make what's in your mind's eye first instead of creating the structure for it. That's what copywriters do. They might take just some of this random stuff, right, like, all right, you wanna be the CEO. I need to work that in somewhere. You're lacking a tailored message. I need to work that somewhere, and start building these things and then pull it all together with much better copy, much better writing, much more, you know, more stories, more connectors, all of that good stuff, okay? So we're gonna build, we're gonna start looking at how to build a template. Tomorrow we'll talk even more about this, but let me show you that product based example, because I realize, yeah, this seems, or it could seem, very service driven, but it's not. This works for everything. So I mentioned Madison Reed earlier as an example. You may have heard them advertising on Fresh Air recently. You might have seen them in your Facebook feed. If you haven't, it's a mail order e-commerce hair color company. It's just like all the other, well, I shouldn't say it's just like all the other hair color we've ever bought. It's not, but that's the idea, right? It's like drug store hair color but you buy it on the internet. Although, you'll see in their sales page that they say that that's not true, and I believe them. I'm not saying I don't believe them. (laughing) Okay, so this, up until when I checked their landing page yesterday, was their landing page. It's something different now. It's equally good. We're gonna go with this example. So, this is the top, sort of the above the fold part of their landing page. They've got a headline here, color you'll love. They've got another little tagline here, salon quality at home hair color made with ingredients you can feel good about. There's a little call to action there. There's another headline, better ingredients for beautiful, naturally healthy looking hair. Okay, what I want you to start to identify on pages that you love is where different building blocks come into play. We're really, we're starting here with building block number three, before and after. What do I want after I use a hair color? Color I love, right? This is plucked right out of that. I could imagine Madison Reed, someone in their marketing department doing all of their pre writing, their information gathering, building their building blocks, and saying, you know what women want? They just want color that they love after they wash it out, right? I wanna be able to wash out my hair color and say, nailed it, love this color. So why not lead off your sales page, your product page, with that one line from that after that's just like yes, that's what I want. Block number seven is kind of in this tagline area here. Ingredients you can feel good about says something to me about the personal values of their customer, right? Their customer has a personal value for maybe more natural or less environmentally harmful ingredients and so when they say, hey, we've created hair color with ingredients you can feel good about, they're speaking to their customer's personal values. So we go from block number three to block number seven. We've also got block number four in here. Healthy looking hair might be, you know, that failure or fear from the past that you color your hair at home and it just all starts to break off or it just looks really dull, or it looks really damaged. So they've just in this short bit of copy they've worked in information from three different building blocks. It goes on. Here they're comparing and contrasting Madison Reed to drug store and online brands. This is an example of block number six. They're saying these are all the reasons this is the right offer for you and they're contrasting it against the alternatives and all the reasons that's not the right offer for you. So it's a little bit of block number eight as well. The next part of the page is simply who could know this, who knew color could be this easy. That's block number eight, objections. Coloring your hair at home or getting salon quality color at home must be hard, right? Well, they're saying no, it's super easy. Here's everything you get. Here's why that makes it easier for you. Another call to action. They work in some testimonials here and if you read through these testimonials they reinforce a lot of the building blocks that they've already covered. They're taking what they've said and they're reinforcing it with things their customers have said. Then finally towards the end of the page you get to block number one, ultimate goal. Superior results you can see and feel. What do I want? I want hair that looks good and feels good. Ultimately that's what every woman wants, right? (laughing) That's what I want when I color my hair, or get my hair colored. And look, look how happy she looks with her beautiful kind of strawberry blonde hair. I love it, I want that color. So that's building block number one. That's a really short, compact sales page for a product and it still utilizes multiple different building blocks just like we've already outlined. So I know that this can feel a little overwhelming if you've got a physical product, but at the same time it all still applies. So it's worth working through all of this. Your customers still have a before and an after. They still have itches they're trying to scratch and ultimate goals they're still trying to achieve. They've got personal values and ideally you've developed that product to hit those personal values. So, it absolutely applies to physical goods as well as it does digital products and services too. This is the foundation of any marketing campaign, any sales campaign. What is one thing from these first five lessons that you know you're going to implement right away? What's one thing you know you're gonna implement right away? Yeah? I just love the awareness spectrum. Yeah? I just, especially because I have a hard time sometimes meeting my client where they're at because they usually, they're unaware and they want something that I know is not gonna get them what they want. Yes! So I have a really hard time using their language because it's sort of against what I, it's against every fiber of my being, but it actually helps me to know that I'm taking them through a process to get to a place. It just gives me a lot of peace of mind that I have that now, so thank you. Yeah, absolutely, yeah. Just because people are asking for something doesn't mean if you wanna make money that's what you have to give them. It means that's where you start the conversation and now you have the whole path of the conversation that you need to take them through to get them where you need them to be to sell what you know is the right solution for them. Thank you. Absolutely. Somebody else, Michelle? So my big ah ha was I didn't realize how much time I was hanging out in the unaware-- Yeah! Spectrum. I thought that was my problem that I was not doing anything in the unaware spectrum and really I'm not hanging out enough in the solution and my product section because I've gotten emails recently, how do you make money? (laughing) Which should have been a telltale sign that I have all of these people who came to me 'cause I give them great information when they're unaware or problem aware and then I don't tell them what I do, so. Yeah, and you know, if you're getting a few emails like that there's hundreds of people who are thinking it, right? Yeah, yeah, and how do you make money at this? Yeah. It's a mystery. Yeah, yeah, I'm so glad you shared that too. Michelle and I were talking about this and I said, you know, I have also had that issue, is that when you get so tuned into listening to your customers, responding to their needs, being that good content marketer that we've been taught to be, it's really easy to forget about, hey, I need to actually inform them, educate them about my product too, or about how I actually solve their problems, and not just answer their questions. So yeah, that's something I've dealt with as well and I'm so glad you're gonna start creating a campaign to actually get people interested in the solution you offer. Me too, me too. (laughing) Who else, yeah? I loved learning about those blocks. Uh huh. And I loved learning about copywriting tricks and just how to really speak to that person that I wanna speak to. So that would be the first thing I could immediately go into my website or notice websites that I enjoy spending time on that I feel like I'm being talked to. Yeah. And recognizing those things and incorporating them in my own website or even, you know, on Instagram, which is my main media channel. Yeah, totally, love it. How about one more? Something you're gonna implement right away from these first five lessons? Nothing, Lacy? I mean I teach this stuff but remembering, yes, you need to look at the whole year. You need to develop, it's the cobbler's children have no shoes, right? Because I need to remember that even though I'm selling an evergreen service that's always available I need to create those marketing cycles for myself. Yes. To remind people how I make my money. (laughing) Yeah, it sounds like that might be a big ah ha moment for a lot of people too is that it's less about that constant stream of marketing and more about really understanding how we can adjust the energy in our marketing so that we can bring people up, present an offer, follow up, kind of bring it down a little bit, bring up the energy again, make an offer, follow up, bring it down for a little bit, and create those natural cycles so that we're more in control of when people are coming to us and less at their whim. Does that, do you guys like control as much as I like control? Yeah, I thought so. All right, great. So we've got already just halfway through the class we've got a whole bunch of things you can guys can implement right away, a whole bunch of things that you can be thinking about adjusting in the way you approach your marketing, because this isn't about adding more to your plate. Really, it's about making you more effective at the things you're already doing. I have not asked you to do anything extra, besides planning a little bit more. I'm not asking you to blog more. I'm not asking you to email more. I'm not asking you to do more webinars. What I'm asking you to do is make each of those things that you're already doing so much more effective, okay? That's the beauty of planning. Planning makes, allows you, gives you the opportunity to make the workload that you already have a much more effective, much more results oriented workload, all right?

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Tara, the information you delivered in this class is invaluable. I am in the launching stage of my business, and I know I need to market my business and services and I know I need to write a plan, but I didn't know how to do it. Instagram, content upgrades, Facebook, email marketing, webinars, blogging, etc. etc., I know it all. But I just couldn't get my head around how to truly use marketing campaigns for my business, and especially for my services, to reach my ideal client, help my ideal client and to reach my ideal income. You explained the why behind marketing campaigns and you showed us how to create a marketing campaign from A to Z. The whole sha-bang! You gave me the knowledge and inspiration in how to market my services, how many people I ideally want to reach and above all, a framework I can use time and time again to create a marketing campaign. I purchased the class right after seeing the live broadcast so I can use this class for planning all my next marketing campaigns. You clarified a lot and I am much more confident (and so much more less stressed haha) in creating a marketing campaign plan that works for my business and services. I learned a lot! Thank you! P.S. Love the hot seats.

Susan Best Jones

Tara, I love your creative live events I always learn so much and this time was the same. Perfect timing on this info, it is exactly what I need right now and I feel confident that I can do it! I joined CoCommercial and am excited about that. Thank you, Tara.


This class is well worth the time! Tara does an excellent job of not only providing a step by step system for creating a marketing campaign, but she provides clear context and insights along the way. This is important so that you're not just going through the motions and crossing your fingers that your marketing will work. She helps you understand the strategy behind the scenes so you can get the most out of the work you put in. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering doing their own marketing, or people who are already doing their own marketing and want to feel more empowered and get better results.

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