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Adding the Flowers to the Crown

Going in the same direction okay, and again you're just trimming it and then I'm just trimming and placing it strategically where I know it's going to cover some of the stem or just the ugly tape? What ugly word? Just the organic make sure that you don't cover your leaves while you're doing this because the leaves help with covering the tape a very delicate process. We're gonna lock orange. Oh, yeah, by all means we've got plenty now would you ever put out like a low quad? Maybe even just one or some kind of ah, I wanted to do more of a central piece low quad is too heavy, too heavy the problem with fruits and I'm a total fan of fruits is that they're too heavy to use um, so I haven't done it, but I'm sure it's been done. You mean the pies very like very like you could do it? I would, but then there is that issue with steny. Yeah oh yeah and then also raspberries can be a little rough there. Raspberries have thorns and I don't want you with thorns on making crowns no that's actually a ...

good point if you did actually have to use something with thorns could you just use with the corner not with raspberries, but maybe roses? Yeah it's harder with raspberries so look at us from the side I really like the way it looks so I'm going to continue maybe I lied a little right here where I have tape it's going to be a kind of a haphazard order for me and then I see this really nice penny over here which I think I want to use really really pretty I might add a beautiful touch to this and be careful as german moving around your crown as to not ruin your the rest of the things that you've worked so hard for flowers would also be helpful would you like one of those head manikins yeah had on one of the fat with you for sure good idea something actually for if you didn't have that baby take a big bowl and turn it upside down a big watermelon work anything goes a basketball a little help somebody standing for you right I've been curious how you came up with your name to latino so I love italy I lived in italy as a student both graduate and on undergrad um for two years and um I wanted a name that represented my love for italy and I like that movie um called panah philippine tulip ana I think it's italian movie called bread and two lips and so I wanted to call myself to leave panah which is a little too live in italian but that was taken huh and then I thought well what can I use that hasn't been taken it's a real italian name but that means to live so I used the ii made tulip a even though it's a masculine ward if feminine award in italian for myself a little tulip so that's what it means to me and I got a lot of nice feedback from my italian friends one of our viewers poppy hill says that they've actually taught some laurel crown workshops nice right right here in the right place but this is actually a suggestion they taught them at at baby showers oh ha ni also for women's retreat oh that's perfect and that she says here he says we bring I'm sure it's a she anything I don't know way bring in a professional photographer and the girls love it oh yeah they can take pictures speaking of photographs we can't wait for everyone's crown to be beautified and we'll have to take a photo oh yeah that first sure something great photo opportunities in the studio right now it looks beautiful that looks beautiful already. I know I'm not going too much more to it get too much more to it either I might just add a little one little carnation here and that poppy is going to hold up you think is that a man in front it's a pea? Any opinion? Yes, yes it will at least for a couple of hours and maybe an idea is that if you wanted to put a flower in that doesn't have that state power maybe that is something that you could put in that one flower at the very last exactly yeah, if you have the time to make something last minute then of course you any flour goes really you ladies can you yeah, he was roses. I would think that some of these flowers made dry very nicely on these roses would for sure kind ofjust the carnation just last a very long time now I'm seeing a tremendous and on a variety and in this between one creation to the next each one does look very you know, I do mums when I created a floral crown were wedding before and that something is very resilient and there are a lot of varieties that look up more or less sort of standard store by it's a good option and you just sort of leave this fails together. Yeah, I just from one stands the next and that becomes pop a puffy a nice puffy, um full of flowers crown right is you're covering the stems as you go with flower petal? Yes, yeah, just flowers like that and then how did you attach it with laurel wire to squirrel white wire and flowers that's all it wass you could make a garland that way too so essentially we've made a meaning garland and we just connected the ends to make this beautiful if you could check in on our students yes, I need some some direction systems like that you know, this is so pretty here so pretty that was I love it very cool you can have some more you need any carnation are rose that's really good so you can put some more of those and I would be out use both of owners so lovely maybe over here. How far back do you go with the so with mine? I didn't I just kind of did haphazard a little ok, so pretty um you can maybe stay put some here since you have that over there and then if you want to add a little bit more over here will get you some more okay? Pretty like a whatever it was, it looks so pretty together I like how you have like, a burst over here. Thank you. Very nice that's also very delegate you very pretty. I love it. You can add more flowers or just yeah, yeah, we're gonna try to give it a little more weight in the back very pretty by khun mimics might turn this down a bit love it actually perfectly round two e while I'm waiting I might add a little circuit I mean honeysuckle here smells very good I love the smell of honeysuckle to grow up in atlanta and it's one of those very nostalgic smells for me at least we used to have some growing in the yard and it's so fun of the kid to realize that you can actually eat yes honey suckle to me it's like the great representation of a warm summer's night but you never get in california no matter how hot it is in the nature of freezing at night you've got to go to the you got to get the southeast if you want love it yes true wait you have a lily on line that says it looks stunning I want one everyone's jealous of our crown I know I don't know who lily was referring teo and that the very floral name awesome. Um but I'm sure it could be any one of these beautiful creations. All right, so he honored you fill a cz though yours is yeah, I like mine the way it is. I even added a little bit more, so I'm good to go. How about everyone else close? Yeah, yeah, you could work on this world and maybe I'll try to make him more um green crown this time with more greens in it first flowers there's a long one I found here, so I'm definitely gonna use this and is that the same I find that you were using earlier this is the honeysuckle is the new it's a different one I'm using how do I make this work that's about right I don't have my choir oh yes way about it let's see, I want to make sure that it's gonna end the way I want make my base start with this first and that's interesting on this base you actually are having teo we've to yeah there because I don't have enough that I can make a little crown with so how is that different to make those two pieces fit as opposed to rapping and around you have to secure it more with tape of security but I'm doing it with wire right now and then I'm going to see what it needs feel it out look at it and see what else it needs how secure it is and then either add more wire or then just tape it so I need to add a little bit more wire here make sure it's secure and that it's not pokey and if it is pokey um I take the top of my shears and sort of push it down like this same thing with this one this one is a little too long going to cut it a little bit now is there a top or a bottom teo to crowned you kind of make that decision early on which side it has not I mean yes so this is the bottom and here's where the top is but you can see more of the flowers and the leaves so the flatter part the one that has left yes that's sort of how you build it I suppose uh it naturally comes as you're building it as you continue on putting flowers on one side and not the other but you should keep that in mind to put everything on one side of the crown wondering if I need a little bit more here. Well, I might but I'm going to first secure these and then have some more keep wiring sometimes your stems might break that's okay, you can add some more the beauty of being ableto wire things up and now I see that you're actually putting one vine on top of the other uh you could kind of stack it up I'm backing it up because I want that full I want a lot of leaves in there so I'm gonna and I want to secure my bass a little bit more since it's so fine my this vine is quite fine and I want to have more foliage in there okay? How often are you getting requests for having these crowns and every wedding? Is this something that you typically think for every wedding or is it just for special occasions? I don't make it at every wedding, but I would say every for every three wedding I make one of these weddings that might be even more of a suggestion that you offer a lot of people probably wouldn't even think to request if they have a flower girl I always say would you like a and normally when they go to my website they see that I have those pictures on dh they request it like she said when they see the price yes sell them back out you know they're just a little girl yeah it's amazing how many people back out when you give him a price for people don't realize that you when you are using pedals down the aisle that you're actually paying for the flowers they don't just come out of thin air so they'll ask for pedals lots of pedals um down the aisle and then you say how much it's going to cost you on dh then they'll say, oh it all just being some pills from my garden I guess they would assume that, you know, maybe through making the bouquets and all of the things that the pedals just are part of the process they'd shake off but except that you need for a regular ill that people walk down um I mean, I don't know it's it varies depending on where you are, but most people want to have a full isle of rose petals if they're gonna have rose petals and for that you need two bags of rose petals each bag of rose petal and then they come they sell it like that at the flower mart each bag is I believe close to sixty something dollars so for two bags off again two bags will give you not very full but just enough pedals and out of those two bags each bag I would say is at least um three to four dozen roses so that's a lot of roses four hundred something dollars well, people don't like that that price for just pedals they think of it as always just pedals as you just said oh, you must have them on hand well, I don't have you know it's a dozen roses on hand from the wedding there is definitely a lack of um understanding for how much flowers cost I'm even going to ask one more while I'm at it canedy also bring flowers to decorate the cake sometimes sometimes yeah yes if they want me to um do that sometimes they have their own they have decorations on the cake from the bakery and sometimes they want me to decorate it so I like to decorate it with fruits as well as flowers we're doing good yeah, maybe we can check in and see it that looks any really pretty there yeah, I'm trying to say, oh pretty becca is a woodland princess you've been I admit I was looking at pictures actually on pinterest and something that had, like, a really big bundle flowers on the side of the crown and I guess it helped with today they have, um, amazing ways to make crowned these days, and I see some of these photos they're head is like the crown is ten times bigger than her head was filled with flowers. Yeah, they're really cool now, when you have all of these completed, are these being stored in the refrigerator? You were sending them out? Yes, for sure at what temperature? I'm just the normal refrigerator tend to know a little bit a little bit colder, so I think it's uh, fifty if I'm not mistaken, my husband's in charge of that one too. I'll come right over once I'm done with this last it to check things out and maybe when when you complete that one can I can hold that one up and maybe the other one sure you just completed or wear then he wants a way to show him off. Oh, the choices rachel, what is going through? You want to take you want to take one of the flowers from your basket? Don't you have some floral tape expose that I need to figure out, okay, we'll talk us through that what's going through your head well, I have so I have right here a tte the back I added some tulips and really needs to use a lot of floral tape to get them to hold and now I just need I need it a blossom the company over that uh would you uh that you have a perfect blossom for that this one right here really pretty oh yeah she just needed your permission teo that's exactly that looks amazing. You should have your own flower crown workshop I agree I did a great job so for the ocean wasn't way resize it because it was waiting big thing fall the one side love that's so prevalent and keep it together you could definitely do that this is pretty too I'd like to help you out of there. Yeah, very done has hurt you have wire using two we have wire right here. Perfect. Thank you. Well you got that look so pretty well married a comfortable yeah fast. Very cool it looks lovely thank you it's a little side heavy but I mean that happens. Yeah, yeah it's really pretty thank you very much for the great job. Yeah, you need to put a low quad on the other way. I like these roses so use the there's probably some request from certain little girls who just want extra flowers on their crowns they wantto be really brimming with bright pink petals. Yes not really, though it falls apart, right? You can't get too much for the girls only have much to say about what they get yeah, they don't have a thing for us they just get to look pretty and walk down the aisle through it. It really is all about the bride though at least in the u s studio it's what the bride wants but in other traditions it it has to do with the family a lot so maybe there's a little more violence there everyone has right? They're crowning moment some people just take care of their kids wedding and planet and all of that and others want teo pay for themselves planet dumped themselves and anyway it's it I feel like it's the girl's dream you know growing up girls dream about their wedding day so they want to be in charge of it I'm just using floral tape for this since I don't have just kidding no I don't need to use wire for this don't do what I just did with your own shares what did you just teo? I tried to cut the tape with my shears and so it's not good for this year's use scissors for it we caught that I was on camera I know what not to do when we began this course we talked a lot about how to prepare how to get ready for the process howto prepare the branches how to take what you need in your kid it's not really that much, but no, but you need to take care of what you have. I'm glad you pointed that out. Yeah, I always know what to do and what not to do with their shares you want take good care of them. You do. And I would recommend even though I don't do it cleaning your shears after you're done working with him each day, go wipe it down with some with a towel or something just so they have this gunk on it like mine does and it's keeping it, keeping them dry relatively yes, to keep it from rusting, storing them in sand like clean life in sand so that what you think, huh? Now what? Ideo again there's best practice practice. Yeah, you don't always have sand it's gonna have some geranium. You could literally spend hours on a flower crown. You know this one in particular it seems like all the students here are really focused. You could probably go for hours doing this race. You always feel like you could maybe add a little bit more. I know you're very much into recycling and let's say that the flower crown, their life and the time that they were with us is over and of course when it's just composed herbal material you can put that back into the compost follows a tape in the wire how does that work? I mean you could try to take them apart if you're if you care about the environment you have to take it all apart and toss it I don't know many who'd do do that though um separate them but it's a little bit hard to do that especially with the crown's maybe the bulletin ears I doubt that people take the boot nears apart before they toss that possibly there is some kind of biotech degradable floral tape out there you aware of any I am not no that would be a really I would be a great seller these days now we just had a question come in about using glue have you ever used like a glue gun or something like that to keep this together a little bit more no because the base that I use is not is just organic stuff so I haven't done that but I'm sure there's a way to do that I mean there there are a million ways of making crowns so many different ways and it goes back to your philosophy that you've been emphasizing which is, you know, the way that you do think exactly to keep it simple yes to work with materials that that you like to work with right that are gentle on you and on the I mean I've seen tutorials on making good chris arges with blues blue as well I don't like the look of it I just don't like it um but I'm sure it's uh many do it so do your kids make you use glue in their projects when their help when you say hey you know we're gonna you have that much glue way have we use some, uh, school gu once in a while and um but we haven't been using that much actually that much glue on their part there are projects lately there's also the blue stick that we have to use I mean you don't know how are you going to make things make pictures sixto your presentation if you don't use glue okay I'm on it might wanna well actually that's the back of my crown so I had I did look a little side of my flowers are dying though but we still use thumb might add something from here now snap dragon is actually curious about transitioning the crown concept into a headband is there a way they would do that? Maybe even by using a ribbon or um something like um you mean headband in the sense of like it goes a tank unit well, you have to make it a little bit looser so that it comes all the way down then there's also the other way of making making it with a ribbon so that you have flowers all around the ribbon and then you take the ribbon it's more flexible you just tie it wherever you think you like it which is nice to um I didn't do that today because again I I don't normally use ribbon it's more of a pain tau deal with having teo make it all sit on the ribbon if you wanted to ribbon you could add one on the back or yes you could definitely add one on the back but then there's the dilemma of having to make sure that the ribbon is secure at the end of each stem how do you how do you keep it from coming apart all of a sudden in the middle of the ceremony so for me, it's better safe than sorry no wondering if you could use and are you is your masterpiece complete reach? This is a masterpiece does it go the other way around for that way it's more from the back of you like that very cool. So much originality you put yours are you almost done? Er yeah, I mean, I was done and then it started slipping apart so it was a little bit more work. Yeah, I needed a little more touching up and I know it's coming along really beautifully, very pretty real test very pretty. Oh you have to do this with your daughter yeah, I love it. How old is your daughter she's four this is perfect for weight and how's it going all right. Wow pretty cool three in here everyone should because they're there see them all you too chiana take picking around I will go ahead on crown myself here is mine ok nice and simple. Beautiful. Very nice e very nice great. You guys feel pretty confident now and your ability to make these crowns you ready to start doing this with your daughter now? Well, the most challenging thing about keeping these crowns together so I know you guys were really focused in this segment that required a little bit more effort, right? Yeah, yeah. You know, I think materials is so important we ended up using heavier wire over here and for me the lighter weight wire was just so much easier to work with. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so I would have loved to have, like, a pair of needle nose pliers help manipulate the wire and then to have a little bit lighter wire but it was I loved using the buying as the foundation that that's a really cool way to stabilize, sit and have a really natural base any other other thought e think this was the most intricate work and trying to sort of hide some of the wire in the time um, and then, as you keep adding more, it gets trickier. Trick you. You can't be sloppy with it. Yeah, you have to take time to do it.

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