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Creating & Editing Video in Photoshop

Dave Cross

Creating & Editing Video in Photoshop

Dave Cross

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2 Making a Slide Show Duration:11:42
3 Making a Cinemagraph Duration:08:49
4 Adding Video Clips Duration:04:25
5 Applying Filters to Video Duration:14:18
8 Rendering Video Duration:04:24

Class Description

Adobe Photoshop® can do more than simply retouch and edit still images. Join Dave Cross to learn about using Adobe Photoshop to create compelling videos that combine still and moving images.

You’ll learn how to use the Photoshop skills you already have to create videos to share with friends and family, provide to your clients, or even promote your business. Dave will cover making slide shows with movement and music, adjusting videos, blending together video, photo, and audio, and much more. You’ll leave this course ready to use Adobe Photoshop in a new, creative way.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


dennis hartman

For years I have observe that video thing at the bottom of my CS6 program. What would you do with it. Nor could I do anything with it. I saw this course offered at Create-live. WOW, what a wonderful course. It sure helped me with the basic uses of this part of adobe photo CS6. Thanks

Tami Maor