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Sue Bryce: 20 Ways to Market Your Business

Good morning, everyone. Good morning in today I'm surprised and I'm a portrait photographer from new zealand currently living in sydney, australia currently actually living in a hotel somewhere in the world on and they've given me an erin according to talk to you about marketing so here's the thing if you've seen my creative life, you know that women speak on average of twelve thousand words a day, so I've gotta do that in an hour and a quarter were just kind of going to be a little bit awkward so let's get going as fast as we can there's so many broadway's you can talk about marketing, you can get philosophical, you can talk about yourself, you can talk about your demographic, you can talk about your target market, you can talk about all of those things, but what it comes down to for me is it is people stand in front of me after I speak for hours about marketing and they go, what away do whatwe say in who the way? Say it too and what way right and how do I write that? Because don't te...

ll me my demographic in my target market just tell me how to get work into my studio it doesn't matter how good you are as a photographer, you're not going to make money and this you can sell your wick and market your work so ninety five percent of your really your business structure is going to be about marketing and selling even though you thought it was going to be giving out corporate america or whatever corporate the corporate world to be this creative artists and the truth is you're not yourselves person you're a business person marketing should be the most creative part of your business and it's probably not. The photography aspect takes over, and the irony is is that marketing should be the most creative part of your business now. I don't believe as creative artists that you can't create the most amazing marketing plan for your business, so let's go one hour as first and hard as we can now if you want to ask me questions its hands up microphone fast as you can, because I've got so much to get through and I need you to write it down and making action plan because I'm coming back to you and like january and I expect to see a marketing playing for two thousand thirteen that will double your income if not triple it. If you do not provide this for may, then there's gonna bassem all right? It came down to this for me I was an incredibly good portrait photographer that took beautiful portrait's couldn't sell them couldn't market myself could not make money boo hoo right everybody's being there, everybody's done there what I did was built a studio in my garret jj and, you know, build it and they will come. Okay, that, by the way, is that kevin costner quote from the field of dreams and it's not build it. And he will come it's about you, it's about the truth is, is that I built it and nobody came. So you build it and then you have to tell someone it would be like being a really hot girl and then never going on a date if you don't put yourself out there and date somebody you're never, ever, ever, ever going to get married. So it's that simple. Okay, right. Well, that's another worked up. So it came down to this from a what? Do yourself. Because you have to tell me what you sell. You need to tell me what you do. You need to tell me the work you want. You need to tell me what? Show me what your folio is to show me what you've got to market if you can't show me that you've got nothing to market. So you produce a folio for me. You tell me what you want and then I can create a marketing plan for their then it came down to this not what do you sell? But how many do you want? Okay, so if you want to shoot winnings and you want to take thirty weddings a year, you put a plan up on your office wall that says I want thirty weddings this year. Then you go about executing a marketing plan. That's going to get you thirty winnings. It's that simple, clear vision. Define it. Tell the world what you want. Tell the universe what you want. Whatever you want. There it is right there. Make it clear. I want thirty weddings. I want five hundred portrait ce I want five hundred glamour portrait. I want five hundred gram reporter it's with here and make up whatever it is you must make and ideas to tell me what you've got. Tell me how much you want until you tell me those two things. You are undefined in your market and I cannot help you. So you clear that up in the next two days and then you've got somethingto walk out and show the world. It is that simple. When I created my business, I decided that I needed to make it very clear what I wanted. What I want is twelve, shoot. It's their week twelve double shoots per week because you know the rule. Women never go to the toilet on their own, sir, if I can book two women pursuit, I've just doubled my income. I put this up on my wall in my studio. I work mandate a set of their due to sheets to double shoot. Today I have two full time makeup at us. That air retouching. This was my goal. Within twelve weeks, I had hit this. Go at a full stride. Here's. What happens to most studios? You market yourself, you fill out the studio, you start working. And all of a sudden you've got this big bottleneck of work. You've got a big bottle neck work. You barely coping with it. Your service drops away. You're offering prep service. So there goes your referrals, which is one of your biggest marketing tools. You are not actually working. Your current database of there goes your third biggest marketing tool. And all of a sudden you get through all of the work you're collecting money. Your fielding calls from angry people because the work's over do you doing a crap job? You're getting no referrals. Its struggle town here. You're struggling to get that money, and you get that money and you start to look at your diary in this no work for the next three months. Who knows that scenario? Okay, try doing that with teen staff in a wage bill of around five thousand dollars away, so that money in the bank is going to go really, really fast. Marketing an important studio and a winning studio is like I called and you just turn it constantly like this and it's, one of those dogs that it's really heavy to get going. Ok, so but when you start getting a guy to get a bit of momentum, you get referrals to get good service and all of a sudden you're on a roll the stick and you get complacent. New stop turning that will work stopped coming into your studio, it's that simple. Okay, so here's, where everybody stops and says, I've exhausted my marketing, I've got no marketing budget and I don't know what to do. Is that right? We've all be liras. Well, ok, so here we go. When I got to that point in my studio head around eight thousand dollars in the bank because I'd had my first three months of intense marketing and shooting, I was working myself to death usually about twenty hours a day because what I would do is I would shoot three chutes during the day sell three shoots into the evening and then re touched or four a m it was really killing maybe but you know, I had this idea that you had to take your business really seriously in its first year and so you know, I like my things took everything seriously after about three months when I came down to a question been at a big bottleneck of work I was waiting for income to come in, but I wasn't producing the work of the service to create the income love a black turns out I look at the diary I've now got full time staff and I've got absolutely no booking to my studio I do not have a marketing degree and I do not have any concept of how I'm going to make this way, but I love how people say I'm streets math because I'm not really streets about anyway and I don't think marketing's about streets matt I realized one thing I have a black belt in shopping, so if I can shop there's a woman if as a consumer and as as a voracious consumer like most women, if I can attach myself to what attracts me as a consumer, then I can create a marketing plan for my business based on why we buy and so I started to look outside of the photographic industry and more into the commercial industry. I started to look at the beauty industry, and I started to look at areas where it's like, how are they marketing makeup to me? Because I'm spending a lot of money on there, how are they marketing shoes and clothes and jewelry and all of those beautiful things to me? Because that's where I'm spending my money so I didn't want to market my business like all other portrait studios were marketing their business, and I wanted to do something that was more commercial, more cutting edge and bitter. So I sat down one night and out of complete frustration, I decided that I have a I have a creative mind and I can creatively think my way out of any situation, so I got twenty pieces of paper and I put them on the floor and I got a sharpie peon and I wrote sue bryce, give me twenty ways I could market my business, and I said on the floor and I just wrote twenty ideas they didn't have to come to fruition they could have been entirely litchfield hire a hot air balloon, you know getsem promo boys in hot pants it didn't matter as long as it was an idea that was going to help me, I sat down, and then I created a focus group with my staff, my best friends and some of my best clients. I set them down, I showed them these ideas and I say make help me make a marketing plan out of this, give me context, give me ideas, and what came out of this focus group was the most incredible feedback I have ever had people connecting me to other businesses, people connecting may the networks to business networks, people helping me decide how to represent myself on google on twitter, on facebook and and all of a sudden I created a marketing plan that took my business tio eight thousand eight hundred eighty thousand dollars into never in its third year, so it suddenly became something that never did in my business again in any time that we started to go down on our bookings, we would turn all of our focus to marketing, and as soon as we change our focus to marketing, we just start getting bums on seats in the bums on seats equate to money, so you're not to chase the dollar. Okay the dollar does not bring the money if you chase money you keep chasing money. You are to chase clients you had to chase the work and create a service in enticing brand that makes people want to come in and buy from you. So this is what we do when I break it down. It comes down to this. I built my business initially in the first three months on a gift voucher. It's not a free voucher it's a gift voucher. Okay, it had a dollar value attached to it and it was really good when it came from a food patty. So the gift voucher is a beautiful gift voucher and it's all about the woods. How I say this is really, really important. Listen to the language. A gift from sioux bryce and I could change that to whoever. So if you were a business gifting my vouchers, I could say a gift from fitness foods. This voucher, this gift voucher entitles the barrel a beer a and the name would go there to a double makeover and photo shoot with sue prize plus one hundred dollars towards portrait ce okay, never at any time have I said this is a officially never any time have I said you're going to get a free photograph never any time have I finished that off it's simple you get a double makeover and photo shoot, so you're getting something for nothing for two women and I'm going to give you one hundred dollars to spend on photographs. Okay, what is that saying? It's saying you're going to buy photographs and I've already given you a compliment reshoots and a hundred dollars towards them, so I've already told you you're buying from a correct ok it's the ultimate girlsday out now trying to pump the double the double shoot straight away celebrate your relationships enjoy this beautiful session with your mom sister based friend partner remember the book had a night out afterwards because you will look beautiful. I've got to say that because I want them to look and feel and experience the experience so many people, right? The experience of what they do on its site. I love to capture the essence of the human soul on I read that and I think you know all the fluff and all the bullshit aside, just tell me I'm going to look hard and I'm gonna have a great time and tell me I'm going to go out that night looking fabulous because I'm getting my hair and makeup done and then I'm going out with my girls that's exactly what's going down right here so I wanted to make it enticing I wanted to make it fun and yes, I do capture the essence of the human soul, but I'm really tired of reading stuff like that. So is this about two expires? It must have a spiral date must have a call to action I always give it six weeks it's the disclaimer at the bottom is this vultures not redeemable for cash? That disclaimer is because I've given to the dollar value of two hundred ninety dollars, so I don't want people to ring me and say, can I just have the two hundred ninety dollars on dh? The other one is this vulture is not redeemable for cash because you love the whole thing and you get this and you get this dispatcher it's not redeemable for cash, so I finished it off with and we cannot be held responsible for help. Personally hot your look for how seriously hot your look thie idea with this gift voucher is I keep them in my pitt's, I keep them in my handbag, gifted them to businesses and really what I was doing was I was giving away free shoot first question everybody asks who pays for the makeup artist? I did ok, this is a numbers game, okay? Yes, you will get people who can't sell because it's free, they're not paying for anything yes, you will get people who do not buy it's a numbers game yes, you will get four hundred dollars sales and you will get seven thousand dollars sales that's why you're working to an average sale really, really important the more I entice my client with the experience of being photographed the more I enticed them with the whole day and the more committed I can get them to their shoot by educating them on the process what are you gonna wear how you're going to be photographed are you hiring address buying a dress borrowing address you know, the more I can entice them to come to me the more committed they are to spending money so this simply works it works as a numbers game if you educate your clients as to what you're doing an educated client will buy from you okay? And this thing is when you educate them you get a chance to connect with them when you connect with them they're already coming to you with an emotional commitment to you in some level and then you are producing an incredible experience an incredible portrait's for them now you could change this about to take the complimentary about toe off and just give me a dollar value off say two hundred dollars so it's like money movie many okay he go you've met may high we're just heading all I've got about you for you if you'd like to be photographed here's two hundred dollars towards a shoot in photographs okay, what am I losing their nothing. The only time I would lose something is if my smallest portrait was under that value where they would get a free shoot and a small portrait. Now I don't sell portrait's for under two hundred dollars so that's never gonna happen for may worst case scenario is they come in and do a shoot and don't buy anything that is the worst case scenario two things can happen there where did I go wrong and the educating them and I've built some beautiful folio shots it does happen that's life you will get people that don't buy but I'm not pitching to them and hoping they buy something I'm pitching it them knowing they're going to buy I look at it like I'm giving you an opportunity to do something you always wanted to do you just haven't had the chance to get around it and you can trust me because I'm giving you the opportunity for free but never is there anything ever ever do we say free no free print no free showed nothing this is not a free lunch there's no such thing as a free lunch right? If it's free there's something wrong with it and people coming you with that looked like what's the catch there is no catch coming experience to shoot him give me two hundred dollars to do it okay the idea with this voucher is I created a business that in teams of thousands of dollars from a gift voucher and I learned soon lead that the more you educate my client, the more money I make number two there's a hallmark holiday a hallmark holiday is christmas valentine's day mother's day and father's day at the beginning of the year my studio would design a gift voucher that was specifically for those four hallmark holidays these are multi billion dollar shopping days okay, they're happening around to every quarter throughout the year okay, you should be marketing your studio around these four hallmark holidays there is a reason to be photographed on all of these holidays your family a coming together of christmas valentine's day celebrate this with the love of your life valentine's day celebrate this with all your other single girlfriends cause you're fabulous and you don't need a man valentine's day you know celebrate this with the husband and the family that you have loved for twenty years there are a million ways to market this father's day mother's day come on that too given mother's day because she's the matriarch of the family and she's the reason we're all here and she's, you know, a mother and a goddess and a wife and a cook in a in a million different things and this woman deserves to be pampered on this day father's day you know guys get your family together and have a beautiful portrait of your beautiful family because there's a million ways to go with this and you can create about trough any of those but you must be prepared six weeks so you mac in your marketing calendar when valentine's day falls on the fifteenth of february or is it the fourteenth who really kids? You're already there six weeks before you already there. So this is really, really important that you are already creating a marketing plan and a culture for that time and then you can start marketing at number three exposed I started to go to expose expose her hard won a lot of winning photographers have winning exposed, but there are a lot of lifestyle exposed and what happens is you get a very intense audience in a short space of time, maybe over two days walking past you now make no mistake about it, ninety eight percent of people go to expose not to stop and talk to you about thirteen that they can't see you and ninety eight percent of vendors go to expose and they stand there like idiots with a bunch of pamphlets going at this and try and make on eye contact with the person who's trying to avoid you as you walk past and they try and hand out about you and they go no, thank you ok, so the idea suddenly became I went to an expo one day and I saw everybody doing the fly by and you know how they do the whole thing with they're big and they're looking at you stand, but they don't want to engage you, so please don't look at me in the eye. I'm here to shop, but I'm not here to shop, so don't check me and don't look at me and don't speak to me, and I realized there were certain things that stopped woman on my stand and mirror for status was fabulous and get a skinny america's it really fabulous if you give us getting married than everybody site women want is usually here and fix their lip gloss. It is a skinny mirror, they'll stand and look at it for a little bit longer. They always want to look at albums, nobody ever looks at an audiovisual display. You're wasting your time and your money, they will just walk past you. Everybody wants to touch something with the tech tile. If you've got a before and after album, you have a queue of people waiting for you. If you put an iphone charger understand, people will stay and talk to you for twenty minutes think smart what stops people and mirror water an iphone charger. In an album that they can look it because people want to see transformations and people want to see other people's photographs and they want to touch them and flick through them then what you create that create beautiful images on your wallet a big make it very clear what you are and what you do in one plants and then don't stand on the outside you stand looking out stand on the outside of your stand looking in because when the expo would start I would get on my staff to go and get a coffee and prepare themselves when the first walk through would come through I would turn my back on everybody and I would look at my own stand it takes about one minute for humans to line up and they come up behind you and they go because you want to know what I'm looking at right and then I'd go and hand them a voucher and they go oh and I realized that the second I tuned away they came forward okay water iphone charger mirror stopped traffic find a way to stop people give away food wine and champagne gifts whatever you have to do to stop people in do not do not help people on your stand that are open and engaging okay this soon as you do that you have ruined a chance to spend all this money to get in front of people and not do anything with it from a private events became something exposed, which so well for me and I'm talking girlsday out big boystoys home show I would do any expo where I could show off the makeup studio in the glamour studio, I realized that when they went, exposed and expose could cost anywhere from fourteen thousand dollars for the big lands, but they had they had a good revenue, so it was worth it. May I could create private events now top aware was built on women getting around and buying plastic on a tuesday night at majesty house, and that was one of them biggest empire building, you know, and it's bean a business model that his words throughout the ages you could do glamour patties, makeup parties, lingerie patties, anything where you can get female consumers. Boys don't go to tupperware parties a kate that's a simple fact you're trying to entice a female by so whatever that reason is, get them together. Think of ways. Create a high t create high tea in your studio, create a champagne patty giveaway gifts, get venus to give you gifts and don't give away. You can give away for photography, but giveaway lingerie giveaway proper vouchers don't give away a discount twenty five dollars off the local tanning clinic give away a four hundred dollar voucher like goto business and say I can get sixty women with undivided teaching at my studio on tuesday what can you give me? I went to elizabeth arden. They gave me eight hundred dollars with a provides I went to my bow tox clinic and they give me eight hundred dollars with a bow tox in eight hundred dollars with a wrist elin I went to the local wine shop and they gave me a shoe rosky studded bottle of moet I then gave away an eight hundred dollars photo shoot and an eight hundred dollars hello dolly voucher I ended up with a gift table that was so enticing and all you had to do was turn up at this event with a friend who had never been photographed before. What woman doesn't want to go drink champagne, eat sushi and when all of those prizes any women here no you see that's what makes us work so create private events that people want to go to. In hindsight that works so well for me I would have created a monthly champagne event and maybe bounced it off a charity a woman's group away to just constantly get female traffic through my studio to entice them to come and know me no, I mean oh my word no, my photography look at my studio looking all the beautiful shots drink champagne winds and bow tox have fun public events give bags charity functions are everywhere once I got on the charity bandwagon all of the girls that run charities often go to other charities so quite often that ring and they go what can you give my charity and here are the options here to make a charity work for you and the charity you want to give to you need to work not with every charity but you need to choose what you are what you was where so I did a brisk canter calendar where I did it like um the calendar girls movie and I photographed twelve women who head it was cancer and they were each a month calendar and we did it like calendar girls we did a big promotion for that and then every time there was a bris cancer event they would invite me to do it audiovisual display off my studio they would invite me to do an audiovisual display of how I photographed women and then I would do the oprah moment you know with a stick the envelope under the chair and everybody in the room gets a double makeover and photo shoot with sue bryce and we're in one of you gets a thousand dollars towards portrait it's and they would pull the envelopes out in it always always got me a consistent teen shoots with an average sale of eight hundred dollars that always got me the person who won the voucher entered you know I did that five times in the girls that won the voucher every single time ended up spending within five and fifteen hundred dollars on top off the thousand dollars that they were giving so never at any time did was that free and yes it's only five to teen shoots but that that's that's five to ten shoots at eight hundred dollars so I'm sorry but that is for a free event and a great revenue it's a lot of people hearing your name it is a lot of people seeing your work and I love that for me a gift with purchase became the biggest thing that I ever did ok nobody does this and it just absolutely astounds may every single year land come clarence elizabeth out and all the largest makeup houses in the world give away a gift with purchase boys that means for seventy nine dollars you can buy any product it elizabeth adam and you get one hundred thirty nine dollars with make up in a beautiful little rid a velvet bag and there are little samples and little things of this and you know we get stitched up for seventy nine dollars and get a whole lot of free product that inevitably is going toe have us addicted to all the product and the red bag we get a cute little red bag that's called gift way gift week happens every single year all the biggest makeup houses I saw gift weak, and I think I could be a gift with purchase. So I went to hello, dolly. I did a business to business rotation where I would give away who vouches shell. We give away my matches. You bought anything from hello, dolly. You've got a photo shoot make over one hundred dollars, was surprised if you bought anything here so bright you've got exactly that one hundred dollars to spend a hollow dolly. I started to bounce gift with purchase off other businesses. I went toe florist on mother's day, and I said, make me a gift with purchase anybody who buys flowers for the mom on mother's day. I want you to give them this beautiful voucher with two hundred ninety dollars, so that they can come and experience a beautiful makeup from photo shoot off them and their mom for mother's day. What an incredible gift who turns that down. Mom gets a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She gets a two hundred ninety dollars, beautiful about turn a red envelope. I have become a gift with purchase somebody else has given it, which gives it value. And all of a sudden I have people ringing out going, so I got this about two from the florist for my mom and I and I say wonderful. When would you like to book in? You have been given. Listen to the language you have been given a beautiful gift voucher that pays for a double makeover and photo shoot for you and your mom so common and have a shoot with us. We do a beautiful hair and makeup. We take incredible photographs of you. Is there anybody else you would like to add to the shoot? Well, yes, I have another sister where you are. Welcome to bring in your sister on that voucher I can book the three of you in. When would you like to do that? We need you to bring in four, five outfits. Remember, if you're going to have a girl's day and have a beautiful here and make up our book the afternoon out for you, maybe at the end, you can bring in the boys, ok? Because if I get husband and dead in there, I just doubled my income. But so it was always just a constant feed on value and giving more, and it was such an easy way to do it, and it costs nothing but the price of a voucher like fine, real quick, just wondering in that case where you said that when you bring in the additional people, is that going to be an additional charge than because if I make up for the additional people, okay, thank you. I will end those people at no cost for you because every time I get a spending woman in that studio, I double triple quadruple myself. I get one kill. I'm eighty eight hundred dollars. I get a girl and mom, I've doubled it. I get a girl, mom and a sister. I've tripled it, I get boys and I'm hitting five grand. Because when the boys come in, the spin goes out because let's face it. Women can get a lot of money at a voice, but it does go further when they making the final decision commercial marketing it and on the periphery be a gift voucher. Give a gift out. Jeff created give out to look for products that people want. Remember when I for those of you that watched my creative life the first time when I gave away the britney spears perfume, it was a briton. Spears perfume. You know, she was the most googled thing on the planet. Should just shaved head should launched a fragrance court. Curious. It was really nice and beautiful. Bottle beautiful blue bottle with a little crystal and, you know, we lined it up. We saw one hundred seventy, nine hundred seventy nine bottles in one x bo and they were buying they were buying the perfume for seventy nine dollars and they were getting a double makeover and furnish a that it was a living thousand dollars in sitting phase and I had a one hundred percent to now right because they paid me there was nothing free about it it was like well, what's this well you get a double makeover in a furnace shoot and as a gift with purchase you get the britney spears perfume so you're saying you're giving me a three hundred dollars photo shoot you giving me a makeover and I'm paying for this and I'm getting a seventy nine dollars bottle of perfume they cost me thirty eight fifty dollars to buy wholesale okay, so what it is it's called advertising on the periphery your exciting people that you're not pitching the fighters showed your pitching that the gift and you know what at and expose somebody is only going to give you money if they're walking away with something in their hot little hands because if you're pitching a photo shoot and you want them to pay there on the spot they're not going to pay you for nothing they're not going to pay you for here it does not work, but if they're paying for something and getting something and walking away with it, they're going to love you because they like look what I got and it's like dude that's not what we were selling and you know, the base part about the one hundred percent tuneup right was out of those one hundred seventy nine shoots, there was not one hundred seventy nine ships. That was one hundred seven. Sorry there was one hundred fifty nine shoots. I double that by saying, who are you going to bring to the ship with you? And in some instances tripled it. We did well well over three hundred seventy six women in that studio over a five month period you're talking about straight away. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in the expert cost eighteen thousand dollars to be there, so if you start marketing on the periphery and you stop backing in a more commission way, it will work for you. I gave the staff incentive and I looked for my evangelists it's simple I really great marketing book it's this woman and she bought a kitchen very expensive kitchen and she's a sort of woman that has thousands of people through her time, and every time somebody would walk in, they would say what an incredible kitchen she said, thank you. I designed it myself. They would say, wow, you're incredible, you know she got here, take the card and she asked them for a lot of cards she give cards to people should tell them about the story. Women have twelve thousand words a day. People we love telling stories. If you can create a story around your business, women will tell the story. She's just going to walk through their kitchen. I go. This is my kitchen. Cole she's going to walk to a rented and then robbie help you pick out the marble. And then, you know, we christened at the first night it was put in with champagne and she's going to tell the whole story about their kitchen, but she wants to talk about her kitchen because we want to talk about a kitchen. So the kitchen company, they realize this women just seems that multiple people that are buying kitchens. So every month they send her up big bro ker flowers and a bottle of champagne, and they were just like what happens is a woman just keeps referring us. They called evangelists when you get one, sometimes their pain in the ass, but that's just the way guys, they're evangelist and you hope to them and you gift them and do not let them go because they're out there marketing you for free by them chocolate by them wine. Give them a free shoes. But if somebody is seeming, you work, find out who it is and give them something, and when somebody comes into your studio, the first question I'm going to say is how did you hear about may arm? I told me, well, mike has sent me four people in the last month, I'm ringing mag right now, mag, you're sending me a lot of work, what can I mean to see and do something? Why don't you come and have lunch with me? Is that other the sort of client that needs tio eat with you drink with you being time with you other is sort of client that we just appreciate a gift sent to them there, the sort of client that would appreciate a blow wave or whatever, so staff incentives really came down to if you've got people around to working for you and your friends and staff will not motivate themselves to market you because they don't really care, so I gave my staff and incentive I gave them a dollar value for every shoot that they could bring into the studio outside of the studio that I could make quick business to business. This is the strongest component and what I had you must align yourself with like minded small businesses, start up businesses, creative businesses if you want women clients or your wedding vendors, you need beauty salons. You need gyms. You need white golf centers. You need nobody. You you need anyway. Women go anyway. Women go that is going to be your tag market. You need to align yourself with these people. You do not pitch to them, remember? You go and you create a relationship with them. I have a database of fifteen hundred women. You have a database of four hundred women let's work together and get bombs on state. I can give away your product. Aiken, do your photography let's create a relationship, make it work. Don't just use them, give away gift out just to the database and not create a relationship with them. And remember the rule about pamper marketing. We don't call call people if I was to ring in a cell on over the road and say hi, my name's, sue bryce and I'm a portrait photographer and I'm bored already. Okay, this pictures that I don't have time for this I'm running a business I'm trying to pay my staff goodbye thing but when I walk into that cell on and I walk in and I say hired like looking for a blow dry, please. And they say, certainly, and I and I go who's your best, your best blow drying our differently markets as that will give me marcus and news like he's fifty dollars more that's fine, I want I want to do this so go and sit down and marcus is doing my here and he goes so so what do you do? And I say I'm a photographer and now I have max is undivided attention why? Because I'm paying for it okay, I'm paying for his service there's no such thing as a free lunch do not co cook cold call other businesses if you are not at least buying them lunch go and spend money in their store if somebody came to you and cold called you on the phone in u s stressed out you couldn't be bothered you don't take the core but if somebody came in for a photo shoot and just happened to mention that they are in a business that you could align yourself with you've built a relationship straightaway correct it is easier to give them a five hundred dollars gift voucher to spend with you then it is too cold call somebody you know what? I always come with this belief I take good photographs and I'm fun in my shoes to get along myself I can get you in my studio I can make friends with you on some degree or maybe not is it small percentage you never will but if I give you a five hundred dolly, get fatter because I know you're someone that has a database that I want. And I give you that voucher and you come to my studio it's up to me to a shoot. You, in an amazing way of giving you this great gift. I've got nothing to lose by connecting with you. Nothing whatsoever other than making friends with you so that you say we should work together and that takes that cold core right out of that picture, I created a network from those businesses. We called it the brunettes we just happened to be. Or burnitz it's not a smart thing. It was just, you know, just happened like that. And we would meet for breakfast once a month. I would do all of the photography. They would feed me where it was really driven, ultimately, by two really amazing girls that were marketing gurus. This is where they taught me how to open this marketing up to mohr off a connection base as opposed to a pitching base. Because the is your problem. Nobody can pitch themselves very well. And we're all terrified of rejection. Wouldn't you say the fear of rejection would hold you back from marketing ninety eight percent of the time? Correct and yet you can connect with people really really easy and it's so much easier to do it that way the community book really did really well in in australia the community but was where you would decide on a theme so let's say you were doing breast cancer and you wanted to photograph women let's say you were doing kids dogs any event you would choose an event and then you would market yourself as I'm shooting for a book the siting fee goes to this charity and you get to buy your photographs again it's a free show the dollar values gone so really comes down to education and ultimately are paying for a book but it has been a really, really successful marketing campaign from many people if you I educate your clients and they have a product that is enticing them to buy more products they want to be in the book and they may buy two or three shots but it's a consistent average that's coming through your studio and it's a great way to market it what it comes down to me is anything that you can create talk ability and storytelling will market your business okay so if you are creating a shoot that actually has something an experience then people will talk about it okay? Talk ability is the greatest form of marketing in the world it's the form of marketing that makes you stand up and say I had a photo shoot yesterday and you're like how is that you know oh my god to the studio and it's like her makeup room and it's this this woman called super eyes and she does these transformation makeovers and the shooter is incredible and they lay it out for you and cheese and wine I want to hear to talk about the ex spirit since and you know it was it was an experience that I will be telling all of my friends about and it works in the negative as well people are annoyed with you they will go the other way this is something when I built my block so before I did creative lives before my block started tio freeze every time I blogged I actually built my block from zero to seven e seven thousand unique visitors a month in twelve months by following this simple etiquette forty percent content you've got to give something okay don't just put pictures on your block you're not blogging to other photographers forty percent positive opinion nobody wants to hear you wind bitch or mine ok we want to hear positive influence positive content constantly team percent personality so don't make it too much about you most of my personality my bloggers my total lack of punctuation I see that as a personality you know like thing but anyway on ten percent sell if you're selling on your block nobody's going to go to it you need to block at least twice a week and you need to be facebooking at least once a day and you need to tweet at least twice a day. This is micro blogged etiquette, and it actually works. I followed this etiquette to the leader for twelve months, and I built teens of thousands of followers are my block. One of the most consistent feedbacks I was getting on my block is you give so much information, I only blawg wanted to images per blogged I get on people's blocks in these fifty three f one hundred fifty images, you know, you're giving other photographers of free education and you're not marketing to the clients that need to be connected to the experience and then look at it like this people like how do you run out of blog's? I'll do one one what I'm up to one telling a story one you know, like keep switching it out, keep it interesting, give stuff away on your block, create connection, be careful with the guest blogging every time I see people with gifts blocks, I know you're lazy and you just couldn't write yourself a blogger, okay? I don't do guess blood's I have written yes blocks for other people and it's really lovely, but you can reference other people, but be careful getting lazy on your block. And if you are lazy on your block communicate find a way to keep a touch point to communicate through it I tell stories this woman cut off her here she can offer here so that she could make a wig somebody with cancer who wanted a natural here wigs she here had been growing only life here ten year old daughter also can offer here they combined the here and made a beautiful wig this is a beautiful story it's not a story about about cancer it's a story about a gift and that was a beautiful story that got hundreds and hundreds of hits on my block and a lot of feedback everybody knows that facebook and twitter the hugest components of marketing right now I wrote that marketing plan in two thousand three and facebook and twitter were not on there okay so now facebook and twitter other single biggest contributors to marketing in my business you must keep your facebook active no winding no bitching no moaning use the same micro etiquette stop please stop please please where's the camera people out there stop stop talking about clients stop you must stop you sound like an ass hole I can't believe what this plan expected from me today get off the forum's, tune it into something positive if you are not communicating with your clients that is your problem not the years start winding on facebook and if you accept any any clients on facebook do not do not put anything negative up there be funny, be fresh, keep it up keep it rolling used this etiquette so if you go back to the etiquette, give some contents, give positive opinion a little bit of personality in a tiny bit of cell do not sell on facebook, you know the weird thing people would rather be your friend on facebook then like your business page, isn't it because people want to feel connected to you? They don't want to like you on and that's the irony, right? So it is easier to create a facebook page and get multiple friends and is to get multiple likes, you know? And also if I like you, I'm some kind of fan, but if I'm friends with you, then where friends ok, there's a problem with that is a ceiling at five thousand, but you know you've got to keep this, I call it hot spread this is how it works for me. I get on facebook and I don't particularly pick an active time for facebook. I'll try my beers, I get on facebook and I write something stupid. I went to catch a plane today and the guy said to me, your seven kilos overweight and I said, no, I'm curvy hey laughed and let me off one hundred fifty dollars because he thought I was really funny I write in our facebook and it explodes everyone's laughing but I stay on the street okay I stay on the street because everyone's laughing I'm laughing I stay on the thread fourteen minutes I'm bouncing back it starts exploding and it's running what happens is people see me answering on the thread in the street explodes because I'm there I didn't status update it and then walk off I'm in the airport I'm on my phone this guy just did this too may it funny my threat explodes I call that a hot three it means I'm active on the street and now everyone's going suze on her threat and it starts going and then you're talking to me because now we're in a life checked and the difference being is I stayed on that thread until its people start to wane off it or it's not funny anymore and you notice you come back to this read four hours later and mags just popped and seen something funny written something nobody's commenting because it's like mag that was like this morning way have had this conversation so I say keep active and that hot street and keep connecting present life check to me it's no different than being in the creative life life tip it is just such a active connection and it really, really works stay with your micro block indicate and don't sell on facebook I don't sell myself on facebook, I don't need to talk about myself, I try and keep it up, try and keep it positive. I try and keep it funny. I try to shoot from the hip, I try to be myself, but I try to connect it to what I'm doing where I met what I'm doing, what I'm shooting check this shot out, but it's not like, you know, it's just it's me updating you on where I met check out my blah, blah, blah, blah, sedating pinterest even at flicka, google people instagram are creating entire communities on these social networks now. I spoke to a woman the other day, she's like you on google plus size like no she's like I've got two million followers connected on google plus is like, uh, which is I think you should be on google, plus it's like note to self look at google plus again, okay also and here I was like that google plus is never going to fly, but I also I also said that about photo shopped like twenty years ago, so I'm not that innovative clearly cape entries I'm not even on pinterest, I get it. Lyft e mails a month saying so you want pinterest and I'd like to book a photo shoot with u penn trees I know everybody's afraid of it, he's stealing the images I don't really care about stealing my image is what I care about a sharing my work stop looking at what you're not getting what you can't get from it and look at what you can use get on countries. I am not allowed on pinterest until I give up wine or chocolate, so I'm never going to get on pinterest it was just my little rule. The idea was that I can't do the cake myself to another social media unless I created social media team I'm receiving over three hundred e mails a day, I try to answer them personally, I cannot, I cannot physically do it, I cannot go on pinterest, it looks like crack to may I say every time I see it, I might turn it off, turn it off, turn it off, it's too exciting, but I'm on there and I know when I pin my behind the scenes or also wins when I blogged my behind the scenes or when I blogged anything with girls with curves, it goes boom on pinterest and I'm getting e mails, I'm not on pinterest, so I'm getting may I am getting wick from I a social media that I am not on thanks to you guys who had marketing for me. Outrageous. Create what? Create on your block a pin it you know you can get a plug in called pennant now. So are my blood. When you look at a photograph and you roll your mouse over in a little pin, it camped up, even just go pin the you are I'm on your pinterest and you're sharing my work to the world thank you so much. Current database memberships in connection, here's the thing most of you are not using your current database. How you connecting to the lasts a hundred people you photographed. Are you bringing them? Calling them talking to them if they reading your block? Are they friends of yours on facebook? Are you sending them? And usually they are gifting them. Your top one hundred clients. They like to enough to spend money with you. And what are you doing to keep them? Hold them, make friends with them, build a relationship with them when you see them down the street and you go. Ah, hi, how's it going on without him? I'd seen you for ages. You winner after your chute and met the man of your dreams oh, and you're getting married that amazing. Let me recommend a winning photographer to you. You must be friends with these people. They like to. They spent thousands of dollars with you. Why aren't you calling them? Why aren't you calling these people? Why aren't you calling them here's? The thing you bring them up you go. Hi. Kate has a guy got your kids? Must be what? Five now isn't it time we photographed them again? What's kate going to say, I'm going to say one of two things I'd love that. So thank you so much for ringing I've been meaning to call you. I would love to get the kids photograph or she's going to say, you know what? We really can't afford it right now and that's probably code for you were too pushy in sales. We went happy with the service, and the worst thing you can happen to you is that you can find out the worst part of yourself so that you can make it better and then that is going to help you with your business. So fear of rejection. How can you fear rejection from somebody who liked you so much? Placed me in two thousand dollars with you ring your database, do it I challenge you to call to people off your current database every day until you get through the entire list every day and I just want you to say this high magritte surprise here haven't seen you for a year just thought I'd send you a three hundred dollars gift voucher you might need some heart photographs of hot photograph of yourself or your girlfriend or your family or your partner or your children I'm going to seem that to you in the mail would you like to book in for a fellowship? What is the worst thing magritte can say to me honestly what is the worst thing she can say to me no and then it's like internet dating margaret just said no but that's okay I was like there's another hundred people on my list you must find a way to create a connection with these people. Another thing that you remember to create a membership I saw this machine at w p p I last year it looks like a credit card machine you printed out it makes a plastic credit card I was like I couldn't make a soup rice black a mix and I could put a dollar value on it's like every year you're a mix has got five hundred backs on it magritte what you're going to spend it on? She has shopped with me she spent thousands of dollars with me it is in my best interest to give her five hundred dollars off another shoot you know what I mean? Created membership create a loyalty base pitch with enthusiasm pitch with action pitch with enthusiasm pitch with action find your passion find your passion is something I used to hear people say all the time it intrigues may passion, passion the latin meaning of passion is is what is the let many a patient suffering to suffer for something passion patient does not invoke anything in me other than confusion so when people would say be passionate about what you do I feel like I do suffer for what I do I'm an artist it's in my dna and I realised ultimately what it is is it's not passionate since enthusiasm enthusiasm comes from the greek word in theus cynthia's means to be filled by god within you and through z is um how's this so I've been trying to leave my corporate job and you know I like want to become a portrait photographer and I don't have a studio but I've got this like determining and I'm starting to work from home you do that pitch to your family do it to partly due to family what's the first thing they're going to do it's never gonna work markets flattered where you're gonna work from what you going to do how you're going to get a studio here you're going to make money like this I know photographers all over the place they're not doing anything and straight away you're going it eating musically and driving back to the office tomorrow so pitch it like this enthusiastic I've been working a cz you know I've still working in the office but I'm building a new portrait business this is my new folio I've bean edit every weekend I went night I absolutely love it I built my new website it's so easy it's absolute crazy of giving away these gift out is is going off it's actually becoming so incredible I have to give up my office job just to make it quick what's the difference the first time I pitched it to you I didn't believe it the second time I pitched it to you had to believe it because it's just true I didn't tell you what I want to do and then let you know they say it I told you what I'm doing and this is how it's going to roll and I did it with excitement enthusiasm I told you how awesome it is and then I showed you and I did not wait for you to say well this isn't gonna work because how can you say that to that pitch when I pitch somebody is shoot I pitch with enthusiasm design build present a folio you can't market a ship products you can't I think the timid you can't buffeted whatever you have to do whatever you have to do with you have to work part time whatever you have to do design build and present a folio that will make people want to be photographed by you whatever it takes work part time you know whatever you have to do but until you can present me an online folio and beautiful folio that you love and remember the first two rules what you do and how much you want until you can show me those three things you are not in business yet so if you can work on that then you can make it happen number sixteen I own a studio in new zealand and we drive up one day we pack and I'm looking at the side of the building and I say to my business partner how much does it cost for a billboard in just like thousands thousands a month we can afford a billboard no sight so that day I go into the studio ring the landlord and I go you know that wall space on the inside of the car back and he said, yeah I say can we put a billboard on there and he was like, yeah, so we build this billboard for seven hundred dollars and it stays there for two years a billboard ahead a billboard then it occurred to me I have a window in my studio three times as big, so it's about four meters wide and I could get a sign writer to put a final sheet over there over that window four times a year for my hallmark holidays and create a plastic billboard I could go read for valentine's day pink for mother's day blue for father's day. You know, I could create a billboard anywhere that I head space big advertising drive past advertising. You can only do that if you have a studio, but look, for we can create a billboard. Images in your website is really an online billboard it's that time where that is your digital presentation constantly being fed to the public? I have not changed the images on my website for one year. It is driving me crazy. I've put it on my to do list for november to retrench my website because people are bringing up going with sick of looking at those before and afters, can you put new enter? So I've got a whole year's worth of with tio to add to my website, refresh this, please spend the time and money on your web site. I study websites for a living. The first thing I do when I find out about you is I'm gonna go to your website and I'm going to look at it as soon as I look at your website that to me is your digital presentation in your digital folio that's going out there to the world if you are unhappy with it, please place, place fix that please on your new website, ed your location so if you're in sydney, australia and sydney, australia and your and your email address on the bottom of every page, so if they google you and they come in another landing page that's not your home page, I can find out your contact details in where you are in the blink of an eye so many people do not do this. Please make the first thing on your menu your gallery because when you get into your web site, there was the first place everyone will go. Please remove all the crap on your about you, paige, because they don't care people don't care that you like my ties and long walks on the beach. What they care about is what you're going to give me a za service tell me what you're going to give me, show me what you're going to give me stop making it about you and making about me because I'm the client I want to know what I'm getting when I look at your website change it up seventeen advertising on the periphery I want you to get a piece of paper this week because this will be your most challenging, creative, creative challenge this week and I want you to put marketing on the periphery at the top now remember, I talk to you about marketing with gift with perches and going outside of what you do looking for the periphery advertising I want you to think about marketing on the periphery. So in the second year of my business, I got to a place where I was bored. I was bored marketing my business, we had a pretty strong marketing campaign, you know, it's like flogging a horse at some stage you just kind of like, well, this is really boring. And what it came down to for me is, how can I refresh that? How can I tell a fresh story? Because you can only tell so many stories and this woman was transformed and she had an incredible experience, and then you repeat that and you repeat that and you repeat that. So I went to sydney at the time from museum and and I saw a mark. I saw a makeup cell on and I stopped in front of the cell on and I went on makeup cell on, like, actually not a here salon, but somewhere you khun going it make up done and not a minute counter, like an actual here sell on that did make up. So I went back and I said, I'm going to change l studio instead of calling at you photography, I'm going to call it you makeup studio in photography and I built a makeup room inside my studio like aside it used to be in the shooting rooms I took it out I have one of the shooting rooms and I built a makeup cell on so that the clients that I photographed could come back in and booking for here and make up at any time as just to hear and makeup like I loved you make about us I have this beautiful here in my cap eighty dollars for hair makeup I haven't event on friday I hide makeup at us and then all of a sudden I had five maker paris feeding the makeup room what it then did was created pr in an extra story on top of my business like this is my makeup room and studio anybody who came to get me here and make up done would get a gift felt you to be photographed anybody whose photograph would get a gift out to come back and get the here makeup done for an event I could keep my photography clients ticking through I could gain more photography clients it's called marketing on the periphery think smart put your panoramic lens on and look outside your square ok put your panoramic leans on and say what have I got? If your message therapist or a beauty therapist or you have one in the building and we have one beside you or that's what you do create the beauty experience that come and have this beautiful treatment the photograph right through to the end what ever it takes think about it what else are you capable off? What else can you tie into your chute to make your experience leader than what other people are offering? Baby's fate there's a girl in sydney and I don't know her but every time I drive past your studio she is a front shot a shot front and it's a great studio should take it's beautiful newborn photographs and terry this tick she takes beautiful newborn photographs and and I see them and they really beautiful and she makes these little plastic plaster casts off baby's feet like little we want and she frames with ease, beautiful frames and little hands a little wee baby hands and stuff on the thing is she markets her product is being, you know, it's remembering baby for ever and she's doing it through these casts and a beautiful and they framed magnificently but she's selling portraiture and I just look at that and I was like she smart because she is taking herself away from every other baby photographer in the world straight away by offering something more in something different she's doing that peripheral advertising so I want you to sit down and find out what that is for you and see if you can create something that you can do in that sense, this is the make up room that we built and you can't tell me that that wasn't the most exciting experience after being in business for three years and turning that called for me, it was like launching an entirely new business service. This is one of your marketing points because I'm going to tell you right now when it comes to service, this will be one of the biggest marketing streams in your business service will bring you ninety nine percent referral rates and it will bring you ultimately more and more and more quick this is my biggest downfall, okay, as a human being, I incredible on first contact love the shoot take it right through to the sale in my point of delivery in my point off service falls down terribly between sale and delivery it has right from the beginning it is my biggest downfall as a business owner, especially now that I'm traveling a lot I'm traveling and I let my clients down when I dropped that ball it bites me so hard it's not funny because you know people will like you and they will pay you, but once they have paid you, you better cough up with what I have paid for and if you can do that if you continue our attention instead of getting more bumps on states you can turn your teaching towards a service and delivery of your product I guarantee you you will get five times the referrals because you took the time to make that person feel special right through to the last second that they walked in your door that is gospel please please understand that this is the only time now where I struggle if in my business I struggled tio make bookings to make good money it always comes down to I'm not following through with my service, the cell has gone we have to be very careful how we pitch in how we sell now people are sick of being sold to that's the best thing about a crashed economy when it starts to come back, the power goes back to the buyer and the biases you want to impress me give me service but they don't want to be pitched two ok? They want a service we need to come back to service providing and I think this is really one of the most important parts off your business right now and I want you to ten if you have a studio, if you have a system, if you have other people, a re toucher or other people you're working with, I want you to go home and say, how can I make my turnaround time faster, stronger? Better because you're referrals will flood when you turn your attention towards your clients the pdf I talk about this all the time I do it on my talk, so did it on my last creative life, you're getting an email inquiry into a studio. They have no emotional connection to you, they're not talking to on the find. They don't care about you, they just want to know how much I have a wedding on the fourteenth of april, how much they'll ask you, how much before they ask you if you're available on that day, how much now you're pitching on price, they're not talking to you, they don't care about you, they looked at your about page. It was a very lovely photoshopped photo and a whole other stuff about my ties and walking on the beach, so they just want to know how much you're pitching purely on price against everybody else in the market you're pitching on price, and you're picturing on images in your gallery what it comes down to is you gotta hook, line and sinker. You do not seem that prices out to your client that does not look like this. You seemed a visual creative display off your process because people remember pictures they remember pictures over words, they won't read all of your words said, don't harp on don't seen a big, long, priceless don't seem paragraphs and paragraphs of crap. About what you could do for them show them what you do show them the process and at the end tell them how much because that is our vital importance of photo shoot with sue price is three thousand three hundred dollars includes a photo shoot location here and make up twenty image value box with a sixteen twenty four war portrait price is only a problem in the absence of value so all you have to do is put a price on it and add value to what you're selling. You must give mohr than the dollar value that you are receiving if you give more than the dollar value you were receiving you were giving from a place of giving as opposed to a place of chasing or receiving that changes the energy with which you are transmitting into the universe. Trust me on that one the more value I give away, the more value I build, the more I give to you the more I get back. If people are telling you you're too expensive, then you are not showing them how valuable your product is because people don't tell me I'm expensive. People tell me I'm cheap when I created the video that goes with that pdf and I know most of you have seen it if I'm not going to play it today because I've got too much to tell you to show off my wonderful videos go to sioux price dot com go to the video page watch the video it's beautiful last night I had a look on familiar this video is embedded in video it goes to my side his twenty three thousand four hundred views and that's been five and a half months I booked one hundred and thirty two photo shoots off this video when I released it online in the first week I love this first comment and I just like to say kimberly if you're watching you're the face comment on the media and it says I literally she's obviously from l a literally sorry kimberly I literally watched this video every morning since your creative life workshop on the weekend it really speaks to me as a mother as a wife is a business owner in so much more I can't read it on it's a beautiful to beautiful quite about how she reason nights with that video so what I do is I created a creative pdf I think created the prices at the bottom that was not wordy it was straight to the point and then what I did was I created a video link that shows the video process off this ship which is absolutely beautiful watch it online watch it again and get why people are enticed by my process because it's not about me the video is not about me the pdf is not about may the pdf when you look back through that pdf is about you, one of the first things I lived when I was doing my own photographic business was everybody boxes and badly types and badly creates design for the studio now unless you've got a design budget most if you were doing that badly although would plus word pristine place now creating a whole different zone, what I like about this is I started to see photographers that were creating really crappy business cards and I was doing my own design because I could not afford a designer you have photoshopped skills, and one of the coolest things about further shop is you have a great aunt tool in a paint box tool you can extend any of your backgrounds you can use your grady until this is on my block. If you want to go there can have a look at it properly, you could been in and you can create your own advertising material that looks a hell of a lot more additional than what you're putting out into the university and you do not need tio pay a big marketing budget. You just need to present your work in its best possible form simple text like this simple tips like this make a huge difference to the vouchers that you're making I make all of my business cards and all of my own vouchers on photo shop it's just so easy that is on my block you'll find out I can repost it because it's no blood then when I'm creating advertising, I'm not creating advertising the looks budget I'm creating advertising that looks like it's being proficiently designed, I'm extending images, I'm using images and words and then I'm creating interesting advertising that people actually want to look it when it goes online. Ok, a little tip but a really important one conquer fear, empathy in competition, conquer fear, everything competition I do not come from a place of competition, ok, I do not I don't care what will be down the road is charging or what cates doing? I don't talk to people and go, did you have a look? It sounds his facebook page I drank here, I wish you all the best I wish you all the best and I wish you all making money and in wishing you that I will get there back to understand that I do not come from a place of competition because I do not believe we're competing against each other. I believe if you're looking at competition, you're competing against yourself pulley hate out to in the computer off going to some marketing, okay, if you win jing about other people and why they successful and you're not it's because you're looking at them and you're not doing anything to make it your business two in the energy around you are blocked and you need to be and blocked and you need to move forward trust me on this one if you find yourself bitching pointing the finger looking at your competition's website you need to turn your computer off go for a walk and talk about how you can positively market your business that energy will translate into lots of money you must stop now two in it for him off to net form off and move forward you must move fort I know this because I've been here I've been here I do not compete I am not here to compete I'm not here to compete I am here to create a k and a creator will create a lot more than a competed up poor lad and at some point in thinking my stop in the action that start that's the only thing I'm going to say do it created linear timeline this is also on my block a marketing lenny a timeline that actually actions you through all of your states of marketing I'm going to facebook on these days I'm going to expo on these dates throughout the year I'm going to create hallmark cards on these dates created linear timeline put it on your studio action it and make it happen that's helped wicks a dream is just a dream into you write it down and make it a goal right that's how it works show reels showing off behind the scenes show reels moving folios fusion animated gifs more ways to tell your story and how's that marketing plan on the twenty fourth, twenty fifth and twenty sixth of january I'm going to bring you heavy bartholomew on creative life now I chose harry about follow me to shoot all my videos because she is one of the most unique progressive story tell us that a shooting on the five team back to that I've either saying I paid her to shape my videos and when we talked to haley we said you can't teach people to do videos like you because you've been editing for three, five years how will you teach people to do that? She said I was marketing my I was marketing my business with show reels and video before I was good so I can teach people how I did it in the beginning and how it works for me even then so you don't have to be at her level to be making money with footage and she's going to teach you how to show really she's going to teach you how tio eat it show reels she's going to teach you howto music because you need to be competing on the second biggest search engine on the planet which is youtube, youtube and vimeo have now become the second biggest search engine in the world people google you and then they youtube you and if you are not on youtube right now, if your business is not on youtube, you are not competing on the second biggest search engine on the planet and to do it visually and beautifully with music that ties in your mood and create an experience for your studio. Is that not the ultimate audio visual way to advertise your business? I'm talking about people looking at did you know, fifteen percent people will remember fifteen percent of your text information and seventy two hours they will remember fifteen percent of what you wrote, but they will remember ninety five percent off your audio visual information because they were programmed to watch tv. More teenagers now are watching youtube than television. Now that the youtube shia program has come in, youtube has become one of the highest viewing television in media's in the world. It's phenomenal that growth is phenomenal, so you must be on it. So join holly and I I'm going to teach you how to girls that are so opposite, she photographs kids I photographed glamour, she's iffy and mother earthy and, you know, old calm and I'm like all here and high heels and and yet what works is she can tell my story, we shoot together, she always has a big rig and I always have my camera and she can tell my story and it is always amazing if you've seen these videos if you haven't go to my web site now watch them well in five minutes and really she's one of the most exciting photographers around right now and I can't wait for you to teach you how to do that so that you can start marking your business online what then there's gonna happen is I am going tio spend the third day on sharia also a third day marking the show reels just on marketing so you going to write a macklin plane today off all of these it's I'm going to follow you up at the end of january and if every one of you people sitting right here right now and all of you people sitting at home have not created a linear timeline marketing pain for two thousand thirteen I'm going to personally kicks him back because I need you to create a plan that is going to double and triple your income next year from what we've talked about today and I need you to action it I need you to create a marketing plan and do it every day I challenge you to ring your database I challenge you to make it happen every single day make the connection step building the connection step making bit of marketing it's easy just need to do it and you mass conquer any fear that you have I just went to paris with this incredible girl here, her name is and she's not going to make me cry today because I've never met anybody that can remove my makeup faster than joe brzezinski commonly, can I just need to paris with jill? If you saw my creative life or not, I'm still is this amazing woman who contacted me she's being through breast cancer at thirty two years old, had a double mastectomy and now is fighting terminal bone cancer until and I went to paris and we talk highly because I thought to myself when I announced that on creative life, I'm going to photograph jill in paris. Then I have to take highly to kept to that story, and we have shot a documentary so that we can tell on creative life we can tell jill story to the world so that jill can get published, that she can tell his story to the world and that you can experience this remarkable woman and her incredible stories, I must say to you, this is the single most life changing experience we took, right women. We shot a document train paris over teen days. It was just an incredible experience for me, jill is a flame that's gonna like a million fires and to bring you that documentary and show you how that I'm gold is going to be one of the greatest gifts I have ever ever given to anybody, including myself. So I've got you here today all the way from kentucky way to paris and and, well, jill was in paris, a designer named steven khalil from sydney beautiful winning designer gave us this twelve thousand dollars gown and said he'd go get this to jolt aware in paris and still got tio dance around paris on dawn in front of the eiffel tower, and we danced around under the actor triomphe and wait danced around the aloof and we went to all these beautiful locations, and we shot till teo and, um, we just documented the entire thing because for may my entire journey through my portrait studios to tell stories and to connect to people and it is become the single most incredible experience toe watching all of this unfold into use motion and use the documentary in the storytelling aspect of what we do, and we got up at dawn to do this very, very early in the morning, and it was absolutely just incredible. We've got way deal saw the dress for the first time, we wait till so the dress for the first time, and she just looked like an absolute supermodel wearing it, and it was just incredible way found alleyways and month that and it was just so amazing. Just to shoot this entire thing I can't even tell you the experience for me it was really really the height of my career so far just to see this beautiful girl see this beautiful girl and the experience of watching this incredible shoot and how it unfolded and watching haley video it anywhere I'm going on way went to the bridge of love locks and we put a lock on for bat and which is stills husband said that she could put a lot block on there for him and um that was the hardest day ever four days that was the single hardest day that we experience and I get to bring that to you on creative life so just in terms ofthe e don't say e I have to say something to deal like um if you could ask you anything about that what would they be like? I can't even think I was there so yeah for me it was like what e what I was telling them that last night I said it's the first time and you know over four years I felt like a strike cinderella instead of you know someone's daughter front wife co worker that girl that has cancer and I you know, I just I told her that you know, I know but so did I but see missy but I'm sorry you like you put a pet back and I stop think just giving me the opportunity to be a voice because there's so many women out there don't you know I have an opportunity and to sit really changed my life and made me want to fight harder you know I want to live and not feel sorry for myself knowing it I am going to die of this and you know it's just it was it changed my life and I can't wait for it to be shown to the world because I know it's gonna change many others and I just can't thank you enough and I can't wait for myself to see it in the world to see it and I just I'm on cloud nine yeah theme telling till story was an incredible day because the good thing about creative flyovers we needed a platform to shout out to the world for journalists and media that could tell jill story we've ended up telling jill story in the most incredible way I can't even tell you how amazing it is until you see it but the one thing that I would take from this is to go through breast cancer city two years old incredibly horrific and to now be faced with this next challenge in this next fight with this buying cancer definitely but I keep saying to deal that ultimately at the end of the day her message is that I'm she's still here she's still fighting she's still surviving she's still living and you just gotta grab it. Everything. You've got this fast and hard as you can and make the most of it. And it's going to be a beautiful message. And I can't wait to shit. And thank you so much for being here today.

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