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Thanks + Credits

We have a lot of people to think, one of which is george very nakase one for helping me put this whole crazy thing together and two for leaving me here to do this for myself. Thanks george s o a huge, huge, huge, huge huge thank you to all the people who help us make this happen. First and foremost pay photo doc given the huge round don't cut to a shot of the chat host you'll see those lovely prints behind russ and kenna those were from bay voter they're absolutely gorgeous they photos did like to work with and they do amazing work, so thank you think you've a huge thanks to black river image ing and a moto fish I connect graphic studio absent low pro video and song freedom. Thank you so much to all of you we believe in what you're doing. You're wonderful people to work with, you could make quality solid items, they give you supporting us and to our audience support them even if you can't buy their stuff it's all awesome and you should, but at least go find one facebook, find him on tw...

itter, find them wherever you can and thank them for their support do you create a live audience? You guys here in the room, thank you so much people can guess there's so many people here, you know wait for the claps to die down and at home it's like a little six people golf clap that's a lot more thunders here but people came from all over the world literally to be here and it was kind of amazing when we're going through the list of I think that almost four hundred people four hundred people that wanted to be here in this audience and we will hand selected you guys were so impressed by all the walks of life that wanted to be here and thank you and to all of you guys that applied next time we hope to do this again so far so good so hopefully within this more and we'll see you wherever we are in the world next time we do this and a big thank you to our online audience out there for watching and supporting and interacting for your questions and your soup port and your love for everything thank you so much for helping keep this going and the creative live crew there's a ton of people back home and seattle there's mike and janice and roberts and monte and all of the chap post that I can't even name there's so many of them there helping port us here in new york so we're having fun they're back in our empty studio in seattle so thank you guys so much for coming out you and all the crew here in seattle I'm sorry, here in new york that either came with us so that we hired you guys have been so great to work with so much fun, maybe too much fun, in fact. But you guys are great bunch and last, but certainly not least, are amazing. Lineup of instructors to sue bryce baba, don davis, current allah, becchio's, jason group south and cada julian cost blair bunting, and we have seen her yet that penny douglass santos, thank you all so, so much. You are all just inspiring, so creative, so much fun to work with, and you all except for one. I'm not gonna have any names gotten your keynotes relatively on time, or is it a work with not naming any names but cells and khanna, thank you so much. You guys have been a pleasure to work with. We couldn't have picked a better line up for this in new york.

Class Description

In October 2012, creativeLIVE presented an all-star photography event, broadcasting LIVE from New York City! We pulled together an amazing cast of 8 professional photographers from around the globe and from various genres of photography for 2 days of creativeLIVE NYC, a free online photography course!

Each day, we had four instructors speak, shoot, and inspire. We had returning creativeLIVE favorites and new speakers who quickly joined those ranks. To top the event off, on Friday night we had a special live broadcast of Photographers Ignite hosted by Kevin Kubota!