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Fairlight: Overview

Lesson 27 from: DaVinci Resolve: How to Use Every Page

Casey Faris

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27. Fairlight: Overview

Learn how to harness the professional audio editing tools in the Fairlight Page.

Lesson Info

Fairlight: Overview

Now let's take a look at mixing sound in the Fairlight page. Just like the other pages in Resolve, We can load this timeline into the Fairlight page just by going down and clicking on Fairlight with whatever timeline we wanna load. Open, I'll click on that, and that will open up here in Fairlight. The idea behind Fairlight is pretty much just getting super detailed with your audio. Anything that you want to do as far as audio effects, as far as mixing, as far as adding sound effects, getting really granular with your volume and the differences between the loud and quiet parts and that entire audio world, that all lives inside of Fairlight. And again when I say audio world, this is another one of those apps that is literally a separate app that has been around for a long time that Blackmagic put inside of Resolve. So Fairlight has been a audio mixing program for a really long time and is now available for free just intergraded into the Resolve architecture and it's really cool because i...

nstead of exporting from our timeline and moving into something like Pro Tools or Logic or whatever, we can just do all of our audio mixing right here inside of Resolve, pretty awesome. Fairlight is a super robust audio editing app and you can do like, just about anything that you want, from just basic mixes, all the way to 7.1 surround sound that's for theaters and all kinds of things for Netflix and whatever you wanna do. It has pretty much all the tools you need.

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user 714f13

I'm glad to see the DaVinci Resolve courses have been added to Creative Live. Casey Faris does a great job with his teaching. In this course he clearly explains the layout of each page and shares example workflows for each. It's really good as an intro to Resolve.

a Creativelive Student

Helpful class if you are interested in DaVinci Resolve. Casey Faris presents the information clearly and doesn't waste time. Looking forward to his Color Correction and Fusion classes.


Made navigating through Davinci an exciting thing to do! Great work!

Student Work