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Design, Print, and Build Your Portfolio

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Creating Your Online Presence Page

Bonnie Christine

Design, Print, and Build Your Portfolio

Bonnie Christine

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Lesson Info

10. Creating Your Online Presence Page

Lesson Info

Creating Your Online Presence Page

The next page I want to build in is about my block and my online presence and I just want to let you know that this is you don't you definitely don't have to include this I didn't mention this earlier, but you should only include things in your portfolio that you feel like help you so if you don't have ah grand social media of numbers that you feel like help your your brand and your portfolio they're not going to be missed nobody's gonna be like, oh my goodness, you know, I didn't see that in there so on ly share this kind information if you feel like it builds up your report folio and your work so I think I'm gonna kind of keep the same banner and title theme throughout the throughout the portfolio just to kind of give it a cohesive look, so I am going to grab there's no reason to reduce stuff, so I'm just going to grab both of those from this art board and drag and drop him over to this one and I'll make a copy of it by holding down option key and I don't need this one to be quite as...

big what what I wanted to say is I just want this to introduce my block to them so my my word is much smaller simon a dis reduce the size of my banner to something like something like that using the white arrow tool and then I can grab it and bring it back over here so I don't want this gray in the background of any of my you know as the actual color of any of them but I come in handy sometimes uses clipping mess so I'm going to drag it over to the left and leave it there for a minute and if I come back over to my branding elements document I want to grab my logo for my block and this is my kind of my tagline and I think that's all for now so I'll hit command seen a copy and command v to paste I think I'll increase the size of my block logo here and just hide my just just kind of nestle it up there I might have to with this handsome and then my tagline is just gonna live over to the right right here think I'm gonna take take the size of this banner down even further so I have a little bit more real estate to work with ok that way I can sketch this over and then scoot that up there so what I want to include on this page is a snapshot of my like a screen shot of my website so they know what it looks like and then um my the information I have on readership and that kind of thing just so they know what what else I'm doing and where I am online if they want to visit so I want to include a screen shot of my website and I think I have that you already have that over here so this you guys know how to take a screen shot so I just snapped a image of mine ah website and dragged and dropped it into illustrator as a j just as a j peg european g so I'll copy that and pasted over here increase the size a little bit um and what I think I want to do is not have it be so square so I'm going to use a clipping mass to just take it down a little bit and to do that I'll draw a square on top of it or a rectangle on time that I think I wanted to be like this more like that size so if I select the square on top and the image beneath I can hit command seven tio created clipping mascot that just to give me a little bit of a better working size and I'm gonna tilt this using the rotate tool just a little bit and what I want to do is kind of building a little flag out here to the right in order to type in the information that I'm really trying to relate on this page so if I assume out I'm going to draw another box something like this and I zoomed out because I wanted to be able to grab this pattern right here I'm going to use it a lot throughout this portfolio so that was just the eyedropper tool and I want to take it back so it's on top of my screen shot right now and I want to take it back a level so there's of course a couple of ways to do this you can either right click and start arranging it send to back or or send backwards but the keyboard shortcut for that is command left and right bracket tool so if I have this selected and hit command left bracket tool it'll take to start taking it back and I just had to take it back one step this time um I think I wantto make this a little taller too and so if you just scale this it's going to skew the pattern, see that so instead of doing that, I think I'll just grab the top two edges with the direct selection tool the white air tool and take him up so I'll double click on it so that I congratulate these two and then if I hold the shift key I just take those right up and it keeps my pattern in line um okay we're getting close I'm gonna add another little banner you guys were going to be tired of banners by the time I'm then um I'm not gonna notch this one though I'll just keep it this same color and I'll take it back behind behind the image of my website so right here I just want to give them overall glance at my numbers and what I'm doing so I think I'll title this at a glance and I'll use um this fun again the same part s o I'm going to be including my readership numbers and my social media numbers, and one thing that I've learned to think about too is that this will get outdated pretty quickly, so I like to put a date on it toe win this was when this was accurate, so I'll type in you I like dhoom two thousand fifteen and just like, I don't want it to be a big deal of the stick it right here so that they know I wanted to be a great color right here just so that they know when these numbers were pulled pulled and so if this is june two thousand sixteen, they might want to go relook. But the other great thing about how we're going to find this book is that you can entertain it's pages really easily so you can always update your social media numbers and things like that so I believe if I come over to my branding elements, I have also already typed this out so that yeah right here I will describe this copy it and paste it right over, so this just kind of lets them know what I'm doing, where they can find me and that I am indeed, you know, around the web, I'm findable if they want to come check out what I'm doing so one of the thing I need to do is make sure to put the web address to my website, so I'm just going to sneak it right under here in this dead space eso I'll grab the text, the type tool was t on my keyboard and start typing in my web address, which is going home to roost dot com people out there who are just getting started, we have some people wondering if you don't have that online presence already. Does that affect your credibility? Is there sort of a subtle way of leaving that out without making it seem like you don't have credibility? Yeah, so I would just leave it out, leave it out. I don't think anybody would notice if you left this out. We discussed in part one a little bit of why if wise and why it is helpful if you have an online following but if you are not there yet, just omit this page nobody will ever wonder, but if you have a website, do even you know your website numbers don't matter really so if you at least have a web site, make sure to include the your elder your website so they can at least find you online and see what you're doing s o I grabbed this baskerville up here which is a little different it's not in italics but I want us to be in all caps and I didn't type it in all caps so quick the quick way to do that is to with its elected come up to character and I can just grab all caps right there that'll change it okay, so I am going to tell this to where it lines up with the bottom of that so if I zoom in I'll hit are for rotate it automatically puts my rotate point around the beginning of my text which is perfect for this and I'm just going toe start dragging up kind of an art where it's even with the bottom of of my image here and I'll scale it down you know? The other thing I can tell is that because I used the eyedropper tool I picked up all the settings from the other type that I have and if I come up here what is this called tracking tracking for the characters it's set to two hundred which is like real spaced out so I can take it down to like fifty and not have that take up so much room is still definitely uh readable so if I zoom out, I think that communicates what I want to communicate to them. They know how to find me on my web site. And they know that they can find me around the web and several different places if they want. So that's it for that page.

Class Description

No matter how beautiful your work is, it won’t sell if it’s not presented in a polished, professional way. In Design, Print, and Build Your Own Portfolio, Bonnie Christine will take you through the complete portfolio design process, so you’ll feel confident about showing your work.

Bonnie Christine is a surface pattern designer and mother hen of the Roost Tribe, an inspirational community for creatives. 

In this class she’ll teach you how to:

  • Design your portfolio and develop your pages
  • Print, build, and bind your portfolio
  • Stand out from the crowd and contact companies
Designers, photographers, and artists will all learn about what belongs in a portfolio and what to leave out. Bonnie will help you design a portfolio that reflects your true style and helps you attract the kind of clients you really want to work with.

If you’ve been putting off putting together your portfolio, this class will help you get motivated to assemble a portfolio that showcases your work and demonstrates exactly how talented you really are.

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Bonnie, I want to give a super big Thank You! You have helped change my life. I was recently laid off from my full time job. Due to your courses, I have dedicated my time to continue designing. You have helped my heart come out on the pages. Thank you sooooo much! :) thankful & very happy, Dawn Stratchko


I thought this class was engaging and informative. Bonnie Christine has such a natural way of presenting the information and never seems to lose her concentration. I really wanted to learn more about how to put together a professional but handmade portfolio and that is what you get. Thanks for the great class!

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely loved this course! I learned so much and feel confident now on how to present my company in a consistent and professional way.