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Lesson 14 from: Discovering Your Creative Voice

Chris Orwig

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14. Intermission

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I wanted to take a quick break from all of this inspiration and all of these action steps, in order to touch base. Because here we are, about halfway through. And the reason why I want to do that is sometimes what can happen with things like this is we can get caught up in listening to the stories and kind of having fun with all this content and enjoying that side of it, but not necessarily taking the action steps ourselves. And if that's happening to you, what I recommend you do is you pause. You take a break, and you make sure you spend some time actually doing the action, action steps, otherwise what happens with a course like this is it becomes kind of fun and entertaining and that's it. But that isn't the point, at all. The point is change. And to make that change, you gotta give some of these action steps their due time. You gotta take some time to make those things happen. So as you're making your progress, keep that in mind. If that means you need to slow down your rhythm a lit...

tle bit as far as watching the videos, that's fine. Most importantly make sure that you're doing stuff so that you're getting the most out of all of these different ideas. All right, let's jump back in.

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Excellent. Would recommend this to every creative soul. Inspiring . Thank you very much Chris for this course.

Brenda Pollock Smith

Chris is an evangelist for all creatives. He facilitates expanding our creativity in very simple, practical ways. Really good stuff! Thank you Creative Live for offering this kind of soul food content.

François Morisset

Wow...we need more of Chris Orwig..His wisdom in life mix with photography is extraordinary! What a great gift I got from creativelive..that gift is Chris Orwig. thank you soo much

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