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Discovering Your Creative Voice

Lesson 28 of 28

The Journey Ahead

Chris Orwig

Discovering Your Creative Voice

Chris Orwig

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28. The Journey Ahead


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The Journey Ahead

So what is the journey ahead, well I have a few ideas. So you watch all these lessons, downloaded the resource guide, done all those exercises, what comes next? Well hopefully all of this has ignited creative spark, it's given you some creative momentum and mojo, the creative sparks are starting to fly. So first and foremost what's next is to go out and create. And then second as you create if you notice that the creative spark starts to flicker, dwindle and die, or if the creative juices just dry up do not fret. It is a natural part of the creative flow. If that happens come back to these lessons, do those exercises again. I don't know about you but at least for me I have to come back to this stuff all the time. Now if you want even more resources to help you along the way, you can visit for creative live. So there you'll find a discount to an audio course on creativity that I created. It has almost 50 tracks, you'll also find some information about...

my most recent book The Creative Fight and as a way to say thank you for purchasing this course, I have a gift. This gift is a free audio version of this book. If you go to that link you can find out how you can get the audio copy for yourself. Well last but not least, keep in mind that you are designed to do and to be certain things and your best creative work, it will come from discovering your creative voice.

Class Description

Creativity is what inspires every photographer to take a photo; it pushes you to expand your skills and is also what sets you apart from your peers. But how do you stay creative? What do you do when you’re in a creative slump? How do you challenge yourself to continually take chances and grow as a photographer? In this unique CreativeLive course, Chris Orwig will walk you through 25 lessons that will help ignite your creative spark and generate authentic work while living life to its fullest. He will cover problems that every creative encounters and give you actionable steps that lead to solutions.

This class will guide you on how to keep your dreams alive and push you toward your fullest potential. You’ll be able to go back and reference these lessons to help you grow, stay focused and be the person that you aspire to be in order to live a creative life.  



Excellent. Would recommend this to every creative soul. Inspiring . Thank you very much Chris for this course.

Brenda Pollock Smith

Chris is an evangelist for all creatives. He facilitates expanding our creativity in very simple, practical ways. Really good stuff! Thank you Creative Live for offering this kind of soul food content.

François Morisset

Wow...we need more of Chris Orwig..His wisdom in life mix with photography is extraordinary! What a great gift I got from creativelive..that gift is Chris Orwig. thank you soo much