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Driving Traffic to Your Online Business

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Amp Up Your Social Media Footprint

Neil Patel

Driving Traffic to Your Online Business

Neil Patel

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5. Amp Up Your Social Media Footprint

Lesson Info

Amp Up Your Social Media Footprint

With social media the main reason one use social media for your sights your business, the company work out whatever it may be so you can promote something and what we found is it's the most effective to build up your social presence and then use that presidents to personal content that's on your block so I'm going first, cover how you can build up your social presence and then how you could leverage it to do better through blocking not being on the social web is like throwing away money. If you look at some of the most popular sites on the internet, they are social websites. Just look at this facebook youtube twitter pinterest right twitter's in the top ten I don't know if pinterest is, but three of the most popular sites are in the top ten facebook, youtube, twitter lincoln's up there! Pinterest isas well and they just keep climbing and climbing morgan's social size do well, so if you're not on him, you're not going to do well at all. Picking the wrong social network is also going to ...

lose you money because everyone is on facebook it doesn't mean you should be on facebook, everyone is on pinterest it doesn't mean you should be on pinterest you have the first figure out which social network is right for you it's not all a popularity contest for example everyone's on twitter because you see all over the tv station's right you see these news anchor saying hey followed me on twitter well twitter is great if you're pushing out small quick updates another social network that could be great is facebook they pretty much have something for almost everyone on there if you're in the beat uh b ro such as I am lincoln could be a great network linked in has something for almost anyone in any category that's b to be related whether you're a construction worker accountant you're a consultant it doesn't matter there's something for you on linked in if you're in the beetle be rome so when you're doing these social networks leveraging um where should you start? Well first you should pick the major ones if you don't know where to start pinterest users that women mothers if youse alexa compete they'll give you demographics data on these social sites usually twitter and facebook our two sites that you can use the matter what industry you're in and the work unless you know something like government we're not supposed to be releasing secrets or anything like that but nonetheless when you're on these sites you gotta figure out how often you should be posting well you shouldn't see it as a chore you go on these facebook's that instagrams you're like wow actually sounded for instagram a few times over the years and some my friends like oh my god you got to be on instagram I'm like oh what do you put on instagram? I put up pictures of just meat taking pictures of myself I'm like wait what like how many followers do you have like one point something million off like what I'm like oh you're half naked in your photos that doesn't count no wonder people follow you uh how often do this on instagram five times a day I'm like five times a day that's a lot of work you couldn't pay me to do that they actually get paid quite well to do that I don't know how but uh they dio nonetheless if it feels like a chore to you then it's not right if you're posting content you love then great you should keep doing it just like those instagram models like taking a phone and they do a duck face and they go and they click a button and I don't know how they do it but their pictures turn on than the photo shops and stuff that's a sort of me but not to them so if you enjoy it you're off to a great start when you're posting there's a few tips you should keep in mind be careful what you post especially the business rome you know you gotta be careful especially which pictures I remember ashton kutcher one time said oh I'm gonna have my publicist take over my twitter probably posted something that he should have never posted I don't know what it wass but for him to say that that means he screwed up somewhere. You also want a post during active hours a m to six p m that's role went to most business owners if you're targeting the personal audience. So for example, and these instagram models were told me how they don't like posting before eleven a m I'm like eleven am everyone's already at work like? No, our audience is sleeping and I was like, okay, then that makes sense they also like posting at nine pm I'm like nine ten p m I'm in bed by ten like, oh yeah, I know my audience stays up till two am its like I you got to know your audience as well. You also want to continue update your profile, participate in the community if someone leaves a comment, what are you going to do? He spawned back no man is an island some liza comment it's rude just like if you're talking with a friend and you're sitting around in dining table and someone says something to you and you don't respond, what is that being rude? That's the same thing on the social web but someone takes the time to leave a comment you should respond you also want to post something that's interesting doesn't have to be work related all the time, just something that's, interesting and appropriate. You also want to help others if someone's asking for help or they're struggling or they need advice. Do your best to help him out. Why not? Whether it's pictures, videos, podcast articles share anything on the social web. If you like it, you think it'll help others share it. So let's, look at my profile. This is linked in. How well do you think I did on my profile? Bye. Don't having that one little thing, it makes my lincoln page not as personal as someone else's, that background image it's at the top, someone could look at him like, oh, cool, I understand who neil is. I see his personality all by having a background image. So now that you know, to keep her protocols up today and try to complete every single step, don't just try to half of, um, or ninety percent, like I did do all of them.

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user d74fd2

First, I would like to thank Creative Live for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the live audience in Neil Patel's course. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, thoughtful and useful class . Neil Patel is extremely articulate and knowledgeable in the SEO techniques. He shared his ideas and concepts unselfishly - some a little complex - in a manner which even a non-techie could understand and appreciate. I am a young Chef at a 2-Michelin star restaurant here in San Francisco, a writer and an entrepreneur. I have a blog and a website right now, and am in the process of building another website - so this course came at the perfect time. I have not been getting enough traffic to my website and blog and Neil has taught me a bunch of strategies to overcome this challenge and, eventually, be able to stand out in this crowded field. I am now ready to generate not just traffic but relevant traffic to my sites that will produce a high conversion rate. This will enable me to share my knowledge and experiences, reach a bigger audience and reap some financial rewards in the process. The cost of purchasing this class is so well worth it - I have no hesitancy in recommending this to anyone who would like to increase effective traffic to their websites with strategies that can be implemented immediately and easily. I cannot thank Neil enough and the wonderful Creative Live staff who made the participants feel so welcome. Sometimes, all you need is a little help to get to where you want to go, and I think I got that today.

Karla Arreguin

I follow Neil's blog like so many others. I cannot afford to hire him yet but one day, I will be wildly successful and I will definitely give him a call then so that I can hopefully purchase one of his product offerings. This class is great and he has a great sense of humor. He is effortlessly funny. He knows how to teach complex SEO things in an easy and enjoyable way. I don't normally leave reviews (this is my first review & probably my last) but I feel I owe him a review due to everything that he has taught me on his websites. I learned a lot in this course but because he is so pleasant, I didn't notice I was learning; it was fun. Thanks Neil!

Jon Leland

Neil Patel is a REAL authority. The real deal. In this course, he packs a ton of information that can be useful to both the newbie, or even more expert people like me. I definitely got a few new insights. There's so much here that it can be a bit like drinking from a firehose. Tons of info, so you may want to take advantage of the videos to review as you create your action plan. Also, note, this course is very SEO-oriented. Among other things, via this course, Neil woke me up to the reasons that organic SEO is still important (those leads convert better) and corrected my mistaken belief that social links counted toward domain authority. This is a thorough overview with many practical suggestions and I'm sure one of the most complete 3-hour introductions to this subject available on video. Neil doesn't just know his stuff, he walks his talk with lots of examples based on his extensive research and vast experience. A solid course, in my humble opinion 😉. I was in the studio audience and glad I went.