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Driving Traffic to Your Online Business

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General Social Media Rules

Neil Patel

Driving Traffic to Your Online Business

Neil Patel

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Lesson Info

7. General Social Media Rules

Lesson Info

General Social Media Rules

So now that you're ready to dive deep into social media here some rules for you the first is no man is an island and we discussed this in which if someone leaves a comment what are you going to dio respond even if someone leaves a negative comment, what do you do? You could ignore it if you work for a big company and they tell you but you know what I like doing when someone bashes me on the social web I get this all the time neil you're content sucks neal I didn't learn anything so instead of saying hey screw you or saying hey, you don't have to read my blood if you don't want to I just respond with hey john thank you for the feedback I really want improved and provide you with the best content out there I understand that you don't like my content but would you mind giving me a few suggestions on how I can improve? I really appreciate you leaving this comment what khun john respond with you suck off course he can on top of that by me being really nice and kissing his butt you know how ...

many other people like wow neal you're so nice and other people like john how dare you say that to neil? I was like that's right john you taste your own medicine but not premieres from some enough it works really well it's like fun to it works every time, so some general rules when you're on the social web, don't just few other people's profile participate with him, everyone gets stuck with just checking out their own profile. The next up is viewing other people's profile, then from there you want to participate, you also want to comment on their articles joined groups, in essence, do anything that most people do on the social web. You guys are all young. If you guys have kids, follow what your kids do minus the stuff that's not appropriate, so as long as you do that, you'll be in good shape. You also don't want to be a spammer there's a lot of opportunities out there to go on facebook, twitter, whatever it may be and just be self promoting or going after your competitors and be like, oh, they suck and check out our stuff and sending the same update over and over again, switch it up, provide value if you really go above and beyond and tell people and help them out and do its best for them. People will see that you care and they will do whatever it takes to come back, help you out, share your articles and show their love too you also don't want to be lazy is not just about share your continent that's it it's about updating, sharing other people's article heck, I've even shared my own competitors article, so my competitors were really great articles on them like they deserve credit and I shared it, and you know what it did? It calls my competitors to share my articles. I wasn't trying to convince him to do that. They just did, like, wow, really appreciate you sharing our articles. They sent me mo they said, wow, really appreciate it. And as a heads up, I love what you're doing. We think the market is big enough for both of us, so let's, play nice if I see a client that's a better fit for you guys and us, I'll send him your way and if you see the same, you're pretty son tomorrow way all because I shared one of their articles on the social web and I wasn't looking for anything in exchange, so don't be lazy do what's best for other people participate when you do well on these social webs, such as you get more fans, feel free and celebrate. I don't use instagram, but one of my buddies was telling me like they created this little sign and poster thing, and they're trying to get me to take a picture for them and they're like neil, your shitty photographer I had to go find someone else and I'm like what's wrong with my phone and they're like you can't have an iphone for to take my photo where's the six and then I'm like no this is iphone five it's only two years old and like this is still use issues my six and they're like what are you celebrating like I got one hundred thousand fast so they're posting this thing about how they had one hundred thousand pounds like all right that's cool one of my other friends she was at a party instagram party because someone got a million followers how like you kidding me? You're doing a party for a million dollars and you know what it made him happy that million followers turned toe almost one point one really quickly because they had a party over I need to be celebrating my social media accomplishments just shows it helps you can post on twitter you can post on facebook, linkedin, whatever it may be looking me I'm twenty one out of seventeen thousand three hundred three I'm not number one one day I'll get there one time I was number one for a week and then I dropped and then I was sad but I got her for a week you know? They say the five seconds of fame one week of fame I took it so here's some tools that will help you be more efficient social media number one buffer, have you guys heard of buffer helps you schedule stuff out? If you're lazy and you don't have time, no worries, just go on buffer, you can schedule it all out and that way, if it's a saturday you're with your family or friends, you don't have to stop what you're doing toe put update on twitter or facebook. You should also check out bus emo, but sumo tells you what's hot and what's not you create some content or you have some ideas or you're in a specific industry like photography, you can type it in, and I'll tell you all the type of articles that have done well and the ones that have it you want to write more of the ones that have done well and less of the ones that have it. You also see something here that says view shares you quick, that on bus sumo, it will show you all the people that have shared that article. You get an email amount, go find their email address, it takes them searching and say, hey, john, I notice you share this article on ten ways to become a better photographer. Well, I just want a similar article it's called one hundred and one ways to be a better photographer, I think you'll love it. Let me know if you want to see it before it comes out and then right when I hit published before I like tell the world about it I'll send an email will be like, here you go, john cheers because like a good portion of the time twenty thirty percent whatever it may be john ruth whoever else we'll say yeah sure send it along I don't even have told job share this article john naturally shares it all because I'm sending him a useful article that's related to the one he's shared in the past and he's like, well, yours is more better and thorough in details, so why not sure you can also check out simply measured it's a tool that shows you when your subscribers are online they have a free tool just go to their tool section make you put in the email address, but at least you'll know when your followers all line and when you should be sharing stuff militants another good one when you have all these subscribers you're driving them to a website you want to subscribe to something, then you can keep sending amore more emails. Another tool I use is hello bar in which someone comes to my block I say follow neil patel on facebook, get free marketing and business advice and I put like I did another one that converted really well it says neil patel likes neil patel so why don't you like him, tio? And then people like and there's a picture of me going like like I should have created, like, had some photoshopped my, like, I don't know how, but I'll probably send for a creative life photo shop class like a shock. But those creative corky things are effective. Blair, a tool that is aware press plugging, just helps you get more social shares. All right, so now that you have social media down, you understand the basics. Let's, get us some toe advanced stuff on how to create a block. That doesn't suck, because if you have a good blogged and good content, I'll show you how to share the content as well as get traffic, even if you haven't started a blogger in your life.

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There’s a sense among new entrepreneurs that by creating a web presence for their business, they will access a vast untapped network of new customers. But the Internet is a big place with a lot of voices clamoring for the consumer’s attention. No website or online marketing campaign will succeed in picking up new business without incorporating a strong search engine optimization strategy.

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This digital marketing course will include 30 minutes of practical commentary, where Neil will review many live consumer websites to critique their digital marketing strategy. He will speak to the power of developing strong content that leverages keyword selection and balancing concise content with strong visuals. 

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user d74fd2

First, I would like to thank Creative Live for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the live audience in Neil Patel's course. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, thoughtful and useful class . Neil Patel is extremely articulate and knowledgeable in the SEO techniques. He shared his ideas and concepts unselfishly - some a little complex - in a manner which even a non-techie could understand and appreciate. I am a young Chef at a 2-Michelin star restaurant here in San Francisco, a writer and an entrepreneur. I have a blog and a website right now, and am in the process of building another website - so this course came at the perfect time. I have not been getting enough traffic to my website and blog and Neil has taught me a bunch of strategies to overcome this challenge and, eventually, be able to stand out in this crowded field. I am now ready to generate not just traffic but relevant traffic to my sites that will produce a high conversion rate. This will enable me to share my knowledge and experiences, reach a bigger audience and reap some financial rewards in the process. The cost of purchasing this class is so well worth it - I have no hesitancy in recommending this to anyone who would like to increase effective traffic to their websites with strategies that can be implemented immediately and easily. I cannot thank Neil enough and the wonderful Creative Live staff who made the participants feel so welcome. Sometimes, all you need is a little help to get to where you want to go, and I think I got that today.

Karla Arreguin

I follow Neil's blog like so many others. I cannot afford to hire him yet but one day, I will be wildly successful and I will definitely give him a call then so that I can hopefully purchase one of his product offerings. This class is great and he has a great sense of humor. He is effortlessly funny. He knows how to teach complex SEO things in an easy and enjoyable way. I don't normally leave reviews (this is my first review & probably my last) but I feel I owe him a review due to everything that he has taught me on his websites. I learned a lot in this course but because he is so pleasant, I didn't notice I was learning; it was fun. Thanks Neil!

Jon Leland

Neil Patel is a REAL authority. The real deal. In this course, he packs a ton of information that can be useful to both the newbie, or even more expert people like me. I definitely got a few new insights. There's so much here that it can be a bit like drinking from a firehose. Tons of info, so you may want to take advantage of the videos to review as you create your action plan. Also, note, this course is very SEO-oriented. Among other things, via this course, Neil woke me up to the reasons that organic SEO is still important (those leads convert better) and corrected my mistaken belief that social links counted toward domain authority. This is a thorough overview with many practical suggestions and I'm sure one of the most complete 3-hour introductions to this subject available on video. Neil doesn't just know his stuff, he walks his talk with lots of examples based on his extensive research and vast experience. A solid course, in my humble opinion 😉. I was in the studio audience and glad I went.